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Rebecca Street (ex Jessica, Young & Restless) gave me praises for the Garden Babies. I wasn't sure if she or anybody would get the story, but she did! She got the story the first time she read it! I mentioned that she might have to read it twice!

I tell you this much. Garden Babies would never ever get publish in the USA because of its content! UK would eat it up unlike the USA! The story is more suitable for the UK audience!
By Kazz Falcon

  Spring is a good time to start a garden.  It was a new beginning for everything in sight – flowers, trees, grass, friendship, love, weddings, spring-cleaning and a new life in the Stanley family.  The Stanley’s are Pops, Ma and Sissy.  Sissy was the only child they have.  Ma would live to have another baby for Sissy to play with, but Pops doesn’t want to raise another baby on the family’s one income, Ma’s fifth grade teaching job.  Sissy’s a talkative eight years old.  She was very smart for her young years and she loves to sing.  Her favorite song was “I Love You” from the PBS children’s show, Barney and Friends.  She can’t get enough of the big purple dinosaur, from whom she learns a lot.  She already knows her ABC’s and counts to ten since she was four years old.  Pops was an average beer drinking man with a belly.  He’s unshaven, out of work, and takes care of Sissy when Ma was at work.  Ma was a beautiful obese woman who caves M&M’s.  
  Pops wants a beautiful garden to win the Annual Garden Contest this year.  The small town of Aledo has it every year in July.  It’s the highlight for everyone in Aledo; everyone looks forward to the contest.  It gives the residents something to do.  A small town goes unnoticed when it’s small enough.  Aledo doesn’t have any schools for the kids.  All kids go to school in the surrounding areas.  The contest was the next best thing for the residents of Aledo.  
  Pops’ rival, Miss Cranberry from next door, won the annual garden contest three years in a row.  She grows her garden like she has all her life in Aledo.  She was the longest resident the town has ever known.  She was so well known, everyone feels like she was a part of the family.  She looks out for everyone.  She was one tough lady!  She doesn’t back down from anyone and takes no crap from anyone.  Everyone respects her.  She runs the badders out of town, no questions asked.  If someone crossed anybody she considers family, then they crossed her.  Watch out for the Big Bad Mama.  That was that nickname the residents gave her.  She was a sweet old lady and loves to grow gardens; it must be her talent from God.  Her parents taught her when she was four or five years old.  She learned from the best.  The Cranberries moved to Aledo because of the annual garden contest in the early 1900’s.  The contest caught their attention and they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be notice in a small town.
  Anybody who know the Cranberries are, know they are popular as ever and the town’s favorites.  Miss Cranberry’s parents died in a car accident in 1949.  Some people think someone who didn’t want to lose in the annual garden contest tampered their car.  Now, you know why Miss Cranberry looked out for everyone.  Later, Aledo decided to let the other towns in the contest, a tragic mistake on the Cranberries’ behalf.  Residents felt sorry for the ten years old child; they persuaded the judges to kick out the other towns out of the contest after five years.  Many years later, people want tips from Miss Cranberry, that’s how good she is.
  Pops was a bit jealous of Miss Cranberry.  He planted tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions, lettuce and gorgeous flowers, more than Miss Cranberry ever did in the years before.  She knows in her heart that Pops wouldn’t harm her like the outsiders did to her parents in 1949.  He treats her like the mom he never had who ran out on the family when he was just a baby.  
  During the holidays, Pops always invites Miss Cranberry to the house for a tasty supper.  She was more part of their family than anybody else in town.  Pops considers her to be the only mom he has ever known.  She never was married and had kids, so they fit together nicely.  Miss Cranberry was the first to greet the Stanley’s in Aledo.  A close bond that only gets stronger as the years go by.  
  Sissy always has other thins on her mind.  She had been wondering where babies come from.  Some of Sissy’s friends believed kissing a girl would get them pregnant.  Others think the stork deliver babies like Saturday morning cartoons.  Bugs Bunny became a mom like that and he’s a boy!  Sissy believed otherwise, a miracle occurred on Christmas day and brought forth a lovely baby Jesus Christ, covered in a white blanket and thee wise men gave them presents.  Whoopee!!
  Pops was watering the garden to help loosen the weeds. He was tired of those nasty weeds destroying his garden.  Sissy came up and asked him, always straight to the point, “Where do babies come from?”  Pops suddenly became very uncomfortable; he never likes talking about sex.  Ma visited her sick mother in Alabama.
  “What to do?  What to do?”  He asked himself.
  Pops had no other choice.  Ma wouldn’t be back for a while.  Besides, Sissy may ask someone else if he doesn’t tell her; someone may give her the wrong answer.  Pops carefully showed her by plating a seed in the garden to grow.  She followed his lead in the corner of the garden and understood how it works.  Pops felt relieved, he thought his worries was over.  Sissy left for a friend’s house to play with Barbie dolls, feeling very satisfied with Pops’ explanation of the birds and the bees.
