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August 2003

August 2003


Wednesday, August 27, 2003  

Greetings, earthlings!

Ecstatic | The Cardigals - Lovefool

This is my first entry.

Don't worry. I won't probe you - not yet anyway! LOL

I came in this world in 1969, where I, somehow, born to human beings! I don't have the slightest ideal how that happen.

Then again, I should know. I am an alien. hehe

I travelled through many miles to get where I am comfortable in life. Some humans just don't treat me right.

I left home to find my own kind of aliens. I am a gentle soul with love to offer.

I got to go now. Till the next time, I seek out love, peace and understanding among the humans.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Alien God

Happy | Martika - Toy Soldiers


Alien God
By Kazz Falcon

I don't believe there is a God
I had a feeling that the aliens put us on earth
I was sure about my theory
Some things doesn't add up like the dinosaurs
What time did they roam the earth?
They were never mention in the bible
It took God six days to make everything
On the seven day, he rested
Then he made Adam & Eve as the first humans
Since then, there were no dinosaurs
Another thing, did man evolve from an ape?
Lots of theories, not enough facts
I stuck to my alien theory
I really believed God is an alien
That does make sense to me
God came from outer space, he made the universe
And, yet, no one ever seen him in the flesh
He put Adam & Eve on earth for an human race
He knew we couldn't survive on another planet
Therefore, God is an alien
There must be life on other planets
We do have UFO flying around our skies
Roswell is living proof
God couldn't be human; we must be aliens
We came from the alien God

Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Ecstatic | Donna Summer - The Last Dance


This afternoon, I found an excellent UFO site, Unexplainable

Whosoever believe in UFO's, that is a pretty good site to join. They also have a forum! Also, they have a journal too, but I will only use AOL  journal.

They are other aliens like me.  Now, I am really part of the crowd, true aliens! It felt so good to be connection to your kind.

Of course, I posted Alien God in the forum.

I am quite please that they are others out there like me.

A fellow alien believed he is a hybrid. To me, there is no such thing as hybrid.

My point is since the aliens put us on earth, then there can't be any hybrids.

Therefore, we are aliens too.

In my next entry, I will explain the connection between the aliens and us.

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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Happy | Roxette - The Look


I don't believe the HYBRID crap!

There is no such thing, but I will tell you this....this is what i believed.

We are abductive by UFOS, so the aliens can probe/experience on us.

Why would they probe us? The way I see it, we are never humans, but aliens ourselves.

They put us on earth, maybe, just maybe, their planet was dying. We have no ideal of where we come from; the aliens must know.

That is how we feel so connection to the aliens. We want to go home on the mothership! When they come for u, don't forget to pick me up!

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Friday, August 29, 2003

For A Moment

Surprised | Alanis Morisette - One Of Us


For a moment, I felt I was an alien, coming from the subway to pick up my bus pass this morning.

It was an exciting feeling. I thought I was looking through alien's eyes for the very first time.

I could sense that the people, waiting for the train, wasn't my kind. They were humans; only I thought them as earthlings.

Humans I couldn't relate. In a way, I could relate in human form.

As of right now, I hope I can turn back into an alien. I was well adapted to the human flesh that I can't take being a human that much longer. 

Why couldn't I be the aliens from 3rd Rock From The Sun? Dick, Harry, Sally and Tommy will aways be aliens inside and out of the human flesh!

There might be hope for me - the more I think about being one, the more I feel like one! Then, some day, I will see the mothership and be home once again where I belong.

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Friday, August 29, 2003


Happy | Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life


I ran into an old friend at the Normandie Subway Station.  Jack sat down on the beach with his food. I was puzzled at first. Then, it dawned on me that he was really my friend I haven't seen in a few years.

I didn't went up to him at all. I was feeling ill from the heat, sweating like a pig. This human body I didn't want. We heard the train coming from Western/Wilshire. I walked toward him and didn't say anything.

He didn't know I was there at all the whole time. He was in his little world as much I was in mine. I wanted to hop on the same cart. Instead, I got in the next one. I wondered if i should have follow him in, not for some probing!  lol

It was too late to change carts. I figured it was meant to be. I didn't pay any attention to him at all. I played Tetris on Gameboy Advance. I got off at my stop, Pershing Square. I went up the escalator. Much to my suprised, he was right behind me. I thanked my lucky stars.

I had another chance. I said "Hi" He was pleasantly suprise to see me! I mentioned I was there too, but I only picked up my bus pass. We caught up with old times; we haven't see the old gang at all. We exchanged phone numbers and email. He was into video games just like me!

I told him I got a place in Silverlake near Echo Park. He thought I lived by the park. I will clear that up the next time we talk. We went our separated ways - HOME!

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Friday, August 29, 2003


Mischievous | Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart


Tonight, I finally went to the TV Soaps chat because my good friend was there. I wanted to suprised him.

My first thing I said was "The aliens were coming! The aliens were coming." Most of them didn't know what to think! A few of them was ready to put me on ignore!  LOL

After a while, Ray felt like he knew me. We chatted in the room. I revealed myself to Ray that, (GULP!), I was an alien. He was right on the money. Some of them was still feeling uneasy about this alien. Ray set them straight - I was an harmless alien!  Not quite! All aliens do probing! There was no escape at all!

