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Fast Love Burns
By Kazz Falcon

Fast loves burns
It turns short live
I wouldn’t dare to give it a chance
With this fool, let’s dance
Fast love won’t last that long
We hardly know each other
It taught me to forget true love
It moved too fast and hurts me badly
It made me sad
I was mad at myself
I blamed myself; I couldn’t wait any longer
I jumped into something I was not ready for
Anything but true love
I was a part of many people,
We were craving for companion
We wasn’t saving the best for last
I can’t rest at night
The sight of bad things to come
There would be fights
Still, it bothered me that I wasn’t really in love
I wanted to please him sexuality
Another thing, I realized I fooled myself
Now, I trusted my instincts - Fast love burns

Expand My Horizons
By Kazz Falcon

Expand my horizons
I had more goals I want to shoot for
It was a sure way to be anything
Nothing could stop me from reaching my goals
Some things may not happen
Take life as it come
Because I don’t know what will happen next
Expanding is a very good start
I could accomplish anything
I plan on doing something about my goals
I lived only once
I would give it a try
I won’t cry when one goal fails
I won’t be depress, just go to another goal
I always do my best
The rest will follow through
I shallow the bad with the good
I was glad one goal was working
I wasn’t alone
Everyone have goals they want to do
I gave up my pro wrestling dream
Some things weren’t meant to me
I wasn’t born to be in pro wrestling
Faith will put you where you belong
I believed that with all my heart
I stood tall and don’t fall down
Expand your horizons

The Dream World
By Kazz Falcon

The dream world
It’s nothing but a fantasy
It’s something I don’t tend to believe
I escaped from the truth
I don’t want to get hurt by the pain
My mind was set to the dream world
I don’t have a care in the world
I lived in a dream world; the reality was left behind
Some friends know I was living a lie
Listen to me, “The fantasy is my new home.”
That’s our little secret
It can’t go further from your mouth
I don’t want a sour apple for a friend
Yes, the truth tasted awful
I wasted my life in the real world
Please stay near to my heart,
I need dear friends to comfort me with hugs
There was no hurt in this fantasy.
Just happiness surrounded me
I was protected by the dream world

Losing Ground
By Kazz Falcon

Losing ground
I was bounded to crash
It sounded like a bad movie
I found it to be a terrible experience
I didn’t know where I was
Snow was all over
It was time to cover me up with warm blankets
I truly love for someone come to the rescue
Home is where I longed to be
I wanted out of the cold
I was too old for this
I folded the blankets over me
I drifted to dreamland
Someone lifted my up from the plane
It was a woman named Jane
I must be insane
I thought a woman couldn’t do this kind of job
My mind was already made up
Anyone can do this
She was the only one around to help
The stones was clicked for the fire
I was in a warm house, eating hot soup
What a coup!
That Jane does a wonderful job taking care of me
It goes to show me
She was an angel to be with me on losing ground

Being Real
By Kazz Falcon

Being real
It’s a deal that people want to see in me
A good meal won’t choke them to death
It put them in a fabulous mood
It was not hard to come by
The fake don’t belong in me
It was a piece of cake to recognize
Happiness and love control me
Not money, people or this world
Dove the rest (the fakes)
Because the best (the real) is here to stay
I would be happy in the long run
I won’t be depress by being real

By Kazz Falcon

There was some around
I wanted to rake them out of my life
How about Satan, the snake?
It was real to be alive in God
The deal is dead when we are fakes
Satan baked Adam & Eve for lunch
A bunch of headaches comes to my way
Being fake kills the real you,
You would lose yourself along the way
God dared me to be real - caring, loving and thoughtful
The fakes shielded away from the truth
Real is more like it
God is real
Why can’t we?
It was a deal to live by forever

By Kazz Falcon

Learning is cool
Being stupid, I was a fool
I was lame for not developing my mind
I could go far beyond my wildest dreams
It beamed me into a bright adult
I grabbed for a responsible future
I wanted to do great things
Only if I set my mind to it
Learn the craft
Earn lots of money
I succeeded for a better life
For the brain, the deed was to go to school
My needs would be met
It feed my mind
I had a better chance to make it in this world
Don’t forsake school
Take it like a man
Wake up in the morning; go to school