  “Ring, ring…ring, ring,” Pops rushed inside the house to answer the telephone.
  “It’s Ma.  How’s Sissy?”
  “Hi, honey.  She’s fine.  Her friend, Christy, invited her for lunch and games.  I have been working in the garden.”
  “What’s wrong?  You sound nervous.”
  Pops took a deep breath and then another one.
  “The kid asked a big question today.  It was too big for me.”
  “What question was that?
  “She wanted to know where babies come from.  I showed her in the garden.”
  “The garden?” Ma said in a concerned voice.
  “Yes, honey.  The garden.  We were there at the time.”
  “How did she take it?”
  “Better than I ever dreamed.  On the other hand, it took me by surprise.  I wasn’t ready for it,” Pops continued as he looked through the window, “My God!  I need to go.  The garden was overflowing with water.  Bye, honey.”
  As the weeks flew by, Ma came back from her mother’s; she was doing fine, the doctors predicted she has another five years left.  Everything went back to normal.  Then the unbelievable happened.  Ma was cooking lunch.  Sissy ran in the kitchen, full of excitement.
  “Mommy!  Mommy!  Dad is going to be a daddy again!”
  “What?!?” Ma said shocked.
  “I’m pregnant by dad.  Isn’t that neat!”
  Ma collapsed at the table, holding Sissy face to face.
  “How could it be?  It couldn’t be possible unless you two did…while I was gone.  He did, didn’t he?” Ma asked.
  “Of course.  Remember he showed me how in the garden.  Nothing to it.  I want to show you.  You would be proud of us,” Sissy said, pulling Ma from her chair.  
  “You want to show me so I can be proud of daddy and you,” Ma frowned.
  “Yes, mommy.  You would love it.  Ever daddy is going to love it too.  One big happy family.”
  “Look!  What he did was terrible!  He molested you for your sweet young pussy.  I need to called the police,” Ma said, disappointment in her voice, “Pops had a chance of heart for another baby when he found work at the factory for $10 an hour.  Now you’re pregnant by him!  How sickening!”
  Ma dialed the police.
  “My sweet young pussy?  You’re calling the police?” Sissy said, puzzled.
  “Thank God he’s still at work.  He will never do that to you ever again.  I promised you that,” Ma vowed, “Hello, is this Officer Tate?”
  Ma explained to Officer Tate what happened.  Sissy grabbed Kitty Kat, her pussy, in the kitchen to hide her in her closet from further molested by Pops.
  Soon the police arrived and questioned Sissy.  Ma was at Sissy’s side.  Sissy, sobbing big crocodile tears, told the truth of Pops and Miss Cranberry molesting her pussy from the England TV show’s, “Are you Being Served?” point of view!  Ma became even angrier when Miss Cranberry’s name was brought up; Ma trusted her to be Sissy’s babysitter.  Now, their friendship was destroyed.  The police arrested Pops, but not Miss Cranberry; she was in her eighties, too old for jail.  Ma was relieved Pops will never bother Sissy again.  Miss Cranberry was another story.  Ma doesn’t want Miss Cranberry to have any contact with the Stanley’s.  At least, Kitty Kat was safe, according to Sissy.
  The day Sissy received Kitty Kat from Miss Cranberry late last year, Miss Cranberry didn’t know Sissy peaked through her living room to see what she was watching before getting Kitty Kat later on the day.
  Are You Being Served was on PBS.  Miss Slocombe, the head of the women’s department, had no place to live and set up temporary living quarters in The Grace Brothers department store.  One by one, the other workers crashed there; things didn’t go their way, no ride home.  Mr. Humphries, the flamboyant gay worker, played with Miss Slocombe’s pussy on the bed.  She shouted at him, “Stop playing with my pussy!”  The credits rolled.
  The next few days, Miss Cranberry paid Pops’ bail money, $3,000.  Ma filed for divorce and kicked him out of the house.  Pops tried his best to convince her; she wouldn’t hear of it.  Miss Cranberry felt sorry for him and took him in.  The nerve of her, Ma thought!  Sissy wondered why things were getting worse between of parents.  She blamed herself for the trouble she caused.
  Word was getting around fast in the small town.  Everyone knows everyone and their business.  Some residents can’t grasp the thought of Miss Cranberry and Pops doing that God-awful thing to Sissy, much less the other kids.  What horror!!  Miss cranberry was a queen in their eyes, treated them as her royal subjects.
  July 1993, the big day in court and the same day as the annual garden contest.  The media was there from all over the world; FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN and more.  The case of Sissy’s pussy.  The accused were Pops and Miss Cranberry.  The victim was Sissy with Ma in her corner.
