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The Obsession
By Kazz Falcon

I became infatuated with Kevin
He was my ideal boyfriend
He was everything I wanted in love
He was loving
He was sweet
He will do anything for you
I felt safe in his arms
Things really got out of hand
I couldn't stop wanting him
He didn't love me as the way I love him
Gary & Collette tried to convince me
I wouldn't listen to all three of them
I was living in a fantasy
They became uncomfortable with the situation
They warned me to stop
I did for a little while
I was at it again
I still wanted him as a lover
They demanded me to stop or else
I got carried away AGAIN
Gary pulled my hair in front of everyone
He dragged me outside of work
He put me in his car
He mentioned that everyone was sick of me
He forced me to pack my things at Collette's place
I cried like a little baby
I didn't want to go
They took me home to my mother's
I felt so bad about what happened
I ruined a good thing with the obsession

Flowers By Lucy
By Kazz Falcon
My aunt was quite fond of me
I was her favourite nephew
Really, I was the only child
There was no wonder I was her favourite
She was rich aunt
She don't mind giving me money
We stayed with her every summer
I always had a ball in NYC
I mostly love the Broadway shows
Something sad happened on my 21st birthday
I learned that she died from cancer
I was heartbroken
I was looking forward to see her face
Now, she was gone
I didn't had a chance to say goodbye
A delivery guy showed up with some flowers
I knew it was from her
She always bring them in person
It truly felt strange and creepy
I read the card
"Never forget who you are.
Just be yourself."
I cried that she loves me no matter what
I got some flowers by Lucy

The Olympic Gold
By Kazz Falcon
I trained so hard for the 400-meter swimming event
I was going for the Olympic gold
It felt wonderful to hear all the fans
I won't disappoint them
I was doing this for the USA
The fans cheered me on
My mind was on winning the gold
I made it first to the finish line
The standing ovation was wonderful
I proved I could do anything
Nothing was holding me back
The gold was a great accomplishment
The committee surprised me with a drug test
I hoped I pass it
The gold meant everything for me
I did it for the USA and me
Later, they took the gold away from me
I failed the drug test
I can't believed it
Why me?
I confessed I took a banned drug
I was ashamed of myself
I let the country down
Damn! I was this close of winning
I made a big mistake
It cost me the Olympic gold

By Kazz Falcon

I had a strong crush on my friend's boyfriend.
I like him very much
I tried to forget about him
I immersed myself into anything
Drama, studies, volunteering
You name it - I did it
It wasn't working
I thought about him day and night
I was miserable that I didn't function
I only wanted him more than a friend
Recently, my friend told me something
I was so relieved!
She didn't like him as much she used to
She would rather be a good friend with him
She decided to break up
I was so happy that I blurted I loved him
She was stunned by the revelation
She really believed I was trying to steal him
She quickly changed her mind
I was more miserable than ever before
She doesn't want to be friends any more
I still love him thou
I can't get over the crush

An Opening For Luv
By Kazz Falcon

My friend had some trouble with his boyfriend
Lately, they weren't getting along at all
They had huge fights about anything
They can't stand the sight of one another
Out of the blue, the boyfriend blew me away
He believed I was more suited for him
All along, I felt the same thing
I didn't want to get in between of them
I knew her longer than I know him
The feelings became stronger for him like never before
So badly, I wanted to act on those feelings
It looks like they will split up
I really hope so
Yes, it sounded bad
I really don't care any more
It was best for them to leave each other
Things were that worse between them
I can't wait that much longer
I will split them up myself
I had an opening for luv

Mickey Finn
By Kazz Falcon

My name is Mickey Finn
I was quite popular at the clubs
I hit on innocence prey
I loved drugging people with their drinks
I was nothing but trouble
I have no regrets at all
Everyone know about me
Some leave their drinks unattended
That was my perfect opportunity to strike
Always expect the unexpected at the clubs
No one knows when I spike the drink
Few times, some ended up in the hospital
Oh well! That's not my responsible
Man, it wasn't my fault at all
I ended up in the wrong hands thou
People love to use me for their gain
I made people to feel good
It will hit them hard
I raped people too
I don't have any remorse for them
I was doing my job
You guys were warned about yours truly
My name is Mickey Finn

By Kazz Falcon

That's me
I was the world's biggest hypocrite!
I said one thing
I ended up doing something different
I need a gun
I must pull the trigger on myself
That's how stupid I was
I really hate myself
I disgusted myself
I can't stand looking at me in the mirror
Why do I keep on?
I sunk to a new low
One of these days, it will cost me my life
I was asking for punishment.
Some weakness will die for
I need to get my head examine
I know better than to give in to the weakness
I can't continued on
Yet, I do
I was one sick puppy
All thanks for being a damn hypocrite

