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Me, A Racist
By Kazz Falcon

Say what?
How could I be one?
I had all types of friends
If I don’t like his kind, I won’t hang out with them
He has lots of nerve to call me a racist
It has never cross my mind
At least, I didn’t use the word, “Nigger”
Some words were nothing but trouble
Using a word doesn’t make a racist
I was describing someone by a color
I still don’t understand
I didn’t mean any harm
It was only a word
I truly felt like he insulted me
He hardly knew me
Yet, I, somehow, became a racist to him
What happened?
A black man was under the impression that I was a racist
For what?
Because I used the word, black
What’s up with that?
He offended me by the accusation
I did nothing wrong
He asked, “Why did I used that word in my poem?”
Hello, the writer put it in the story
Therefore, I didn’t want to change his story
She always wore black and had long black hair
She was known as the Black Angel
My poem was true to the writer’s story
Like I said, it was only a word
There was no harm done
Me, a racist

Was I Guilty Of The Murders?
By Kazz Falcon

Was I guilty of the murders?
I was a nurse at a Hungary hospital
The patients’ pain was too much to take
They couldn’t bare it any longer
They were too weak to do anything
My heart goes out for them
I wished I could help them somehow
They knew of a way to make it happen
Lethal injection will end the pain for them
That was a fabulous ideal
The law was the furthest thing from my mind
I shouldn’t get in that much trouble
They wanted my help
I can’t let them down
They were depending on me
I had a good reason at night
I might as well do the injection on my work shift
No one will be suspicious of the deaths
It was the act of God
It was their time to go
I was their only solution and hope
Word got around at the hospital
The deaths was quickly within days from one another
The staff found it very odd that the deaths occurred the same way
There was a killer among us
“A killer,” I said, softly
I wasn’t a killer
They gave me permission to use the lethal injection
It was between them and me
They didn’t want anyone else to know
It was best that way
We knew the doctors wouldn’t allow the injection
The fingers was pointed in my direction
I confessed that I killed them
No one was please with me
The police arrested me
I was outrage; they had no right at all
The patients wanted to die that way
Was I guilty of the murders?

Euthanasia Case
By Kazz Falcon

Things didn’t go as plan in court
I was really in deep water
The jury found me guilty of the murders
The court banned me from ever being a nurse
I was in disbelieved
I can’t gasp of the murder charges
I was only helping the patience with their dying wish
Yet, no one believed the honest truth
What have I done to deserve prison time?
Damn, I wished I was more secretive
They wouldn’t suspect a thing at all
I don’t feel guilty what I did
I helped them the best way I know how
I was against the wall
I denied that I wanted to kill them
I wanted to ease the patients' suffering through death.
Euthanasia was illegal in Hungary
Damn, I didn’t knew that
That was my downfall
I should have been more careful with the murders
The patience expressed to have their life terminated
In my case, euthanasia wasn’t in my favor
I was branded as a cold-blooded murderer in court

Hollyweird Freak
By Kazz Falcon

I met this wonderful person online
We had so many things in common
We loved the beaches, the mountains, the malls and more
We basically talked every night online
It was a wonderful feeling I finally found someone to my liking
We didn’t want to rush into anything fast
Let love happen for us
He wanted to meet me at a coffee shop
I declined; I don’t drink coffee
He suggested a movie
I was tempted, but declined
There wasn’t any movie I want to see at that time
I was more into classics
He suggested eating out
I would love to, but…
Forget about it
I was known as a Hollyweird freak
I haven’t tell him my real nature
Some people wouldn’t “understand” me at all
All the times, he wanted to meet
I refused every single time
I don’t want to be bother with those people
The truth was I was protecting myself from hurt
It is all I could do right now
I need to get to know them better
Then, I will know I could trust them
If trust wasn’t there, I want no part of them
Love may be around the corner
The hurt was too deep to trust anyone
I can’t let it happen ever again
Shallow people hurt me so many times
No one could fix the pain I had
I just can’t take any risks
I know deep down I would get hurt again

