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The Latest Fad
By Kazz Falcon

My friend stole my ideal
It was quite a deal
What a scheme!
I could have live a dream
So badly, I wanted to scream
We were a great team
Why, Drew?
He wasn’t that mean
I would share the green
I wasn’t into the money
He wanted all the money
On our friendship, I slammed the door
He was nothing but a whore
He would do anything for a score
There goes the latest fad

The Deadbeat
By Kazz Falcon

I was a deadbeat
I lived on Easy Street
Of course, with a beer
I drank to that! Cheers!
All day long, I hate working on my feet
I just want a seat
I love to eat
Juicy meat
You wondered what kind
Do you mind?
I wrote down on a sheet
“I was sweet.”
I wasn’t a cheat
I stayed inside from the heat
I passed out in the street from a summer retreat
I died on the concrete
It was bittersweet
My life was incomplete

Paul & Saul
By Kazz Falcon

We drank too much alcohol
We had a ball
I accidentally threw Saul against the wall
Saul thought I was being mean
He made a huge scene
In front of his boyfriend, Dean
We got into a big brawl
On my knees, I wanted to crawl
Saul thought I was jealous of his relationship
Once before, he saw me kissed Dean on his lips
On their vacation trip
Kissing another man’s boyfriend wasn’t too hip
Saul figured it was payback time
In his mind, I was slime
Saul had too many cocktails
The police took Saul to jail
He made a phone call
He wanted an honest answer
Do I still love Dean?
I used to in my teens

By Kazz Falcon

Hello, I’m Dale
I raped a female
From her, I got a nasty letter in the mail
In the letter, she didn’t leave out any details
It wasn’t a tall tale
She like another male
I got drunk on some cocktails
I hate the rejection from the big whale
I was angry and I got on her tail
At closing time, I committed the crime at Bloomingdale
I was ready to set sail
The police was on my trail
I went to jail

Suicide Clown
By Kazz Falcon

The clown was down
Everyone saw his frown
Around town
His life was turned upside down
He lost the only thing that matters him the most, his crown
I found it in downtown
It was too late; he drowned

The Lord
By Kazz Falcon

Jesus Christ was my reward
In his honor, I shall be his sword
I fought many battles in this land
In victory, I raised my hand
For Jesus, I would make a stand
My love, I want to expand
The whole world would know about the light
I flew high as a kite
I would put up a fight
Jesus was all right
I would be a white knight
Forever in my heart, I would have the sword

Those Images
By Kazz Falcon

I hit my head on the curb
From all the shooting up, I wasn’t that superb
I was unstable disturb
Some horrible images rushed to me
I saw different people from my life
I pulled out a pocketknife
The blade was quite sharp
I couldn’t trust those images
I couldn’t know what’s real or not
With the knife, I began to plot
The images forced me to be on the spot
I cared for another hit from the pot
There was none left, I franticly searched for it
I couldn’t think straight
I accused people for stealing my pot
I slice and dice the images
Someone clobbered me with a stick
The “REAL” image wasn’t a trick
From the drugs, I was extremely sick
I ended up in jail for being a lunatic
I face fifty years in prison with no parole
I was out of my mind by those images

By Kazz Falcon

He truly love sex
We broke up because of it
I always had a fit
He wouldn’t admit
He has a sex addiction problem
He don’t want to commit to our love
He hardly wears a glove
Every chance he gets, he headed straight for sex
I got fed up
He jeopardized my life
Mrs. Bobbit, I want to use a knife
For bareback, he was sexuality active
In the long run, he became HIV positive

A Deadly Decision
By Kazz Falcon

I ended up in the hospital
For some reason, I coughed up some blood
The doctor did some X-rays
I learned I had a bleeding ulcer
He thought it was probably from all my drinking
I ought to know; my money was shrinking
He brought up a rehab center
I fought the problem about every day
I sought out the bad habit
The desire was too strong
Stopping was entirely up to me
He warned me that I wouldn’t live much longer
“What does he know?” I fretted
It hasn’t kill me yet
He mentioned it wasn’t the first time to be hospitalized
I could handle the alcohol
He ordered me to go to rehab before it’s too late
Yeah, right!
He wasn’t my boss
“Fine!” He continued, “It’s your family’s loss!”
Please! They wouldn’t lose anything
Then again, he can’t operate on me
If I kept on drinking, I made a deadly decision

