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2001, October 9, Tuesday

4:10AM, I unlocked the chain.  Miguel finally come home drunk after he stay out all night the night before.  I went back to bed.  Miguel undressed and went straight to the kitchen for something to eat.  I went in the restroom with his wallet.  I found more receipts from Spotlight.  Hmm, unsafe sex, drinking and drugs once again! This time, I left the receipts in the wallet.  I could get them later.  I place the wallet back on the dresser by his keys.  I went back to the bed under the covers.  He got in bed; he was in lots of pain!  I just annoy his pain!  I fell asleep.

8:45AM, He stood in front of me.  I woke up by his kisses.  He looked at his work papers.  I didn't want to get up.  I was still tired from not getting enough sleep lately!  I got dressed.  A knock was at the door.  Miguel answered the door nude.  Sam mentioned the plumber was here for the leak in the bathroom.  We had the leak over 3 weeks or more.  Miguel left the note at Sam's couple days ago. 

Miguel ALWAYS ordered me to go to the kitchen if someone like Sam dropped by.  Today was one of those days.  Like always, I went back to my CAGE!  I don't know why Miguel sends me to the cage.  Miguel mentioned Sam knows I live here too.  I'm not on the least. If Sam ever asks why I'm here, I would say I am working online for some SOAP OPERA!  The plumber came in as Sam talks to Miguel.  I was trapped in the cage, nothing to do.  I just sat at the table till the coast was clear!  Sam left.  Miguel told me to stay a little longer.   I got the Fall TV preview Entertainment Weekly Issue to occupy my time. 

Miguel came for me; the plumber was still fixing the leak.  I sat on the bed.  Miguel stayed in the kitchen.  Sam walked in.  Miguel didn't know he called his name.  I said, "Hi!" to Sam!  The plumber finished.  Miguel begged me to go with him to the office.  I didn't want to go!  I didn't get enough sleep couple of nights.  So, I didn't turn him down.  We got there.  I always wait in the car.  Most times, I may park a block away.  I saw someone get in their car.  An ideal come to me, take their spot.  I would be right at the front door. 

The one guy in a small red car pulled up fast behind me.  I had my blinkers on.  He complained and honked.  My hand went out of the window.  I flipped him off!  I said, "He doesn't own the street."  If he does, he would be homeless!  Just kidding!  He got in the other lane and drove off.  I parked the car.  Here comes Miguel with his new work schedule.  He wanted to buy some ice cream.  I had no money on me.  We went to the post office.  Nothing was there.  The car in front of us, he almost hit this guy while he backs out.  He was thisclose of hitting him!

I wanted to go back the way I came to the PO on San Vincente!  The cars were coming.  So, I headed to Sunset and went down Holloway Dr to SM Blvd.  Miguel mentioned he must cash his check at the bank, $405.71.  He didn't tell me at first.  I thought we went for his schedule.  If I known that, I would stay on Sunset!  I made a left turn on La Cienega to Sunset.  We arrived at the bank.  He went in.  I stayed in the car like always.  I checked my money at the ATM.  Everything is absolutely fabulous.  I got back in the car, followed by Miguel. 

He claimed he was hungry.  I could cook us some scramble eggs for breakfast when we get home.  We drove down Sunset. 
Miguel saw a LIQUID STORE.  I dreaded to stop for him.  He brought me some water and himself, a LIQUID BOTTLE!
I had a feeling he would do that.  He wants a burrito.  We had no cash on us!  We decided to go home.  I made a right turn on Highland.  He mentioned we need some gas.   I thought the gas station was on the right side toward La Brea.  I got in the wrong lane.  I was about to get in the right lane, but this one guy wouldn't let me in.  So, we got gas at our regular spot on 6th!  I headed home. 