Father’s Last Days
By Kazz Falcon

My father was dying from cancer
He hasn’t that much to live
I haven’t seen him in years
My mother wanted all the kids be there for his last days
She was expecting the worst any day
I was the oldest
I had to be there for my siblings
They would need all the support from me
Their eyes was in sorrow
I need to be brave for them
Some of them wouldn’t take it
The second youngest was five year old
He may not understand death that well
He was the most heartbroken of them all
Our father was his role model
He looked up to him
He doesn’t want him to go
He needs his daddy
It just broke my heart for him
The other kid was just a baby
She wouldn’t know her daddy
She has no memories at all
She will grow up without a daddy
Well, I decided something
It will make my sibs very happy
Since they need a role model, I could be it for them
Our father was the best dad we ever had
He was a good role model too
I would give up my job in Hollywood and move back home
There was no ands, buts or ifs about it
My family really needs me
They need structure in their young lifes
Our daddy was leaving soon

Daddy’s Death
By Kazz Falcon

My daddy recently died from cancer
We were on the way to his funeral
I just don’t understand at all
My daddy was supposed to be there for us
Yet, he remained cold and silence
I wished he could talk to me again
Or play ball with me
I missed his love and hugs
Why couldn’t he be there for the baby and me?
The baby needs him more than I do
I was only five year old
My oldest brother was blessed to have a dad all his life
He just gave up his job for us
He wouldn’t go back to Hollywood
He would pick up where daddy left off
I wasn’t happy at all
A huge piece from my heart left a void
Everyone was hurting
Our father was my life
I don’t care for the Hollywood stars
He was the perfect role model for me
Things was never be the same without daddy
He made us laugh, cried, obedient, love and others
He told us wonderful stories about his life
I will always remember him
My baby sister would remember him too
I will pass his stories on to her
I will tell her everything our loving daddy
My mother and brother helped me to cope with daddy’s death

Terrible Secret
By Kazz Falcon

I had a wonderful boyfriend
I was truly in love with him
I couldn’t stop thinking about him day and night
He was the most caring, loving person I ever love
Our love was just perfect as God’s love
He was the only man for me
We were committed to each other
We basically saw each other about every day
We didn’t have time for anyone else
We wanted to spend every waking moment
We had a blast everywhere we go
We didn’t want the love to end
It hurts to tell you
Our love didn’t last at all
He withheld something important from me
I couldn’t believe it at all, not for a second
I was beyond shock
It destroyed my feelings for him
He kept a secret from me
All this time, I didn’t know he was HIV positive
My God! We had unsafe sex
He didn’t like the feel of the condoms
Damn, I should have listen to my gut feelings
I got so freaking angry
Why didn’t he tell me about his HIV status?
He has some nerves
He claimed he loved me with all his heart
How could he do that to me?
Keeping secrets wasn’t love
It was lies, lies and more lies
Wait till I see him
I will give him a piece of my mind
He would regret the day we met at the club
Damn, we should have been more careful for sex
If I became HIV positive, I would kill him
I wished I didn’t find his HIV medication by accidentally
Our love was perfect
He destroyed my life from that terrible secret