Aliens Among Us
By Kazz Falcon

I came from a far, far away place
I changed my identify including my face
I couldn’t adapt the new surroundings for a while
People wondered about the truth from The X Files
How would they react by us?
I came in peace; we were dying from our home world
Earth was our new hope for survival
I need to be like them
People wouldn’t know the difference
I transformed into a human
So far, they didn’t suspect a thing
Then again, the government hid Roswell from their people
They must know about some thing about us
I must continued to act human as much possible
Why can’t they leave us alone?
I mean no harm; I want to be left alone
I could offered this world a lot
I know more than they do about the universe
I can’t show the real me
They would freak out, perhaps a manhunt
I really hope not, I feared for my safety
Many decades passed, they still want answers about Roswell
I wouldn’t speak up
My life depends on earth
I really want my people to live in peace

Alien God
By Kazz Falcon

I don’t believe there is a God
I had a feeling that the aliens put us on earth
I was sure about my theory
Some things doesn’t add up like the dinosaurs
What time did they roam the earth?
They were never mention in the bible
It took God six days to make everything
On the seven day, he rested
Then he made Adam & Eve as the first humans
Since then, there were none dinosaurs
Another thing, did man evolve from an ape?
Lots of theories, not enough facts
I stuck to my alien theory
I really believed God is an alien
That does make sense to me
God came from outer space, he made the universe
And, yet, no one ever seen him in the flesh
He put Adam & Eve on earth for an human race
He knew we couldn’t survive on another planet
Therefore, God is an alien
There must be life on other planets
We do have UFO flying around our skies
Roswell is living proof
God couldn’t be human; we must be aliens
We came from the alien God

UFO Abduction
By Kazz Falcon

Something strange was happening to me at night
I barely saw the light
I looked around; there was nothing left or right
I appeared on the table
I saw tiny hands poking me all over my body
I couldn’t move around
From within, I heard strange sounds
The aliens talked in another language
I wondered what they want from me
Nah, could it be?
They were turning me in an alien
There were so many unexplained abductions
No one know for sure
I was a science project of some sort
It went on for hours, perhaps days
They checked every part of my body
What were they looking for?
I had no clue, but a thought crossed my mind
I could already be an alien before they abducted me
I should know they want me home
I would go unless I know for sure
I didn’t felt like I was an alien
Maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t ready to go home
I wasn’t well enough
They might not have a home planet yet
Whatever it was, take me home wherever it was

Alien Visit
By Kazz Falcon

I came to this world for a visit
In truth, I checked on my alien race
Since Adam & Eve, we adapted nicely into humans
I was quite please with the process
The Roswell incident changed everything
The turned on the own race
They forgot of where they came from
What a shame!
They believed they are humans
In reality, everyone is an alien from above
Yes, they was born on earth
But the alien God wanted them to multiply as humans
We all came from the same being
They forgot our heritage
It’s ashamed that the humans fought among themselves
We were never like that in the universe
They lost their way, they think like humans
They weren’t as smart they once was
They only use 10% of their minds
Only if they remember their alien nature,
Then everything would be all right for them
No, they were too busy with earthling things
Being human mean the world to them, humans
They need to realize being an alien means the universe to us, aliens

HIV Bareback
By Kazz Falcon

I was playing with fire once more
I won’t get burn again
I already had the HIV virus
I hate using condoms
I hate the feel of them
The bathhouse was my favorite
I couldn’t get enough sex
The danger excites me
I pushed myself to the limit
I love the HIV dare
I wasn’t the only one out there
It does happen everywhere
Some of us weren’t scare
HIV wasn’t a nightmare
I could take HIV meds to prolong my life
Therefore, why use condoms?