I asked "What give me away?" He said it was my name. Few weeks ago, I mentioned I want something that is so me in every way possible. Ray really like my cute name.

In the room, someone asked me "What was my old name?" I didn't even answer her. Only a few close friends know about this alien. I didn't want to the whole world to know that I am a alien.  Shh, don't go blabbing to everyone, folks, or else! It was our little dark secret. I always can come to your place at night for some probing!

BTW, I do have a weird sense of wicked humor! Ray's friend came in the room. I claimed that his friend couldn't be trusted! Who can trust Jason/Freddie?  I wouldn't!  ROFL

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Witty Alien Humor

Silly | Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box


I was in the M4M Relationship room. I was just being myself, an alien. A guy wondered if I was serious about UFOs. You betcha! It really depends on if I was serious, but it was all in good fun.

Another young man doesn't do one night stands. I mentioned that it was natural to have one night stands as much it was natural for me to do probing!  lol

There was another person, QT. There was three things that scare him. With my witty humor, I said "Aliens, probing and the mothership!" hehe.  Really, he was serious about three things - aliens, puppets and those people in the costumes at the theme parks. 

The same guy, QT, wanted me to cool down with the alien jokes. I just can't. I must be true to myself. I mentioned to put me on ignore. He asked, "Why?" I said, "Why not? It won't bother you anymore." He replied, "It has nothing to do with you. I had nothing against you." RK told him that jokes are funny, it wasn't negative at all. Of course, I agreed with him. 

People......oops, I mean earthlings! If people get on your nerves, put them on ignore and be done with it!

RK doesn't believed opposites attracts. Fine! I will stay in the human form, just for him. hehe. At least, I will still have a chance at love. Hmm, love with a human! What is the world coming to?

Before I forget like the last time, there was a guy looking for love in New Mexico! I mentioned if he lives by ROSEWELL, I am gain!  hehe.  Hey, I want to be closer to home. I think he lived about 55 miles from there.

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 Sunday, August 31, 2003

Princess Diana

Sad | Guns N Roses - November Rain


This entry is mostly about my thoughts about that sad night. Where was you at when she died?

Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. I completely forgotten about it till yesterday afternoon. At his place, Mike played an Elton John song. He said that it was the song Elton John sang at her funeral. I mentioned that was the wrong song - he sang Candle In The Wind, which was the #1 single of the year. Right now, I am downloading that song. I want to listen to it on this anniversay. Of course, I will shed a tear for our dearly departed princess.

Reliving her death - I was online at night, listening to my dance music. My door was always open much like today. Back then, my old Hollywood apartment on Gower was so hot.

My close friend, Jimmy Hicks, rushed in my place. He asked me if I knew about Princess Diana. I was bewildered and said "No." He turned on the TV and I was beyond shocked!

I cried for a while. I was always a huge fan of hers. I used to have her People Weekly front cover. I had about ten of them. She was an fascinating woman. I wished I had those magazines today. I wanted to be like her - sweet, loving, caring and passionaite woman.

It was a sad night for everyone. Top it all, millions of people in Europe was sleeping when she was killed in the tunnel. Our heart goes out for them, they are going to woke up without a princess.

Jimmy and I immediately checked out the news on the web. Few peeps was already badmouthing her. Jimmy told them off in the chats and the boards. We basicly stayed up all night watching the news and reading it online.

That was a night I always remembered till the day I died. It was much like September 11. I didn't know the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center building. I found out on the web, then I turn the news on the tv.  Last year, the sorrow of September 11 turned into happiness. I found out I can moved into my new apartment!

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Sunday, August 31, 2003


Happy | New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle


I looked up an old friend's profile. I was surprised he was online. I haven't talk to him in years. So, I immediately went to Los Angeles M4M.  In the room, I said, "Greetings, earthlings." A few immed me. Mark did too! ;-)

Mark liked my "good name." I said, "Thanx. I knew you will like it!" He said, "Is this (no name - that name is dead) by chance?" I replied, "Yeah, you still got it!" I got tired of the "pussy" and wanted something out of this world!  lol

We caught up with old times. I told him of where I lived - Silverlake/Echo Park by 7/11, around the block from Sunset since last September. He hasn't a clue. He knew "Waterloo," the song by ABBA!

Alot has changed since the last time we talk. I have been through alot, but I didn't tell him every details. It will take all evening to tell him!  I told him about my present life. My health was fine. I was staying fit and ready. Hell, no! I don't work out! lol

He has never had the time to play video games - always working and teaching alot. That takes up most of his time. I grew up playing video games, it was in the blood! hehe. I don't think i could ever live without the games. I just can't. I will be so freaking bored!

He was on vacation to Norway, London and Swedan! He took pics. I will like to see his pics. Someday, I will move to Europe. London always interests me. I found it so fascination.

Last night, he saw The Pirates Of The Carribean starring Johnny Depp. I wondered if Mark stay at the very end of the credits. For the most part, he stayed. I don't want to give it away, but they need to make a sequel. Thanx to the monkey, that's all I was going to say! When it comes out on video, watch the very last part.

We both remembered how we met online in the late 90's. We ate at the French Market and went to his place. He lived close to Melrose on Clinton. I lived by Paramount Studios on Gower. That night I will always remembered; he was one of the first friends I ever had on AOL.

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 Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon
I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.