  Some interesting questions…did Pops really molested Sissy and had incest for another baby?  What part did Miss Cranberry take in the crime?  Where was Ma during the mess?  How come Sissy was not showing?  Was it a ploy to get publicity for the annual garden contest?  Where was the doctor’s report? Why wasn’t Kitty Kat there for court?  Who was the victim in this case?  What really happened?
  It got even worse at court, people pointed fingers at everyone, making it confusing for everyone.  You need a scoreboard to keep track.  No one knows for sure what side to be on, Sissy’s or Pops and miss Cranberry’s?  Who’s to blame?  False accusations flew everywhere, rumors abounded.  Throughout the case, Sissy was fed up with the whole mess, tears burst from her eyes.  She cried out loud in front of everyone in court.  Ma tried to comfort her, Sissy just wanted to be left alone and ran outside for some fresh air.  Judge Nancy Casey came after her and saw the pain in her eyes.
  “How’s everything?  You’re not with the program.  Do you know something we don’t know?” Judge Nancy asked, kneeling down.
  “They are making it worse for me.  I don’t understand.  Everything they are saying is a lie.  I know the facts.  The Holy Bible says, ‘The truth would set you free.’  I want to say something at home.  The mess would end it right then and there.  I need to do it in order to get my life and my family back as it once was, full of love and peace,” Sissy cried on the judge’s shoulders.
  Judge Nancy Casey gave her a long over due hug.
  “Everything would be all right.  I promised you that!,” Judge Nancy continued, “Speak the truth and the nightmare would end.  Don’t be nervous.  Know what is in your heart; it knows right from wrong.  The truth always makes the bad feelings go away and God replaces the pain with happiness.”
  “Thanks.  I needed that,” Sissy said, her face lighted up.
  The judge moved the case to Sissy’s home with everyone in tact.  Sissy brought Kitty Kat out from the secret hiding place in the basement.
  “I thought she ran away from home, Sissy,” Pops said.
  “Blame Kitty Kat.  I don’t want her anymore.  She’s nothing but trouble.  Our lives are miserable.  My pussy is her,” Sissy said, holding Kitty Kat in her arms.
  “Your pussy is not your cat.  It’s…you know.  You must see a psychologist for help,” Ma said.
  “I don’t need help!  You guys need it.  I can’t stand it.  It started with Kitty Kat and I don’t want her anymore.  I truly believe she will bring happiness to please Pops’ quest for another baby.  It didn’t.  Pops is a father again.” She shouted.
  Sissy was in tears again, deeply hurt.  Kitty Kat jumped from Sissy’s arms, purring.
  “It’s wrong to have incest with your own family member.  For what?  A baby you are going to have soon with your dad.  It’s sickening wrong.  The baby won’t be normal,” Ma’s lawyer said.
  “Excuse me.  I had the baby long time ago.  It’s growing in the garden now.  I bet the baby is full grown.  I haven’t seen it since last week.  I can’t wait,” Sissy said.
  Everyone was stunned and confused.  A baby in the garden?  Already full-grown?  It wasn’t possible.  Perhaps, she was making it up, she had been through a lot.  
  “She really needs help, badly.  She was way out there!” someone whispered.
  They followed Sissy to the garden.  Sissy was ecstatic; more babies from her kid; a tomato plant with lots of tomatoes which became Sissy’s babies.  
  “OOHHH!  Look at that.  My part of the garden is beautiful.  I hope I win the garden contest today.  Pops’ section doesn’t look that good,” Sissy said.
  “I think my garden is good enough to win.  Do you think?” Miss Cranberry asked.
  “How could I win? Ma kicked me out of the house for no reason at all,” Pops said, spiteful.
  “With good reason!  You did it with her pussy,” Ma reminded him.
  “Here we go again.  More fighting.  I can’t take it,” Sissy said, rolled her eyes, “You did it too, Ma.  Don’t deny it,”
  Everyone was in shock again.
  “Oh my God!” a old lady said.
  “Say what!?!  How could you lie like that!  I’m protecting you from them.  Not the other way around,” Ma yelled.
  “Then, how come you play with Kitty Kat all the time?  That’s my pussy like I said earlier.  My pussy is Kitty Kat,” Sissy responded.
  “I’m lost.  She doesn’t make any sense,” someone said.
  “Wait a minute, folks!  Let me get this straight.  Please tell me if I’m wrong.  Your father had sex with Kitty Kat for another baby.  The cat laid her egg in the garden to be a tomato plant.  You claimed to be the mother of that thing!  A wild imaginary,” Judge Nancy laughed.
  The garden contest judges showed up next door, looking at Miss Cranberry’s garden.