Living A Lie
By Kazz Falcon

Living a lie
It can’t possible be true where I know in my heart
The truth lives there
A dream world of lonely sad faces,
I searched for all kind of things to be happy
Something I could escape from only if I wake up
For Pete’s sake, it was fake inside & out
The wall got higher and higher
It was only a matter of time
The wall would be beyond my reach
I was blinded by the lies
I can’t see the reality
I was stuck in this dream world
The nightmare haunted me
I don’t care for the dream world
I stared at the wall for a way out
If I stay in this dream world much longer,
I would lose my mind and happiness
Ralph was kind enough to love me
In turn, I should have love him back
How could I?
I would rather live in the real world
We need a real chance for true love
The dream world was too good to be true
I would be in an awful mood
If I continues to live in the dream world with Ralph
My faith was sealed
I must stop living a lie

Doing Right
By Kazz Falcon

Doing right
It was a welcome sight
It brightened up my day
It was a way to live by
I give anything for it
Something I could cherish forever
Things I can change for the better
Things I hope for
Things I dream of
Beam me up, Scotty, I was tired of doing wrong
It was nothing but troubles
The police arrested me several times
It wasn’t worth going to jail
I lost valuable time
I could have make something out of my life
No, I want to be a hell raiser
I learned from my mistakes
I won’t be a pain for anyone
I want to feel great by doing right

Coming To Life
By Kazz Falcon

Coming To Life
The nightmares became a reality
The things I never dream of doing was addiction
My life rolled into the darkness,
Where nightmares come to life
The sight was so clear
The fight for my life was on
By the frights, I can’t give in
The light lifted me out of troubles
I woke up from the coma
By God’s love, I dove back into the family of friends
I overcame my drug addiction
I became a new person in Jesus Christ
My life came back to fold
The nightmares wasn’t coming to life

The Drug Choice
By Kazz Falcon

The drug choice
Any drugs you care for
What’s in it for me?
My life came to a screeching halt
Sit down and listen
It hit me like a bolt of lightning
It struck me down on my knees
I begged for mercy
I did Satan’s work, conflicted pain and suffering
What a dork I was!
I gave up my life for something evil,
Speed, weed or any drugs
I need good friends, not the stupid drugs
Jesus Christ saved me from them
No wave could knock me off my surfboard
God have plans for me
I straightened out my life
The nights are more peaceful to sleep
The dark knights can no longer care for me
I was broken free by the light
A good sight seen by all former friends
The wall came tumbled down
I ole my life to God
He was my new choice for a drug
The drug choice

Time Of Death
By Kazz Falcon

Time of death
Seconds clicking away to the minutes
Time stayed on course to the future
A future leaves the present behind the past
Time doesn’t last till death does us apart
Start an everlasting life in heaven,
Where time doesn’t pass up by
On earth, we grow old as time gets up in the years
Time stays with the clock clicking
We always ring in the New Year on December 31
Dear sweet kids grew up to be adults
As time slipped through their fingers
Time catches up with them
They realized time is a lot faster
Then there were young and immature
Isn’t time supposed to be that way?
How much time we have left?
Time gave us time to live day by day
We grow old with a spouse
We bold enough to raise kids
Hold on our kids till time passes by
Death folded us from earth
We enjoy our time in heaven forever

By Kazz Falcon

Our lips embraced a passionate kiss
We faced deep thoughts inside our minds
It was brought on by the attraction
We sought to fulfill our love in the beginning
Emotions was involved
The love potion solved the puzzle in our hearts
It moved us to be in true love
Two doves flew high above the skies
A light flashed in our heads
We trashed all the rest down the toilet
Our hearts crashed on true love
There was no sight in the end
We floated in the air
Timing is everything for the chemistry

The Attraction
By Kazz Falcon

The attraction
Something was bound to happen soon
Anything could happen for true love
Nothing can tear me away from him
Everything I want in a man
His dreamy blue eyes
His soft blond hair
His gentle hands
His loving heart
His sweet-talking
His personality
The lust vanished into the thin air
The dust was removed from our lips
Trust me, we were falling in love
We must love the attraction

Yesterday’s Friends
By Kazz Falcon

Yesterday’s friends were long gone
Properly, we may be done with them
They moved away, lost contact, left alone or whatever
They came and went as they pleased
We may never hear from them again
Tears fallen from my eyes
I missed my dear friends
I kissed them goodbye
Knowing in my heart, it may be the last time to see them
Nothing was the same around here
Something got to give, but what?
Yesterday’s friends


Today’s Friends
By Kazz Falcon

Today’s friends stay till something comes up
I encouraged them to live their dreams and be themselves
I cared a lot for them
Their eyes glowed whenever I come over to visit
I showed my support and give them love they need
They really need that in their lives
It scared me that they may become yesterday’s friends
I dared them to give it their best shot
They deserved their dreams to come alive
I reserved my sweet love for them
Whatever path they take, they would be in spirit
They innocence forget their friends and move on with their lives
I can’t wait till tomorrow’s friends replace today’s friends