HIV Plead
By Kazz Falcon

I got home from work
My lover wasn’t pleased with me about something
I had never saw him that angry before
We had small fights
Then we kissed and made up
This time, it was quite different
I saw the fire in his eyes
He didn’t hold back at all
He claimed I couldn’t be trusted
I put his life on the line
Dear lord, I had a feeling he knows
I was being so careful with the secret
He accidentally saw my meds in the closet
He was looking for something nice to wear tonight
We supposed to celebrate our six-month anniversary
I wished he didn’t have my apartment key
I should have known better
I thought he wouldn’t ever find out
I wasn’t being careless
I was in the perfect health
I tried to calm him down
I wanted to hold him
He pushed me away
I didn’t mean any harm at all
He slapped me around the face
I pleaded with him to understand
I just wanted to be love
No one ever wants a HIV lover
I meant well
He got to believe that
Yes, what I did was wrong
I should have tell him in the beginning
I couldn’t bare the thought of losing love again
I didn’t want to lose him at all
He was my man, my man to love
I can’t live without his love
He means the world to me
I wanted to be love
What was wrong of loving someone?
He threw the dirty little secret in my face
I put his life at risk, a death sentence
How come I do such a nasty thing?
He claimed I should be arrest for attempted murder
He can’t call the police, he just can’t
Love conquers all
We would get through this together
I promised there weren’t any more secrets
Everything was out in the open
I felt guilty for keeping it from him
Come on, dear, you can get over it
He slapped me again
He made a good point, how could he?
He doesn’t know he have the HIV virus.
It would be weeks to know
I wished I could take the HIV back from him
He doesn’t deserve the disease
He mentioned that I deserved it and even AIDS
Please, I was begging him
Take me back
Take me back
I got on my knees, pleading with him
My tears speak volumes
I need him in my life to love
He wouldn’t heard of it
He gave me the key back and stormed out of my apartment
I lost him forever
God, What have I done?
I only wanted to be love
Is that a crime?
I didn’t want to be alone
I only wanted to be love by someone special

HIV Window
By Kazz Falcon

My boyfriend and I had a fabulous relationship
Our love was so passionate, loving and caring
Nothing could ever tear our love apart
We was on top of the world
One night, I wasn’t feeling well
I was feverish
I threw up couple of times
I thought it was something I ate
I slept it off till the morning
Damn, I was still sick to my stomach
I paid a visit to my doctor
He checked me out
He was curious about something
I wondered what
He asked, “If I ever had an HIV test?”
God, I took it once before
There wasn’t a need for a new one
I hardly fool around, let alone do drugs
Couple weeks later, the doctor gave me the news
I was HIV positive
How could it be?
I know my lover didn’t have it
We didn’t do drugs or slept around
To be on the safe side, the doctor checked him out too
He turned out to be HIV negative
We was both shocked
What happened?
How could I got it and he doesn’t?
The doctor explained I had it for a while
I was in the window; it didn’t show up at all
This time, HIV appeared on the test
My lover and I need to learn to live with it
Of course, we need to practice safe sex
My boyfriend wanted me double up on the condoms
He doesn’t want the virus
And I didn’t want to give it to him either
Our safety comes first

Frightening Scared
By Kazz Falcon

Dear lord!
I hoped my boyfriend don’t get it
We were being so careful
One thing led to the next
We couldn’t help ourselves
He was pist off at me
He ran straight to the shower to clean his ass quickly
Damn, why him?
God, don’t let him get the virus
Please, God
We was in passionate mood
There weren’t enough condoms
We just took a risk with one condom
We were hot and heavy
The condom broke inside of him
He felt it coming inside
He screamed, “Get it out! Get it out!”
He was truly frightened of me for the first time
He blamed me for pushing him into sex
Hello, he wanted it as much I want it
We hadn’t sex since our HIV tests
We waited for a while till we had sex
We wanted information about safe sex
I couldn’t believed it
He thought that I purposely gave it to him
God, what was he thinking?
I would never ever do such a thing
I loved him very much
I cared a lot for his safety
He need to realized that things happened
We could have went to the store for more condoms
We wanted to stay in the passionate mood
Therefore, we took a chance with one condom
I got him to calm down
He felt sorry for the nasty thing he said to me
Of course, I forgave him
I hold him in his arms
We fell asleep in bed