Human Skin
By Kazz Falcon

The human skin was taking over this alien
I have to get out of the human skin
It really doing a number on this alien
The emotions was clouding my judgment
I was losing control of my inner being
I was becoming too human for my own good
I can't give in to the human skin.
It was suffocating the life out of me
I could hardly breathe
The skin was getting too tight on me
I don't like what the skin was doing to me
I must find my own kind
I truly felt trapped
Damn, I was in danger of losing myself
I don't want to lose touch with the aliens
It was ruining my chances of reuniting with the aliens
I won't remember my former self
Please! I need to go home
The skin was holding me hostage against my will
I must fight the dreadful human skin

Lazy Money
By Kazz falcon

Well, what can I say?
I was so lazy that I hardly do anything
The money gave me the luxury for free time
I had so much free time
I had no inspiration to shoot for
I actually gave up my life and the dreams
Doing nothing gets boring after a while
I can't experience life that much
I had limited income
I couldn't do what I want to do
I was just stuck
I was going nowhere in my life
I was left behind
It didn't make me happy
I couldn't stand being bored
I must do something with my life
I was tired of doing the same old thing
NOTHING, nothing at all
I can do so much more
I can do better with my life
Only if I give up the lazy money

Different Set Of Rules
By Kazz Falcon

It was so true for gays/straights people
Gays can't be lovey dovey in public
Straights can
Gays can't be married
Straights can
Gays can't raise children
Straights can
Gays can't be themselves
Straights can
Gays don't have enough rights
Straights do
It have been like this FOREVER
When will the rules end?
We must do something
The rules weren't fair for the gays
I know what you were going to say
"Life isn't fair"
We had the power to make it better
Let’s grant the gays the same set of rules

Public Affection
By Kazz Falcon

I loved my lover so much
I loved kissing him
I loved hugging him
I loved holding him
I loved holding hands
I loved caring for him
I loved showing affection in public
Yet, some straights has a big problem
It irked me that we can't show our love
I can say the same thing about them
If they can show their affection in public,
Why can't gays?
People can see the love between two people
They need to get over it
It was natural to be affection
That's what love was all about
It proves that we was really in love
There was nothing wrong with it
I will continue the public affection

Hateful Bitch
By Kazz Falcon

Dear lord!
She was at it again
She loves to cause trouble for everyone
She gets on everyone’s nerves
I tried to get her to stop, but she refused
She won’t stop till everyone was miserable
There was no wonder she have no friends
I won’t feel sorry for her
Everyone gave her lots of chances
She put everyone down
She doesn’t want anyone to be happy
It was her way to be happy
She must be very lonely and sad
I guessed things never went her way
She vented all her anger on other people
One of these days, she will get in big trouble
She will cross the wrong person
There won’t be a way for her to get out
She has no one to depend on
I was glad I wasn’t in her shoes
Thank God I wasn’t a hateful bitch

Running Away
By Kazz Falcon

Man, I got to stop running away
My problems won’t solve on it’s own
I can’t handle them at all
They was too much to handle
Running away was my escape
It gave me a piece of mind
I wasn’t a strong person
I know I can’t kept on running away
In reality, I was prolonging the pain and suffering
I was tired of starting over everywhere
I must face up to my problems
The problems needs to be stop
I had to take a chance
I won’t be chase off by the problems any more
I will finally be free and happy
I can go on with my life
I will be a much stronger person in the long run
Then I can face any problem that comes my way
I won’t back down by running away

By Kazz Falcon

My boyfriend and I were arrested for public indecency
Yes, it sounded that badly
We got carried away
He took me on a wonderful picnic
We had a beautiful time
He proposed to me on his right knee
I wasn’t expecting that.
Of course, I said, “Yes!”
We begin to kiss each other
Before we know it, we were in a moment of passion
Things was sizzling hot
We forgot where we were
We were in a fairytale
Many miles from earth, we didn’t want to get off
We explored each other’s bodies
The police saw us nude
It was a worst day, but an exciting one too
At least, I went to jail with the love of my life
Our future was cemented in the proposal
At the wedding, we won’t go overboard

The Same, But Different
By Kazz Falcon

We were what we were
There was nothing that someone can do about it
We were on the same boat
We breathe the same air
We bled the same blood
We couldn’t be any different, but we were
There were so many kinds of people
Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Gays to name a few
Our prejudices separated us from each other
What any good is that?
It made it harder to understand and accept
We can’t let the negative attitude to get the best of us
We were much better for that
Let’s open our hearts to the world
Let’s show our love and friendship
Hate wasn’t the way to go
We have enough love to go around
We can’t let the hatred to rule this world
It doesn’t matter how different we were
We were the same, but different