Tomorrow’s Friends
By Kazz Falcon

Tomorrow’s friends are coming soon
Our friendship would be their home
The hour is counting the minutes
The minute is counting the seconds
They was around the corner wherever they are
They might be located close by or far away
It could be a coworker or a neighbor
The sound of friendship beats on their doors
We found tomorrow’s friends to be today’s friends
They replaced the wounds and fun yesterday’s friends left us
There was place in each other’s heart,
Building a vase of love to show everyone
People waited in rows to be tomorrow’s friends

Dear Friend
By Kazz Falcon

Dear Friend
My friend recently died from a car accident
His picture hung in my bedroom
I sung a beautiful song at his funeral
It was one of his favorites
That song shook everybody's souls
The tears made an ocean
We all set sail to the highest seas
The tall waves tried to knock us over
We united against the sorrows of the tears
We begin to think of the good times
We overcome his death like a fresh flower
We could smell the sweet success of Heaven
The angels took him home
God opened the book of life
He found my friend’s name
The sound of the phone ringing, I knew he was with God
He got his heavenly wings
Dead Friend

Friends To The End
By Kazz Falcon

Friends to the end
What happened?
We were like brothers
His attitude cheated us out of that
He treated me like crap
It was so rude of him
He should know better
I could be gracious enough to love him again
The gain I want,
No more pain and an apology
It’s plain as simple as that
I don’t have the slightest ideal
He won’t tell me why
I wondered what happened
Did I do something wrong?
I can’t think of anything
It probably was nothing
He made a big deal of it
I was still clueless
If he wants to be a pain,
He lost me as a friend
What happened?
Friends to the end

Girlie Thing
By Kazz Falcon

Girlie thing
Rumors has it,
He thought I was the one who changed
I asked, “Change in what way?”
It couldn’t be that gay
Was it?
He can’t be that close-minded
He didn’t grew up like that
His family has so many types of friends
It couldn’t be that gay
Was it?
He couldn’t be mad
I was getting sad
Why won’t he talk to me?
It’s best to lay everything on the table
The rest is up to him
He finally came around
He mentioned it was that gay
That gay?
He thought things would be different for us
We can’t do guy’s things
Oh, I get it
I let him have it
Being gay doesn’t mean I stop doing guy’s things
It is who I am
I would always love doing those things
I could be butch too
He should be proud of me
Nothing would change me no matter who I am
The girlie thing wasn’t me
He didn’t meant to hurt me
He didn’t know how to deal with the girlie thing

Big Fight
By Kazz Falcon

Big Fight
We had a huge fall out last year
It was a sad ending to our friendship
He was mad as hell
I didn’t mean to steal his man at the club
He really likes him a lot
He didn’t have the courage to ask him out
I did him that favor
It turns out that the guy really like me, not him
It burns my friend when he found out
He caught us on a date at the movies
It taught him that I couldn’t be trusted
I cried when he say nasty things to me
I tried to talk to him
He never wants to see me again
It hurts me very deeply
We have been friends for the longest time
To him, I was slime
Big Fight

Friends Again
By Kazz Falcon

Friends Again
A long time passed since we talk
Out of the blue, we crossed paths at Ralphs
We had small talk
He wondered how was the relationship was doing
It was short lived thou
He wasn’t being faithful
He had few other flings at the clubs
My friend felt sorry for me
He was also sorry for saying nasty things
He kidded that he should do the same to the ex
We laughed
Then, I knew we couldn’t be friends again
He hurt me a lot, the rumors was vicious
I walked away from him
He grabbed me from behind
He claimed, “I missed your friendship a great deal.”
I proclaimed, “I can’t trust you, the way you treated me.”
Out of the man he used to like, he felt he was cheated from me
I remembered the heated conversation
He accused me of stealing his man
He was never his to begin with
I reminded him that he likes me instead
He admitted he was jealous of me
I was still hurt from the last time we chatted
Right now, we can’t be friends again

Real Tears
By Kazz Falcon

Real tears
He must regain our friendship
For hurting me the way he did was extremely hurtful
It wasn’t even my fault he likes me better
It just happen that way
We could be friends someday
Right now, I gave him a nay
For my new happiness, he should be gay
No, he was hateful with me
He spread nasty rumors about me
He mentioned he was sorry
Should I believe it?
I could, but the pain was there
I would, only he regains my friendship through trust
Fallen tears set him straight
It could get him in good graces again
I truly believed he wanted to be friends again
I wasn’t ready; I need to get over the pain
I tried the damnest to stop the pain
He cried in my arms, pleaded to be friends
Is there a new beginning in the making?
His real tears got the best of me
He was a real softer when it comes to crying
He really showed he missed our friendship
He promised he wouldn’t let another man get in the way
I saw in his eyes he really mean business
It brought us back closer
Real tears