Hurt By Love
By Kazz Falcon

I didn’t expect it at all
He didn’t feel any resentful toward me
He was his own lovable self
I thought we became closer, thanks to my HIV status
He didn’t distance himself at all
He went to visit his sick mother in Dallas
I figured he would be back within a week
I was counting the days he would come home
A week was up; he hasn’t come home yet
Nor, he called me either
He may have missed his plane
I waited by the phone
Nothing so far
I realized his mom wanted him to stay for couple more days
I went on with my life
A thought came to my mind
He wouldn’t pick up his paycheck
He was still out of town
So, I decided to pick it up for him
His boss already knew me
I went to his work
The boss mentioned he was at work every day
He wanted to work the late shift
I found that odd
What happened to his sick mother?
I called his mother
She explained everything was fine
She was healthy as a horse
She hasn’t heard from him over a month
God, it told me one thing
He wanted no part of me anymore
My heart broke in a million of pieces
How come he doesn’t want me?
We was perfect for each other
It must be the reason he left
I was HIV positive and he wasn’t
I couldn’t stop crying
Love wasn’t supposed to be that way
He can’t leave me
We belonged together no matter what
I can’t face the disease alone
I need my boyfriend beside me
He was my strength
I can’t go at it alone
God, please let him to come home
I missed him
I still loved him
He just can’t stop loving me
He just can’t
What am I going to do?
He wasn’t that afraid as much I was
I was living with the virus
Damn, I hate him now
He abandoned me
Why, God, why?
He can’t abandoned me
I did nothing wrong at all
I didn’t plan of getting the deadly disease
It just happen
There wasn’t a thing I could do about it
I had to live with it for the rest of my life
Where were my support and my love?
He went out of the door and never returned
God, I hate him for leaving me
Do you know what was worst?
He didn’t have the courage to leave a Dear John Letter
Damn, I was so alone and hurt by love

So Long, Love
By Kazz Falcon

So long, love
I will miss you in my heart
You was everything to me
But something drastic changed our relationship
I couldn’t love you the same way anymore
From deep down, I wished I could
Our love wasn’t good enough for us
I can’t deal with your HIV status
It was hard for me
I already lost many friends to AIDS
I couldn’t bared of going through it again
I can’t handle it anymore
I know I hurt you deeply
I hope someday you would forgive me
You deserved someone much better than me
I can’t be your strength
I don’t have the strength for the both of us
The moment we found out, it crushed my spirit
I thought we would have a lifetime of love
That love disappeared into thin air
I wanted so much to be there for you
You was my angel
Heavens awaits you with open arms
For me, it would probably be hell for me
I gave up on us
You will find strength within you
You will fight the disease with all your being
God will give you a fighting chance
God will send you a long lasting boyfriend
You deserved much more than life has to offer you
Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself
I wasn’t worth of your love
I gave up on you
I was scared for my life
I was foolish enough to have sex with one condom
For that, I wasn’t good enough for you
So long, love

By Kazz Falcon

We shared our lifes in a relationship
I cared to be love by him in the most ultimate way
We was lost in love, only if it’s for real
We sealed it with a kiss
We hit a homerun
We don’t sit there and do nothing
Something bounded to happen for us
I found my way to the bedroom
Heartbeats sounded for true love
I dove into bed in the heat of passion
I was defeated by love
I felt it in my heart
It melts me in his loving arms
We was unity to receive each other’s love
I was never alone in bed
We really want comfort in one bed
We will remain in love forever
That was the best way to go, among other things
I craved to love him with my heart
I hugged him with my arms
I kissed him on my lips
I hold him with my hand
I saw the beauty in him
I touched him with my fingers
I felt his life in the most highest
I can’t get enough of him
I want a long lasting relationship
Not just for sex
I want friendship, comfort, warmth and love
Nothing can tear us apart
He was the one and only man for me

By Kazz Falcon

Snakes was man’s worst enemy
They slithered in our lifes
The world was a living hell
We fell to the ground crying
The bell started to ring
They sung, “Destroy all comers!”
We drove out of The Garden Of Eden
We lived to get even with them
Let the snakes come near us
We will tear them apart
We vowed revenge
We took them to Doom Day
All snakes was dead meat
We brought a gigantic club with us
We sought out the revenge
They ought not to escape from us
We haunted them to the four corners
Nothing can sour our fun
The sun burned them to a crisp
Our lifes turned back to normal as normal it could be
The snake will be another life form or some sort of trouble
Till the next time, we will win for once and for all

