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Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

by Kazz Falcon

Fort Worth – I was depressed and ended up in the street for a while to get the feel of the streets. I didn’t tell anyone I ran away from home.

Houston – I was depressed. I wasn’t happy living with Granny. I didn’t tell anyone I ran away from home. I was homeless less than a week.

Dallas – I made a decision to run away again. This time, I ended up in Dallas. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone. I want my family NOT to look for me. I was homeless for a few months. I made a life there with the help of Kevin Nichols, Collette Shumate, Gary Gonzales and the gay church, Grace Fellowship in Christ Jesus.

Dallas again – I wasn’t happy in FW and went back to Dallas. My family didn’t know where I went. I was homeless for a short while till Nick, another homeless guy, and me got an apartment. I wasn’t happy living with Nick and his ABUSIVE boyfriend.

Los Angeles – I was depressed in Oak Cliff; Collette noticed I wasn’t happy with my life. I ran away for parts unknown in LA. No one knew where I was. I didn’t know anyone. I was homeless for two years till I got a place at Gower.

New Orleans – I got depressed and ran away from home. I lost my Gower apartment.

New York – I took the bus to Atlanta, Georgia. I was homeless for a few days then I left for New York City. The homeless life was much harder. I couldn’t take it after a few days. I went back to LA.

Los Angeles – I ended back at The Foundation House in West Hollywood for a few months. Someone sent a "dead" letter to Linda Harris. Linda mentioned to my family that I died from AIDS. My family looked for me and found me at the homeless shelter. Robin persuaded me to go home. I was there for two months. I was depressed and moved back to LA.

San Francisco – Miguel was driving drunk; he lost the car, his job and his apartment. Miguel mentioned that I must make plans for a place to live. I was depressed that I was homeless again, thanks to Miguel. Out of the blue on New Year’s Eve 2001, Richard offered me to go with him to San Diego for a week. I persuaded Richard that San Francisco is more fun. I loved SanFran so much that I decided to be homeless. I didn’t want to rebuild my life in LA for a third time. Once again, the homeless life was very hard that I left after a week.

Los Angeles – I ended up at PATH for six months. I moved in with Miguel for a while till I got my place on Waterloo. Miguel was pretty upset that I left him. Hey, I can’t trust him. Living on my own was smart move on my part.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.