Heavy Troubles
By Kazz Falcon

Heavy Troubles
My life was being destroyed
I don’t have the soul to go on
It put me in a tough position
My life was rough
I couldn’t bare the thought of it
I wouldn’t know where to turn for help
But I had too much pride
I worked so hard to get where I was
I lived in a mansion, had a corvette and a wife
We had three kids, one on the way
My pregnant wife was in no position to help
Maybe, I should gamble again
Then again, I would get in deeper debt
I could try to win some money at any cost
So far, it cost my life, perhaps my family’s life too
I was lost through gambling
I already ole a bank lots of money
The casino gave me a week to come up with the money
I was a fool to put my house on the line
I was on winning streak, then my money shrunk
I was being cocky
I ended up having pay more
I pretended everything is all right with my wife
Nothing was right with my freaking life
Something must come my way sooner or later
Anything should do it
I really need help with my heavy troubles

By Kazz Falcon

Satan wrecks havoc everywhere
Everyone’s lives are at stake
He is one mean fake
He is out for blood
He loves the flesh; it’s easy for him to conflict pain
He is one tough bout to handle alone
We must have Jesus Christ in our lives
Jesus is the only solution for the problems
Watch out for Satan
He creates problems for all
We can’t fall into his trap
He is nothing but lies
Something good is coming,
The return of Jesus Christ
Turn your heads from Satan
You won’t burn in the second death
Heaven awaits you with open arms
It’s an everlasting life with our father, God
It’s ten times better than Satan

Another Day
By Kazz Falcon

Another day is to live for God
He gave us this day
We didn’t ask for it
There is still work to be done for him
We must live by that wisdom
Or it would be our downfall
Stumble by Satan causes problems for all
God pick us up in his footprints
As long we live for God
We would get lost along the way
The hurt and anger goes away
Let’s triumph with God in all his glory
We can go on with our lives for another day

By Kazz Falcon

Rumors deepened my cry
Tears were no longer held hostage
The water forced the cage to open
I was in a rage by the hurtful rumors
I charged like a bull
I wanted to bust your skull
There was no bull about it
I kept on hitting you till I was satisfied
Still, you really hurt me
It ill me that you wasn’t a good friend
The mood I was in, you don’t want to come near me
You would be in fear
If you do, dead friend
My ears was deaf silence
I don’t care for your mouth
You spread rumors about me
It scared some friends away from me
Nobody wanted to know the truth
Somebody ought to tell rumors about you
I shouted for your nasty rumors
You should pout like I did
My dreams were ruined
Tears screamed out of my eyes
A good friendship was damaged
I don’t want your blood, just the truth

Live By Faith
By Kazz Falcon

Live by faith
I want to pray to succeed in life
Our faith comes from God
He is the only one to make things happen
We can count on God
The plan is to live by faith
He gave us a chance
Faith makes us stronger
We can’t be weak or negative
Just be positive and believe in God
Blessings would come your way
Only if you stay with God
He would pick the right timing
A bright future is ahead of you
Don’t lose your sight on things
Everything happens for a reason
Live by faith

The New Guy
By Kazz Falcon

He wasn’t that kind
Do I mind?
Yes, I do mind, darling
He has no right for being mad at us, no one does
We did nothing wrong
From Rodney King’s mouth, “Why can’t we get along?”
During the rough seas, he must remain strong
It must be tough for him
Come on now; let’s face the fact
Life is hard no matter who we are
I know I had it rough
I would be tough
I won’t be mad at them
I don’t have to
Because I won’t let them bother me
He needs to change his hateful attitude
On his part, it was so rude
Nobody wants to be friends with him
Somebody won’t care for him
As long he keep that nasty attitude
Here’s some advice
Be nice
Don’t be so mean
It’s clean

Saying Goodbye
By Kazz Falcon

I went to my friend’s welfare party
He was happy he got a new place across town
I would see less or none of him
We became close friends over the years
I cherished our bond so much
We went through the ups and downs
I felt like I was losing him
He means the world to me
He was like a brother to me; he was always there
I got to admit
I didn’t want to go to the party
I get choke up when someone leaves
For me, it was much better I stay away
I won’t have to cry anyway
I felt so lonely
He always brighten up my day
He does things for me, even the small ones
I got the courage to face him one last time
He noticed I was lost for words
He comforted me, “We would stay in touch.”
I knew I could count on his words
I just hate saying goodbye

Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.