Rainbow Freedom
By Kazz Falcon

Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals don’t have that much freedom
We tended to cave into society
A place where people listened to the world
They don’t treat us with respect
We cheated out of true happiness and selves
We was beaten for the people we was
We defeated by the world, but not by God
He gave us that life
No matter what the world believed
We was trapped in the closet to live unhappy lifes
Some gave up their lives
They believed it was a sin
Parents and friends grieved
It wasn’t a game
Our lifes were at stake
Wake up and smell the coffee
Nail this on your head
We was the same from God
We blamed this world
It caused great pain
Satan put lies in people’s heads
Others may never know the truth
Satan thought he was clever
Whatever he told you, we shall listen to our hearts
There won’t be any more slaps across our faces
We will be free from being trap in the closet
We will fight for our rights
We will march in the gay parades
We will continued to have our gay pride weekends
We knew in our hearts that we was born gay
Few people really don’t want to accept that
They want us to stay in the closet
They want us to live a normal life – Straight
God, please give us the freedom and the world
We richly deserved to live our lifes to the fullest
The minutes turned into hours
We burned to be the person that God made us
The truth will set us free from the closet to live our lifes
We wouldn’t trade our rainbow freedom

My First Time
By Kazz Falcon

I was quite young
Ten year old, to be exactly
He was in high school
We lived across the street from each other
His mother was a lesbian and had a gay lover
We was quite close, as close as family
I knew I was gay, but I never act on those feelings
I found him quite attraction
A window opportunity opened for us
Nobody was at his home
We decided to fool around in the shed
I wasn’t being pressure by him
I just wanted to explore a male body
I was so freaking nervous
I didn’t know what to do
We took off our clothes
His was already up; I was getting there
I just hold it; that was all I did
He wanted to get inside of me
I wasn’t ready; I was scared too
We lay on the ground
He held me to cease my worries
There was nothing to be afraid of
It was okay
I got scared again, not because of him
Someone came running to the backyard
Damn, he will find us naked
There was a big hole in the door
We dressed as fast as we could
His young brother opened the door
He thought there was something up between us
We was speechless
We went on with our business
We hadn’t speak of the close call ever again
I didn’t want anyone to know about me
Of course, our mouths were shut
My family wouldn’t understand at all

Old Friends
By Kazz Falcon

Last month, I came upon an old friend online
I found his Christian web site
He was the pastor for Grace Fellowship
I couldn’t believed that
I remembered we were in the church choir
He came a long way since then; everyone did
I haven’t seen him in a long time
He moved to Austin with his lover
Today, I sent him an IM
He didn’t know who I was
I brought up our friends, the church and such
He still hasn’t have the slightest ideal
I sent my picture in an email
He finally recognized me as Queen
We caught up with each other’s lifes
He still lived in Austin with their new adoption baby
I was still a hell raiser in Hollyweird, so to speak!
He wondered when I was going to visit Dallas
I have no clue yet
My other friend tried to get me to come down last fall
Something came up
It have been too long since I last saw them
I can’t wait at all
Hopefully soon, I would see my old friends

My First Crush
By Kazz Falcon

I remembered him quite well
He was blonde, blue eyes and my brother’s best friend
We were about the same age
He lived next door to us in Cleveland
I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone about my crush
I just kept it inside of me
Besides, the other kids will make fun of me
I didn’t want to go through that trouble
I don’t think anyone would stand up for me
Back then, gay was off limits
No matter what, I wanted to spend all my time with him
He was the only person I could think of
My dad passed away
I didn’t have anyone to look up to
My brother wouldn’t cut it
He was the new man of the house
It wasn’t the same without our daddy
The blonde kid was someone I could talk to
Why not him?
He was closest to my age
He was a perfect friend
We got along just absolutely fabulous
My brother was kind of jealous
I always tag along
We did about everything together
Something big happened to all of us
My family moved away to DFW
We didn’t stay in touch at all
I was so sad that I wouldn’t have him as a friend
A void entered my heart
There went my first crush

