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2001, October 13, Saturday

It was a slow day. Miguel went to work in the afternoon. I changed DRASTICLY since the break up. Not that drastic, I only shaved my head BALD! I looked awesome and, no, I am not a blockhead like Charlie Brown! My head is round enough to be bald! I shaved my head couple years ago when I lived on Gower. I let it grew it back soon after. I wanted to see how I look. Kojak want his cocky lollipops! Any flavor would do! This time, I may remain bald for the time being! I wondered if the any shampoo cream for baldness. Shaving your head is pretty hard. It took me about 20 minutes in the shower. Gervace from Survivor looked wonderful! My head was like his, so round!

9:15 PM, Miguel came home. He was shock to see me bald, "No, no, no." He doesn't like it. I don't care what Miguel or what other people think. I am my own person. I would do my own thing. I would dress the way I do too. They could call me a freak all they like! It wouldn't bother me. Most people aims to be perfect, the perfect body, the perfect lover, the perfect everything! No thanks; being too perfect wouldn't be that much love. Most people go to clubs for the perfect love. In reality, that love is emptiness. They work so hard on the outside that it is a waste of time. They seemed to forget what's really important INSIDE!!

2001, October 14, Sunday, Miguel washed clothes. I wanted so much to go to church, but the car was in trouble! I didn't tell him yet. I went online for a while. Miguel told me that the dryer wasn't working. We gathered up some quarters. We had enough for the laundry mat. I brought out the old winning lottery tickets. We can get three tickets and $5. The $5 was just in case for the laundry.

I pulled the car out of our spot. I drove up to the gate. Miguel mentioned he had the same trouble I did, which I didn't tell him about it! The gas pedal couldn't go up in speed. He claimed he had trouble going up to the street; he rolled back down. So, Miguel thought the car need some oil. I knew that wasn't the case. We went to Auto Zone on Vermont! Throughout my driving, the car punted about 20 MPH. I was glad there werent many cars behind me wherever we went!

I parked the car in a very crowded parking lot. I noticed a grocery store. I gave him the tickets to cash them. I made my move and threw the damage goods away in the trash. Miguel didn't suspect a thing. The workers scan the tickets; the machine wasn't working. We would try somewhere else. I brought a box of oil. He wanted to buy 4 singles. I told him the box would be cheaper.

I forgot the say that was my first time going out in public being bald. It felt strange and scared. Miguel tried to convince me to wear my hat before we left. I refused. I didn't see the point in the hat. I wasn't scared. He thought I look like the GOD AWFULL KKK! Other men were bald like Gervace from Survivor and even the Greek bald God, Kojak! I was in good company! If people think I was with the KKK, they would think that, but that doesn't mean A DAMN THING! Looks dont mean anything! We were ALL DIFFERENT on the outside, but we are the same inside!

I paid the oil and the tunnel with my ATM, $25.73. Somebody I know lost Miguels ATM card! Shhhh. It's too bad I didn't lost mine either! Hmmm. Miguel would bring the car to me. Nah, I walked to the car. I didn't want to wait around. The car wasn't too far and the box wasn't that heavy! I pulled out of the space. We were on our way to the laundry mat. The car was slow at times. We barely made it up the hill! That was the only one we came across. The laundry mat parking lot was full. He wanted to go to the one on Santa Monica by 7/11 and 76 Gas.

I saw someone got in the car. I backed up some. Miguel freaked, he thinks I don't look when I reversed! We parked. I ran inside. I found four free dryers. I ran out to get him. We rushed and made it on time. Some guy came along and took the fourth one! We were down to three. Another dryer opened, we use that one too. I went outside and checked on things. I see I could move the car closer. I stood by our car. Something came up in the lot; a guy became upset with this other guy. He couldn't made up him mind which way to go. By that time, the other spaces by the entrance filled up fast. I went back inside.

A while later, a women left the lot by the handicapped spot. I grabbed it fast! Nobody wasn't around, no cars was coming or leaving. I was much closer to our clothes inside. I didn't want to walk to the other side with the clothes. We were done with the clothes. Miguel was hungry for a hot dog. We had the $5 ticket he could use! We got the combo meal at 7/11, hot bog, chips and a coke! We almost brought The Sunday's paper! He ate the whole hot dog except the bite I took in the car. It was quite good! I put the clothes away. Miguel cooked steak, green beans and potato for dinner. We watched the Gilligan movie on CBS! I went to bed about 11:30.

Earlier today, Miguel did a complete 100% turnaround like it never ever happened. For some goofball odd ideal, he was acting like my boyfriend. He seemed like the big break up never happened. In public, he was "in love" with me. Something got to give. I wouldn't get back to him. Also, he kissed me at home too. He can't go on mentally abuse me. One moment, we broke up. The next moment, we were lovey dovey with each other. He was quite angry when we break up. The truth is that I didn't have the money for his ID. He wanted to be an f@cking slut, do our own things and I don't have to worry about him. My, how a weekend changed everything! I was looking forward to my single life once more! That means one freaking thing, he doesn't want to let go of me! All the break ups we have, he manages to be mine all over again in a single second!


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.