He was still hungry, "Ralph's."  I parked the car.  He asked, "Where is his keys?"  He gave me his things to put in the trunk.  I grabbed between my legs; nothing was there.  And I don't mean the third leg either!  LOL  I got out of the car.  He somehow got the keys from me.  I got his from the liquid store; I hid them between my legs.  I opened the trunk.  I got back in the car.  He laughed; "I have them in the fanny pack."  He got out of the car.  It was my turn for fun!  I hid his wallet and the keys in my pockets.  He wondered what I was doing.  I wanted to know what liquid bottle he brought.  Hmm, a wine cooler!  The thing is the liquid bottle was ALREADY HALF EMPTY! My water fell on the bag.  He wouldn't suspect a thing.  I put the club on.  He looked for his wallet.  He knew I have them all along with the keys! We only got 16 legs at a good price.  We finally went home!  I ran to the kitchen and checked out the bottle!  I may get some later.

I got home on time to watch The Young and The Restless on CBS.  He called work; I didn't tell them they beeped him in the car at work.  I had about 6/7 legs; he ate some of mine!  Hmm, isn't this sex?  6/7 and the legs!  Which one you prefer?  LOL    He thought I brought up his fanny pack and the daybook.  Nope, just the food.  I figured he would get them instead!  We ate on the bed.  For desert, he feasted on the third leg!  Not right away, of course!  I went online!  All My Children came on next! 

He wanted sex.  Dear Lord!  Why now?  He didn't go to the doctors yesterday for his STD!  Hmm, he was PARTYING!  He doesn't care about himself at all.  Other things are more important than his life; partying, unsafe sex, and bad friends!  I promised I wouldn't have sex with him anymore.  Why top him after he GAVE ME STD?  No thanx, it's not worth it.  Once again, he made me to feel guilty, "Fine, stay online with yr friends."  I asked him if he is sure.  He was debating; sex won the battle!  I lied that I can't SAM him; I don't mean our landlord!  I have sores in my mouth again.  He brought the lie!  Boy, I had worn him out big time.  I cleaned myself.  He fell asleep fast. 

I went down to get his stuff from the trunk.  He was so out of it from too much partying these past two days.  He didn't hear me to come back in.  I also brought up his work/regular clothes.  I watched As The World Turns.  I tried to wake him up couple of times after 1PM.  He needs to be at work at 3PM.   I was upset, I felt like he wouldn't get up on time for work.  I looked for the address online.  He finally woke up.  No shower, he just shaved and ironed his shirt.  He went to work!  I did my daily routine! 

I waited a good while after he went to work, I took a sip from the LIQUID BOTTLE; God, it was so awfully strong!  It was already half empty when we got home.  We got the bottle about 10 something; we got home before 11AM.  If someone drank an half a bottle less than an hour, he DOES have a serious drinking problem.  I looked at the label; Boy, it wasn't a wine cooler after all.  The bottle contains 18% ALC/VOL, 750 ML. The Cisco Orange has citrus wine & grape wine with natural & artificial flavors & artificial colors.  I took another sip; it was as bad as the first one!  I could NOT stand the hard liquid.  I did what best for Miguel and me; I dumped the rest out in the kitchen sink!  I don't want LIQUID in my house at all.  I don't care if he becomes pist off at me.  I would lie to save my hide; I drank the rest!

I saw someone wanting some advice in M4M Relationship chat.  He thought his life was worse.  I begged the differ; my bf is much worse than his!  The lover cheats and thinks he is bisexual.  I explained my lover do drugs, drink, unsafe sex and hangs with bad friends. We both agreed that we should leave our lovers and starts anew!  It isn't doing us any good to stay with our lovers.  We had our fill of the drama and want to move on with our lives!  He would pray for me, likewise.

It's time for bed.  The time is 3AM.  Miguel isn't coming home tonight.  He got PAID today, $405.71.  That means one thing, more PARTYING and wastes his money on drugs, drinking and perhaps, a motel room or the baths!  What could I say?  More signs are showing up; he would spend his paycheck on booze, drugs and men!  For crying out loud, he got HIS PAYCHECK today and he was ALREADY PARTYING his money away!  He was a lost cause! He took some regular shoes to work with him.  I knew he would be out partying all night; he doesn't want to party in his work shoes.  Oh well, he wants to LEARN THE HARD WAY!   I won't be around for long!  I would jump ship!  He can't keep me from TRUE LOVE!  Night, all!

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.