A Fatherless Void
By Kazz Falcon

My father passed away in 1973
It left a huge void in my life
I felt so empty inside
It crushed my being
I was four year old
It wasn’t right that I didn’t had a father to love
My parents was my whole world
I loved them dearly
As I got older, I wanted a man to love
A father figure would be there for me
I didn’t receive that much love from my mother
There were four of us, kids
There wasn’t enough mom to go around
Something strange happened to me
I developed feelings for men
I couldn’t understand why
I wasn’t expose to the gay lifestyle at that time
I haven’t met a gay person either
Being gay was the furthest thing from my mind
I just wanted a father to love
Yet, somehow it turned into something else
Why did it happen to me?
I can’t be that way, I just can’t
An absent father couldn’t make me gay
No way, no how
It wasn’t possible
Yes, I missed my dad so much
Yes, I wanted a man to love
Yes, I mostly stay home with my mom
That doesn’t make me gay
God, I just wanted a father to love
Instead, I gained sexual feelings for men
I had the fatherless void

New Man Of The House
By Kazz Falcon

My dad was killed in a car accident few months ago
It was upon me to take care my family
I was the oldest kid, 17 year old
The rest were 15, 12, 9 and 6
Our mom worked two jobs to support us
It was very hard on her
I made it easier for her
I quit the eleventh grade
Of course, she was pretty upset by it
She threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t go back
I knew she wouldn’t do such a thing
She can’t raise us all by herself
She needed help
I can always go back to school in my twenties
This wasn’t the time for school
Her two jobs and raising five kids took a toll on her
She wasn’t getting sleep at all
She dragged her feet everywhere
She could barely keep up with the kids
The kids did more chores around the house
The 15 babysat the rest and cooked
The 12 did the dishes and the bathroom
The 9 kept the rooms clean
The youngest was being a kid
We became responsible in our young ages
It pleased our mother very much
None of us was a huge problem
Yes, there were fights
We settled it ourselves
We didn’t want to bother her with the fights
She already had a big plate to handle
Most days, she worked 12-hour shifts at the restaurant
I worked with her for eight hours
Then, I went straight home
I made sure everything was fabulous before she came
She couldn’t done it without our help, mostly mine
I was the new man of the house

Knock, Knock
By Kazz Falcon

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
There wasn’t any answer
Knock, knock
Knock, knock
I looked through the peephole
I couldn’t see anyone
I went back watching TV
Knock, knock
Who is it?
Knock, knock
Please go away
Knock, knock
I still can’t see someone through the peephole
It dawned on me
It could be someone short
I opened the door
I was wrong
Nobody was there
Knock, knock
I rushed to the door
Once again, nobody was there
I realized it could be those pesky kids
Knock, knock
Damn them, damn them to hell
I grabbed a cup of water
I opened the door and tossed it on them
Oops, it was my next-door neighbor
He heard some screaming from my place
I explained that the kids played nigger knocking
He mentioned nobody entered the apartments
I found that odd
I turned on the radio
Here we go again
Knock, knock
Knock, knock
Knock, knock
I tried to ignore it
The knock, knocks became louder than the music
I got madder
I opened the door
Nobody was there
I looked around outside
I couldn’t see anyone
I went back inside
Knock, knock
Why me?
I just want a relaxing day
Is that too much to ask?
Knock, knock
Hmm, that was strange
It was coming from inside of my place
Knock, knock
It drove me crazy
I searched everywhere for that person
I still couldn’t find anyone
Knock, knock
All along, I was such a fool
It was a different door
I felt it in my heart
It was Jesus Christ

