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Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

I was going to my friend's place on the bus from the post office.  Taylor and I talked on the phone till someone else rang!  I was surprised who called me.  No, it wasn't my alcoholic ex!  The water/power employer wanted to know when was the best time to drop by at Miguel's. I mentioned that I was his ex roomie and didn't know anything about it with good reason, I haven't talk to him since I moved out two months ago!  I told him that the best time was about 3PM; Miguel works in the morning at the Hilton hotel restaurant, Cafe Sierra, in Universal City!  He couldn't make it by then, he was already running late for the Noon appointment with Miguel.

So, I figured he would get in contact with him in some other way.  By now, Miguel change everything from change of address to a new phone # contact. Boy, I was so freaking wrong.  I still get his mail at my PO Box over two months now. I got some his mail today at the post office! how's that for timing!

My friend mentioned I should mail it to his address. First of all, I forgot his address. Second, I assumed he move by now!  Third, it his responsible to get his mail!  He hasn't call me at all.  I called him a few times.  He hasn't return my calls. I gave up on him.

Today, I was tempted to show up at his apartment and/or his favorite club! I had an excuse to stop by, I have his mail!  LOL the water/power and the mail gave me reason!  Then again, why should I waste my time?  He never ever want to talk/see me.  It is his lost!  Oh well.

I wondered what happened to Miguel's power.  Did he lost his service? Another black out?  We had a couple of those.  The A/C gave us the blackout; the power was too strong from the A/C. Naturally, I was concerned, yes, he was my ex, but that wouldn't stop me from caring, I really don't know if he show up at Miguel's today!

I remembered the Water/power worker told me that someone called the service and it wasn't Miguel at all. It must be his new lover!  My God! Miguel moved quick with love!  LOL No biggie thou!  I was finally freed of him and his drinking problem!  It is his lover's problem now.  I washed my hands of him!  Good luck to his new lover!  

He came to a conclusion that I didn't know the deal about Miguel.  I was nonexsist in his life.  He wondered who I was, "his ex roomie, Kazz," That's too bad he couldn't be there at 4PM instead!  That seem logic for Miguel. I was surprised by that phone call.  that told me a lot about Miguel!  God works in strange ways!  Sometimes, I wondered about him, it is too bad we couldn't be friends.  That's how he want it!  I did my best with that phone call!  

It the wee early Tuesday morning, 12/3/02, i finally called Miguel on his pager. i left him a message about the water/power and his mail from today.  sure, he wouldn't call me.  i figured the moment he heard my voice, he would DELETE it!  oh well!  that isn't my fault if he doesn't have water/power or his mail!  i don't EXPECT him to call me anytime soon no matter what!

I'm tempted to go to his sister's in Whittier to give them his mail.  They wouldn't turn me away, they loved me.  But who knows?  Things may have change for the worse between us.  No biggie thou!  I have other friends for family!  I don't need them to cause trouble for me!  If they do, please watch out for me, revenge is so sweet for me!  I could tell them the TRUTH about him, us and their "suddenly" destroyed black car!  Perhaps, they would see the light and do something about him; CONFRONT him with the truth!  Then again, people must help themselves first!  It would be a lost cause for them as it was for me this past three years!

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.