By Kazz Falcon

It wasn’t that sweet
It left a bad taste in my mouth
I can’t rid of bad taste
It wants to stick around
I tried my hardest to get rid of it
It kept on coming back
It won’t stop bugging me
I tried everything
Nothing was working in my favor
It still wants to hang there
I won’t allow it
The bad taste needs to leave for good
I won’t accept it any more
I have to cut ties with it
Somehow, I will get rid of the bad taste
It won’t consume my life or time
Why can’t he be sweet as the real honey?

Old Wounds
By Kazz Falcon

My ex recently reentered my life
I haven’t seen him in a year
He needed my help
He had no place to go
His roomie was moving away
He cried for my help
I felt sorry for him
I figured I could help him this one time
Wouldn’t you know it?
He came home DRUNK a few times
Boy, I was angry with him, mostly me
I was dumb enough to believe he changed
I was the biggest fool ever
I went behind his back
I talked to his old roomie
He mentioned he didn’t stop drinking
His drinking was still out of control
I don’t want to go through this again
Man, oh, man
I realized we had sex
Sex wasn’t helping matters
All over again, he was a weakness
I confronted him about his drinking
He tried to charm me
He put the moves on me
I wouldn’t go for it
I finally put my foot down
I demanded some answers
He got angry at all
I confessed I saw his old roomie
He broke down and cried
He wanted to depend on me
He knew I would help him
That’s why he hid his drinking from me
I yelled my brains out
I will NEVER EVER help him again
I was fed up with his lies and drinking
I threw his things out of the door
He didn’t want to leave
He begged for my forgiveness
Sorry, the river tore down the bridge
There was no turning back
I kicked him out of my place and my life
I closed the book on old wounds

By Kazz Falcon


I was SPECIAL too


Yet, no one understands me


My art is my voice!

(happy dance)

Big Break
By Kazz Falcon

Oh My God!
The network was FINALLY giving me my own tv show
I can't wait to see all the ideals
Perhaps, someone can be the head writer for my NEW SHOW!
I really appreciated a lot
Man, I waited for years and years
My BIG BREAK was here

The Letter
By Kazz Falcon

You are homeless.
You don't live with a friend.
You aren't working.
You lost his new job couple months ago.
You are an ALCOHOLIC.
You needs help with your drinking problem.
Please open up your eyes.

Dear Miguel’s Family
By Kazz Falcon

Dear Miguel's Family,
I am giving you a FAIR WARNING about Miguel Garcia.
He is a raging alcoholic; his drinking is really out of control.
I recently learned that he is homeless since earlier this year.
Miguel brought it on all by himself.
I won't have to lift a finger.
I will give him the poison.
He will drink it till he dies or get help.
I won't force him or make him to drink the poison.
After all, he really loves the taste of poison.
He don't mind the poision in his drink.
If you guys don't help him, it will be on your head if the worst happens to him.
My hands are clean of the alcoholic.
Miguel really needs help.
Please open up your eyes and see the painful truth.
At least, I told u about his out of control drinking.
Thanx for listening.

Please Pray
By Kazz Falcon

Everyone, please pray for Miguel and his family.
Miguel needs STRENGTH to stop drinking
He is a raging alcoholic.
His family needs STRENGTH to open up their eyes to the PAINFUL TRUTH
Thanx for your prayers!

By Kazz Falcon

I had it up here with my ex
Damn him, damn him to hell
He ruined my life once more
So much, I wanted revenge
He wouldn’t know what hit him
The poison should be perfect to kill him
Man, I gotta to love poison
I can always count on it
It will be his slow death.
He wouldn’t stop drinking the poison.
He will drink it no matter what
Afterall, he loves drinking that stuff
Oh, man! I loved the killing plan
I will set the plan in motion
No one will be the wiser
No one will suspect me either
He will drink the poison on his own
He will get drunk
Hopefully, the poison will kill him
Then, I will be free of him

Invalid Gay Marriages
By Kazz Falcon

August 12, 2004, Thursday was a sad day
California Supreme Court voided all gay marriages
Yes, the gays was disappointed
We still have a long road to travel
We won’t stop from getting what we want
We want Equal Rights, the same rights as straights
They truly believed they was still married
No one can’t take their license away
We earned the license to marry
We want the luxury of a marriage
“Till death do us apart”
It’s logically for a couple to get married
It shows the people that they are truly in love
Yet, most states wouldn’t change their marriage law
We must go elsewhere to have a wedding
It wasn’t wrong for anyone to be married
Why should we deny the right?
It was about us, our love and our freedom
That is what matters the most
We will prevail to equal rights and gay marriages