Non Believer
By Kazz Falcon

I don’t believe it
I just can’t
It was really, really him
Oh my God!
Damn, why couldn’t it be someone else?
I don’t believed in him
I had never believe that there was a God
I wasn’t one of his followers
I don’t believe in the bible either
It was a bunch of lies
Some verses are hypocritical
The bible misled people
I wished he hasn’t show up
He came too late, too many years passed
He wasn’t there when I need him the most
I was at the most lonely and horrifying time of my life
My parents was murdered outside of a restaurant
Then I was placed with my abusive aunt
Hello, what kind of God would do that to his own children?
I had an hard time accepting my parents’ death
I had to deal with my aunt too
I can’t trust him anymore
There was no God in my world
He was worthless in my life
I don’t feel sympathy or love from him at all
He was an illusion that a bunch of people made up
He was the almighty powerful God
Yeah, right
I can’t depend on an illusion    
I was proud to admit that I was a atheist

Jesus Christ Entered
By Kazz Falcon

Jesus Christ entered into my heart
I felt his presence in my being
It was an awesome feeling
I have never been so alive
I had his warmth
I had his love
I had his comfort
I celebrated my newfound happiness
I was at peace
He took all the pain away from him
I don’t have any more sorrows
I was glad I didn’t shut the door on him
I gave him all my problems
He changed my life drastically
Life couldn’t get any better than this

The Kidnapper
By Kazz Falcon

I kidnapped this girl
Oh, how much I wanted to
She was the perfect girl for me
Her parents was pretty rich
Of course, they will do anything to get her back
I wouldn’t give her back at all
They need to pay me dearly
She doesn’t come cheap
I won’t settle anything less than $2 million
If the police gets involve, the price will go up
I didn’t feel any remorse at all
No one will give me a break
I tried to find another job
They turned their back on me
It was so hard on me
I couldn’t pay the rent, the bills and etc
Desperate times means desperate measures
I had no other choice at all
I don’t give a damn about her family
I was a scapegoat for her daddy
He promised he will take care of everything
He was only looking out for himself
He was a saint in everyone’s eyes
He could do no wrong
Why should I feel remorse about the kid?
I did it for the money and payback
He deserved all the pain I brought to him
He won’t get away with it
Revenge was sweet and tasty
It will be even sweeter when I get all the money
Until then, they won’t see her ever again

The Kidnapped Girl
By Kazz Falcon

Help me
Please somebody help me
Someone kidnapped me from the park
I didn’t saw his face
He wore a black mask
My mother tried to rescue me
He knocked her down to the ground
God, I was frightened
I didn’t know where he took me
He tied me up with rope
I can’t run away at all
God, he hurt me very badly
The rope was too tight around my ankles
He drove every direction
I couldn’t tell you where he took me
He confused me good in the ride
I was in a tiny room with a mattress on the floor
He served me food under the door
I can’t get out
The windows was bricked
No one will heard me scream
This was the worst nightmare of my young life
I wished my family would find me soon
I truly missed them
I cried every day in bed
The future looked so bleak for me

The Family Plead
By Kazz Falcon

Hello, people and the press
This was the hardest thing for us
My little girl was kidnapped in the park
We couldn’t bare of losing her
She was our pride and joy
Words couldn’t describe how we felt
Only the emotions spoke volumes for us
It broke our heart
Our precious girl was missing
We want everyone to be on the lookout
Please, whatever u do, call the police
Any lead may help capture the kidnapper
We want our little girl back home where she belongs
If you are a parent, you will doing a favor for your kid too
Please call the police
I offered $500,000 to the capture of the creep
Don’t evoke the kidnapper
Let the police do their job
My little girl is counting on you
Let bring her back home
We need to stop the madness everywhere
Your loved one may be at risk
If someone is suspicious, call the police
Please call the police
We might be too late
I really hope not
She could be already be dead
God, please give us the strength
We can’t let her to be dead
She deserved to be alive
Kids are harmless
Look at our tears
We’re crying out for help
We can’t let this ever happen again
Our kids should be safe at any cost
My heart goes out for every kid out there
We missed her very much
We loved her as much as life itself
God bless you

