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Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

12/9/02, Monday, I went to Nadia's web site this evening and found out something very interesting about Chloe Lane, the character she played on Days Of Our Lives. And, yes, I am a big fan of Days!

I just realized Nadia started on days ON MY BIRTHDAY!! She CREATED Chloe ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

"Nadia's first appearance on Days of Our Lives: November 24, 1999 - the 8,680th episode of Days of Our Lives. However, her face was not actually shown until December 6, 1999" - from her web site.

I have another reason to celebrate my birthday. I wished I have know it last month.  Everyone forgot that Nov 24 was my bday!  A friend, Robert, felt so bad that he didn't call me; no one did! Oh well!  It is just another day for me.  

The last time I celebrated my birthday was last year, 2001. My ex boyfriend's brother's family on Crenshaw surprised me on my rainy bday.  I wasn't expecting it.  We had cake and ice cream.  Then, we went to the movies. Of course, they paid!  We saw Harry Potter movie in Westwood.  Everyone loves that movie.

To me, Holidays and birthdays are ANOTHER DAY for me; they are no big deal for me! You might wonder what is my horoscope!  I would tell you, I am a sag fag!  LOL

Sad news: Well, Nadia is no longer on Days Of Our Lives; her last day was Friday The 13th, June 2003. Isn't that spooky?  lol

Good news: Nadia will begin taping scenes with Days of our Lives on Monday, November 24. Her first airdate will be on December 25. Merry Christmas!

Nadia will be returning as 'Chloe Lane' on Days of our Lives for 8-10 episodes.


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.