Hypocrite Love
By Kazz F alcon

I found the perfect man
He was sweet, loving, nice and friendly
Nothing could ever go wrong for us
We dated for three months
So badly, I wanted him to meet my family
It was about that time
I already met his family last week
We cruised to San Fransico for the weekend
He finally met my family
My family was happy for us
We truly love each other
He really like them till they showed up late
For some reason, his attitude changed
No one noticed but me
He tried to put on a brave face
I made the visit short
I confronted him about his attitude
He mentioned he hates blacks with a passion
My sister had a black husband and kids
He wanted to get out there the moment he saw them
He claimed our love won’t change
We still love each other
I wondered about that
How can I love someone like that?
He hates my own “black” family on my sister’s side
I can’t deal with his prejudice
I confessed that I can’t love him any more
My family means the world to me
I won’t choose him over my family
He didn’t see the problem
He don’t have to like everyone
He tried to kiss me, but I pulled away from him
I can’t be in a relationship with him
I don’t want to be a hypocrite
It didn’t felt right to love him
I won’t be happy with him
I couldn’t love him and my famly at the same time
A week later, I broke it off with him
I moved back to San Fransico

By Kazz Falcon

Damn, not again!
The weakness was back
I was vulnerable to him
I still want him thou
He was the only one for me
He recently came back into my life
We missed each other
Our feelings was strong as ever before
There was one big problem thou
He has a drinking problem
I wanted to be there for him
It wasn’t doing me any good
I swored him off the last time
Damn, the sex was that good
Also, it was my downfall too
We didn’t care about anything else
I know we can’t continued having sex
We were better off without each other
It was much harder than I thought
There was no escaping from the weakness

Paranoid Harry
By Kazz Falcon

Damn! I wished they will stop coming around
I can’t get anything done
They were everywhere I go
They must want something from me
But what?
I have nothing to give
I don’t go out that often
I know they were watching my every move
I can felt it in my bones
Why do they want me?
No, they need to leave me alone
I want them to stop bugging me
Somewhere out there, they were getting to me
I can’t handle it
I was truly afraid for my life
I must go onto hiding
They won’t ever find me
Damn, the van was still there
I have to make a run for it
My friends doesn’t believed me about them
They thought I was Paranoid Harry

Illegal Alien
By Kazz Falcon

I came from Mexico for a better life
USA was truly an opportunity for anyone
I want to get my family out of Mexico
I need to make a life here first
I need a job
I couldn’t apply for one
I don’t have the right paper work
I came over here illegal
I have to make the best of it somehow
Well, the hardware store was a good place to start
Everyone needs help to build things
I was quite good with my hands
I was strong for that line of work
I felt so guilty for leaving my family behind thou
I was their only hope
I got a quick scheme
Hmm, maybe, I should met a woman
I could use my charm on her
Then I will get a green card
I would no longer be an illegal alien

Big Head
By Kazz Falcon

I was finally the star of a show
Man, it felt so great to be on tv
The fans really dig me
They always showed up at the fans’ events
They can’t get enough of me
They care less about the other actors
I had the best lines on TV
The stars confronted me about the attitude
Man, what attitude?
I was having the best time of my life
They were jealous of my fame AND fans
I made the show, not them
Everyone watched us because of me
They mentioned I need to get over myself
I was living high
I don’t want to get off cloud nine
Suddenly, we were cancelled
Not enough people watch at the new time
I couldn’t believe it.
I thought the fans would follow me anywhere
Boy, I was so wrong
I really let the fame gets to me
I was gold to them, pure gold
Then I realized I had a big head

Lost Document
By Kazz Falcon

This morning, I was pretty upset with me.
I wrote a beautiful poem about Strange Presence.
I paid more attention to the web than the art.
I closed the document.
For some reason, it didn't save my art.
Damn, I quickly opened it up.
The worst happened, the art wasn't save at all.
I got mad and screamed out loud.
I couldn't believe I lost the art.
I tried to remember the poem.
I didn't have such luck.
I knew the first two lines and few lines in between.
I couldn't think of the rest.
I thought too hard that I had a brain fart! LOL
That's what we get for thinking too hard.
I gave up remembering it.
I normally save each time I type something down.
This time, I didn't.
That really sucks.

Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.