Here I Sat
By Kazz Falcon

Here I sat in my chair
I pondered what to do
Nothing seems interesting to me
Something that couldn’t grab my attention
Anything wouldn’t give me sparks
Here I sat in front of the computer
I was about to give up the search
The jobs wasn’t there for me
I went to all the employment sites
So far, I came up empty handed
Here I sat with the newspaper
I circled all the job leads I want
I called them up on the phone
There were either taken or faraway from me
I was bored with looking for a job
Here I sat stared into space
I can’t go on like this
I had a bad feeling
I need to find a job soon
I was running out of time
Here I sat crying
I pleaded with God
I asked, I shall receive
Things must get better with my life
I don’t want to live in the street
Here I sat in the chair

Another Chance
By Kazz Falcon

I made a drastic mistake
I slept with another man
I was drunk at the club
This guy took me home with him
I went home in the morning
My boyfriend wondered where I was
I wasn’t a good lair
He saw I had the same clothes on
I was being upfront about last night
He had a hard time with it
We were in a monogamous relationship
We didn’t fool around with the men
We were committed to our love
I did a stupid thing
I wasn’t proud of the fling
I was happy with him
I didn’t meant it to happen
It just happened
He wasn’t please with me
I begged for his forgiveness
I didn’t want anyone else, but him
I destroyed our relationship
He broke up with me
I pleaded with him for another chance

Innocence Victims
By Kazz Falcon

I came into the life of crime
It wasn’t a life I want for myself
It just happened
It was forced on me
I couldn’t do a thing about it
I threatened by my friend
Damn, it was out of control
I was in too deep
I couldn’t get enough sleep
I saw the fear in her eyes
I wanted to help her anyway I can
There weren’t any phones at my place
He knew I would call the police
We were somewhere in the country
No one would have a chance to find her
I promised her that I would protect her from him
We need to find a way out of the mess
She trusted me and has faith in me
I didn’t mean any harm to her
It was never my ideal
My friend and I were talking one night
We wondered how we could get fast money
One thing led to the next
We were pretty drunk that night
Weeks later, he brought home a little girl
He claimed she was his niece
It didn’t strike me as odd
The girl was acting strangely
He mentioned it was being in a new place
I could relate to her
She doesn’t how to react around with strangers
Few days later, I read the newspaper
There was an article about a missing girl
She fitted the girl’s description to the tee
I confronted him with the truth
He admitted it was the same girl
Damn, I don’t believe he could do such a thing
I wanted to take her home in the car
She needs to be home with her family
He grabbed the keys from my hand
He mentioned I was in deep as he was
He would turn on me if I tell the police
It was his story against mine
He ruined my life in the mess
I just wanted to do the right thing
I had no choice in the matter
I didn’t want to end up in jail
The girl and I were the innocence victims

Reunited With The Ex
By Kazz Falcon

I ran into my ex the other day
We haven’t seen each other since last year
Things got in the way of the relationship
We didn’t parted on good terms
We caught up with each other
He straightened out his life
He was sorry for the pain he caused me
I was happy he went to rehab
He wanted another chance with me
I didn’t think it was a good ideal
I moved on with my life
We were so different from each other
We grown apart too
He was attraction to me as much I was to him
He mentioned our break up was his wake up call
It changed his life
He has new outlook on life too
He couldn’t do it without me in his life
I thought about another relationship with him
We both had enough time to heal
We went our separate ways
We rebuilt our lifes
We were happier with our lifes
Yet, we found each other again
Could it work for the second time?
Should we give it a try?
Would we drift apart again?
Only time would tell
We will take things slowly
We will remain at our own apartments
I was reunited with the ex

Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.