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Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

Alien God
By Kazz Falcon

I don't believe there is a God
I had a feeling that the aliens put us on earth
I was sure about my theory
Some things doesn't add up like the dinosaurs
What time did they roam the earth?
They were never mention in the bible
It took God six days to make everything
On the seven day, he rested
Then he made Adam & Eve as the first humans
Since then, there were no dinosaurs
Another thing, did man evolve from an ape?
Lots of theories, not enough facts
I stuck to my alien theory
I really believed God is an alien
That does make sense to me
God came from outer space, he made the universe
And, yet, no one ever seen him in the flesh
He put Adam & Eve on earth for an human race
He knew we couldn't survive on another planet
Therefore, God is an alien
There must be life on other planets
We do have UFO flying around our skies
Roswell is living proof
God couldn't be human; we must be aliens
We came from the alien God

by Kazz Falcon

I came upon another nothing to do day. That really sums up my life every day! Ooooh, it was so exciting that my boredom took over my life many moons ago. Being an earthling isn't what it crack up to be. I had more fun with my own kind than with the humans.

It is such a low shame that we can't show our faces to the humans. We need to hide behind the human skin and act like the earthlings. The government covered up the UFO in Rosewell; but we was here on Earth many centuries before that.

What was the government afraid of? We had more right to be here. How could they stop us from coming to Earth? Throughout the decades, the earthlings saw the UFOs in the skies whereas they are fascinated by us. They want to learn from us, aliens.

Yet, the government was truly afraid of us. I felt sorry for the humans; their government can't be trusted - they was hiding stuff from them.  What kind of government is that? They supposed to protect them - not at any cost, of course! The humans doesn't have that much freedom in USA.

Since the government hid the UFO's landing, they will do about anything, even murder. Yes, you heard what i said. Murder! That goes what length they will do at any cost. They can't stop us from coming to earth. They even can't stop wars or diseases. Look at how long it is taking to find Osama Bin Laden or stopping Sadam Hussan. With Sadam, it is taking over ten long years to stop him!

I will rather be worry more about diseases, wars, crimes, drugs, murders and such than aliens, homosexuals and others. The government wants to waste the tax payer's money on aliens and not the important stuff.

I just can't want to shed the human skin; I was too adapted to the human skin that it will be an hard time to revert back to the alien form. Maybe, I need to find the answers in Rosewell.

Hmm, a thought just occurred. I think the real reason the government hid Rosewell from the people, they found the link between the humans and the aliens. That's why some earthlings like myself truly felt we are aliens from space. The government don't want the people to know the truth.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.