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2001 November

2001 November

2001, November 2, friday night - stay out all night, he came home at 6:30AM. His sorry ass excuse was fell asleep at Carla's! Yeah, right! I know better!

2001, November 3, Saturday night - stay out all night, he came home about 8AM. His sorry ass excuse was fell asleep at Carla's. Yeah, right! I really didn't believed him. He used the same excuse Saturday morning! I was mad at him! I asked "Where are u going to stop?" He annoyed the question. I repeated myself, "You didn't come home last night. You didn't come home the night before!" He mentioned he loves me!

2001, November 4, Sunday night - stay out all night, he came home about 1PM. He suddenly went out quickly to get somethng for the car! Yeah, right! I really believed him that time! LOL He pulled the same stunt couple months ago! He told me that he was going to check on his money at 7/11, but he stayed out all night!

2001, November 5, Monday, I talked to my friend online. I "wouldn't let him back in the house. He could have call the police. It would be an showdown, some tough loving for him!" My friend tought that was an fabulous ideal! He wondered when are we gong to meet. I promised sometimes this week, I did have the gate's remote! I took it from the car yesterday when he was passed out yesterday morning! I could go anywhere as I pleased! It was about time too! My friend gave me an roomie finder's web site! I told him I couldn't afford my own place. The roommate would do just fine!

1PM, As The World Turns came on. There was no sign of him! It was 24 hours! I wouldn't call the police! There was no sence of involving the police. Miguel made is a very BAD HABIT not to come home in 24 hours or more! I did my daily routine. 10:45PM, I heard some knocking. I put on my short and tshirt. I decided not to answer the door, he told me not to! I went back to online. I heard the door opened. It was Miguel all right. I wanted so much not to let him in. I asked, "where have you been?" I saw his face, he doesn't look that well. I unlocked the door.

I went to the computer and sat down. Miguel claimed he would be back. I asked "where?" he need to give Sam back his key back. Miguel came back and gave me something to look at. My God! He look God awful! He was in the worst shape I ever saw him in. He had an bloody knuckle on his right hand. His pants some somewhat bloody mostly on the back.

1:10AM, I tried to go to bed. I couldn't sleep that well. Miguel tried to cough many times. He kept me awake! i did my best to fell asleep, no success whatsoever. I laid in bed, listening him coughing! He still can't cough! He has something in his troat! He was in too much pain to cough, his chest hurts big time! Well, it would be one of those sleepless nights.

3:45AM, he finally cough it up! his thoat was clear!. Now, i can go back to sleep! My friend came online. I would send him the email!


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.