Unprotected Sex
By Kazz Falcon

I didn’t learn my lesson from the first time
I earned the HIV virus the easy way
I figured I would be HIV positive someday
The moment I found out, I wasn’t that gay
My friends tried to warn me time and time again
I cried, “Why did it happen to me?”
I wanted to learn the hard way
They don’t pity me
I knew there was lots of STD’s
AIDS was a major disease
That didn’t stop me - not then and not now
I kept on having unprotected sex


HIV Revenge
By Kazz Falcon

I don’t deserve the HIV virus
I hardly had any sex and/or do drugs
I always use condoms
I wasn’t that dumb
Finding out made me numb
I was angry with the scum
Damn! Somebody should pay
I don’t have to play
Play nice, that is
He would regret for giving me HIV
I vowed to spread the deadly disease to everyone
Not everyone
It could be anyone
Whosoever cross my path
I won’t tell them a freaking thing
They want sex; they would get lots me
Then, they would know how terrible I felt
It was their doing, not mine
May God help me
I want HIV revenge

The Mob
By Kazz Falcon

The Mob wasn’t just a job
It was my whole life
I know killing was wrong
I was strong
I didn’t have a weak stomach
Everyone feared of my mob
It was an eye for an eye
That was a high
I get off from that
I tipped off my hat
If they cross me, we won’t have a nice little chat
I would put out the death’s welcome mat
I should look out for my own
I was never alone
My people was always by my side
The enemies should hide
If not, I would take them for a small ride
I was a pussy on the inside
I was a loin on the outside
I must protect my turf at all cost
Kid, please get lost
You don’t want to mess with us
No one does

Best Player
By Kazz Falcon

I was an upcoming player
The talent scout heard so much praises about me
Everyone felt I was the best they ever seen
I scored more points in every game almost
I continued to break records of any kind
The scout offered me a scholarship
I was quite pleased including my family
Thanks to me, people were going to the games
I sometimes appeared on the 11 o’clock news
Everyone saw great things coming from me
I love the cheers of the fans
They made me to play successful and win the games
I ole it to all the fans
I couldn’t done it without them
No one could forget that certain night

Final Game
By Kazz Falcon

I played the final game of the playoffs
The score was tie; the ball was in my court
Everyone counted on me to win the game
The rain continued to pour down
The field was slippery, muddy and wet
Nothing could stop us, so I thought
The referee blew his whistle
I went after the ball with a vengeance
I was caught up in the moment
The fans ecstatically chanted my name
The rain became harsh on the players
We dreaded the game wasn’t going to finish
The players were in their top form
So far, the audience was getting their money worth
I felt the fans’ energy through me
I scored the winning point at a high price

High Price
By Kazz Falcon

The fans’ attention was on the winning point
At first, no one noticed the price I paid
I slid on some water into some players
They landed straight on my right knee
I cried out in pain
I tried to avoid crashing into them
It was a little too late
I couldn’t prevent it from happening
I had no control over it
A doctor rushed out to see me
He checked on my leg
The audience was in awe
They whispered among themselves
“Could it be?”
“Is this the end of me?”
We all feared the worse
It couldn’t come at the best time of my life
But it did
I couldn’t walk at all
I was in too much pain
The ambulance took me to the nearest hospital
I paid dearly with the high price

The Freeway
By Kazz Falcon

The freeway
I pulled over to the side
It just occurred to me
People was passing me up
They was going somewhere in life unlike me
I was still stuck from a flat tire
I hadn’t any such luck yet
Going nowhere just sucks
I want to go somewhere
It could be anywhere
Life is a journey
Couldn’t my life get any worse?
It’s sad when life stops
I would be glad when it ends
I had it with life
I might as well stab me with a knife
The sight of my life is depressing
Where’s the help?
I want to get off the freeway

Someone’s Death
By Kazz Falcon

Someone’s death
It became a shock to me
He was forever my rock
We never saw it coming
He was in perfect health
Suddenly, he had a heart attack
I was so sad when he left too soon; he was 25
I was mad as hell; God took him away from me
I was glad; God need him more than I do
I need to let him go
I can’t hold on him that much longer
My memories would always be in my heart
That was my comfort
I can’t be angry with God
My lover’s time had come
Some day, my time would come to be with God
Any day, I would be someone’s death

Being Brave
By Kazz Falcon

Being Brave
I walked into a room
I talked to someone
I couldn’t see him
He wouldn’t show his face
I shouldn’t be afraid
I walked in another room
I talked to someone again
I could see him
He would show his face
I should be afraid
I went back to the other room
I need someone strong
I looked for him
He wasn’t around
“What to do?” I asked
I decided to go back to confront the other guy
I would be brave
He could know what happened to him
I should be able to overcome my fear
This time, the other guy wasn’t there
I wondered why
He wasn’t shy
He had the evil look
I was about to leave the room
I felt this presence around me
Hmm, I couldn’t see him
He wouldn’t show his face
I shouldn’t be afraid
Being brave