  “You got it all wrong.  Yes, Pops is the father.  He didn’t have sex with Kitty Kat.  He planted it for me to be a mom,” Sissy said.
  “You said he had sex with you,” Judge Nancy said.
  “I didn’t.  I planted it because she wanted to know where babies came from.  Tell them, honey,” Pops pleaded.
  “That’s the absolutely truth.  I have no ideal of Pops had sex with me.  My guess is the lack of communication.  People don’t listen carefully and think the wrong things,” Sissy said.
  “You told the police he had sex with you,” Ma recalled.
  “As I remembered, I was referring to Kitty Kat, not me,” Sissy giggled.
  “That’s where the noise came from.  You watched it from the window on the outside.  You couldn’t stop from laughing,” Miss Cranberry said, looked at Sissy.
  “What are you talking about?” Pops asked.
  “The noise.  I knew a cat couldn’t giggled.  I found it so odd,” she continued, “After I went outside, I look around and found nothing.  The noise disappeared.  It scared me, thinking someone may try to come back at night to steal from me.  Officer Tate stopped by and thought it was probably another stray cat wanting food.  All this time, I put the cat food on the front porch and that disappeared too.”
  “I stole the food to feed Kitty Kat.  I didn’t want anyone to know Kitty Kat was still at home.  The cat food was the only way to keep the pussy from starving all this time.  I’m, sorry for scarring you, Miss Cranberry.  I love that show.  Miss Slocombe is my favorite, always wearing different color hair each week.  Her pussy is something else!” Sissy said.
  “She’s right.  Miss Slocombe called her cat, pussy.  Everyone does that in England, that’s their language” Miss Cranberry said.
  “Anyway, I tried to show mom.  She wouldn’t go with me and called the police instead.  I hid Kitty Kat to get things back to normal and it failed,” Sissy said.
  The garden judges finally came over for the last gardens, Pops and Sissy’s.  Kitty Kat became scared and ran under the house.
  “Kitty Kat, please come back!  They won’t harm you,” Sissy said, “Daddy, please get her.  I want my pussy.”
   “She is okay.  I would like this case to be done.  I have a gay wedding to attend.  My sister is getting married this evening,” Judge Nancy said.  
  “Excuse me.  We didn’t mean to interrupt this well publicized case.  Is this garden together, Pops and Sissy?” The judge asked.
  “No, Sissy has the one plant in the corner.  I separated hers from mine,” Pops said.
  They looked at the gardens as they focused back on the case.
  “You mean I took it the wrong way and believed they really molested you.  Why didn’t you stop me?” Ma  asked.
  “How could I?  You mind was already made up.  I thought Kitty Kat was being abused and hid her from them.  Thanks to me, you’re still getting a divorce.  I’m the blame for your break up,” Sissy cried.
  “We are no longer getting a divorce.  We love you too much to let it happen.  It was a big misunderstanding,” Pops said.
  Ma lifted her up.  Pops kissed her on the cheek.
  “That’s right, honey!  We love you,” Ma said.
  Sissy received a big hug from her parents.  Ma put her on the ground.
  “Finally, everything is clear up.  I announced that Pops and Miss Cranberry are not guilty, but…,” Judge Nancy said.
  “BUT WHAT!?!  There’s no buts about it,” Pops said.
  “Calm down.  I was going to say that everyone is guilty for lack of communication.  Sissy taught us a valuable lesson.  We need to listen carefully to each other and don’t jump to conclusion like Ma did.  Case closed,” Judge Nancy said, walking up to her car.
  Everyone was glad the worse was over, clapping.
  “Now, things can get back to normal,” Sissy said.
  “Thank God!  We are a family again.  I missed you two a lot,” Pops said.
  “I’m sorry for not believing you, Miss Cranberry. Let be friends again,” Ma said.
  “We can continued where we left off.  I can be sissy’s babysitter, the best one there is, and be twice as close as we once were,” Miss Cranberry said.
  They made up and gave each other a heartwarming hug.
  “Ladies and gentlemen, since everyone is here.  Of course, this is a small town in Texas.  We made a decision for the winner or the annual garden contest.  The gardens we saw were so beautiful.  This certain one blew the competition away.  It’s no other than Sissy, who won it by one tomato plant.  A first in our history.  Congratulations to you, Sissy!”
  “I won!  I won!  I have never won anything in my life before!  What did I won?”
  “The prizes is one year of free subscription to Garden Magazine and $500 worth or green thumb supplies,” the judge answered.
  “Thanks!  I will never forget this day.  I couldn’t receive a better gift than getting my family back today,” Sissy continued, “Daddy, what’s gay?  Mr. Humphries is gay on that England TV show.  Judge Nancy mentioned it too.”
“Ma, you better answer her before things get out of hand again!!” Pops yelled.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.