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      Spirit Alien
1. ScareyKATT's Yahoo Group - anyone can join my group.

2. Gaysville - a defunct gay soap.

3. Reactions - I started a "Reactions group."  I must find a place to hold the group!

4. Planet OUT - Are u out on this planet?  LOL

5. Gay - Be gay from the USA

6. C1TV - Queer as Folks is the British version from C1TV.  Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on Channel 39 in Los Angeles.

7. Groove Radio - Groove was on 103.1 in LA.  The web has the Groove now.

8. Gaydar UK - an gay site from the UK, somewhat like Gay.com.

9. Launch - Yahoo's radio & music videos!!  You can have your personal radio station on the web!!

10. BBC Radio - Sometimes, I listened to BBC radio while I'm on the web. The Archers & Mel & Sue Thing are my favorites on BBC 4!!

11. American Idol - the latest news of the idols and upcoming season!

12. Will Young - UK's first POP IDOL!!

13. Encarta - Dictionary on the web.

15. Digital Spy - entertainment news from UK.

16. Poetry - A very good site for Poets. You can find me under KAZZ FALCON.

17. WavSounds - We all played them at one time or another. Nobody use them in the AOL chats anymore. They was quite POPULAR in the late 1990's.

18. Seeing Stars - popular Hollywood site.

19. The Simpsons Achive - the latest happenings about The Simpons

20. Reality TV World - your latest news from Reality TV

21. Zone UK - your favourite games you can play on MSN for FREE! I loved Spades, Backgammon, Collapse and Chess.

22. Black People Love Us - very humorous site about the whites!    

23. IFILM - they showed all types of short movies!! Be sure to sign up to watch them!

24. Black Planet - a hugely popular site for Blacks.

25. Media UK -

26. Days - my favourite soap

27. Zap - entertainment news

28. NBC Media -

29. Loreena McKennitt - a popular singer, much like Enya.

30. IMDB - movies database

33. TV Tome -  

34. Pazsaz - run down of all tv shows

35. About - What you need to know about......

36. RuPaul - Supermodel Of The World

37. TV Guide Live - Canada's version

38. Internet Archive - find old dead web sites like this one.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.