Losing Touch
By Kazz Falcon

Losing touch
My friend moved away couple months ago
I haven’t seen him in a while
I wondered what he have been up to
We used to do everything together
The movies, the mall, the beach, and more
We had so much fun together
Nothing could tear us apart
Then again, something did
His job transferred him to a new city
We said our goodbyes
We promised we would stay in touch
Some things weren’t meant to be
I gave him a call, no one answer the phone
I sent him a card, no response yet
I sent him a email, it didn’t went through somehow
Hmmm, I missed him so much
Losing touch

Hello Again
By Kazz Falcon

Hello again
It have been awhile I saw you
This is my paradise
This paradise contains 100% happiness 24/7
This happiness contains my new surroundings
This surroundings contains my mansion, created by Jesus Christ
This mansion belongs to me
I don’t have any locks on the doors
Nobody has locks at all
We trusted each other, fully hearted
There wasn’t a thieve among us
No one want to lie, cheat or steal
We could sin
Why should we?
The surroundings gave us everything we need
We are not from earth below
This is my paradise
Hello again

My Great Belief
By Kazz Falcon

My great belief
I believed in God with all my heart
I struggled with something heavy
It was so heavy that I couldn’t do anything
Wouldn’t you know it?
I prayed to God daily to get the burden of my chest
So far, nothing has happen
The craving was still there
Why can’t I stop those feelings?
Those feelings couldn’t be right
It put up a mighty fight
The flesh eats away at my soul
I felt like God abandoned me, I was so alone
He left me for being gay
I must do right in God’s eyes
I need to end it for once and for all
I couldn’t find any answers in the bible
The gun defeated my great belief

My Dead Son
By Kazz Falcon

My dead son
I heard a shot in his bedroom
I ran as fast I could
I saw blood running down on his forehead
It was too late to save him; he lost lots of blood
I noticed a poem on his bed
“My Great Belief” was frightening enough
He struggled with his sexuality and his belief in God
He must have use all his strength to fight it
He wanted to please his father
He loved God with all his heart
He couldn’t be both - Gay and a Christian
Why couldn’t he come to me?
I would have help him in any way
He should talk to me
Then again, my Christian beliefs was different from his
It was between God and him, not the three of us
He didn’t find the answers he needed from the bible
The gun defeated my dead son

My Problems
By Kazz Falcon

My problems
I need to see a psychologist
The problems weren’t going away anytime soon
I tried to face them alone
I cried about it every other day
I can’t take it anymore
My life wasn’t changing for the better
I was doing the best I could
It seemed like my best wasn’t good enough
The more I do my best, the more things get in the way
I want to break the cycle
Maybe, the failure in me doesn’t want to go far
Hmm, I couldn’t take failure once more
That’s why I was stuck, going nowhere
It really getting to me badly
I was depressed with the things going for me lately
I wasn’t happy with life; it was so disappointing
Everything just sucks big time
Nothing was going my way
I would forever have my problems

The Dead Letter
By Kazz Falcon

The dead letter
My family couldn’t believe what they read
I died from AIDS
Someone lied about it; I was still living in Hollywood
They franticly searched for the truth
Could it be true?
Shouldn’t the police told them the bad news
The letter was killing them
They lost so many sleepless nights
They prayed, “Let him still be alive.”
They traced the letter back to LA
They called some places around
He may stay in contact with some places
They found me in a homeless shelter
The sound of my voice brought tears to their eyes
They were so happy to hear me talking
They offered me to come home again
We became close as ever before through the dead letter

Home Again
By Kazz Falcon

Home again
I went back to Dallas; my family missed me so much
It was so great to see them more
I moved in with my sister and her three kids
It seems like I never move to Hollywood
Something was missing, I felt like I wasn’t home
I have been gone since 1994
People changed, things changed and home changed
I tried to be happy in Dallas again
It didn’t felt right at all
My life was somewhere else, back in Hollywood
I didn’t have a strong connection at all
Yes, I had family in Dallas
I figured that wasn’t enough
All my friends lived in Los Angeles
I felt like I gave up my life
I missed my friends a great deal
I loved being on my own
Back to Hollywood, I was home again

Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.