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1. Bizarre - (9) I Felt Trapped, The Other Side, A New World, Dead Night, The Drive, The Race Against Time, My Car, Reflections In The Rain & The Moon In The Cross.

2. Drugs - (6) Crashed & Burned, A Major Crackhead, All Alone, Way Off, Pot & Little Bit Of Drugs.

3. Emotions - (7) Smile, Frowns, Feeling Empty Inside, Fears, Anger, Going Nowhere, & Forsaken My Life.

4. Friendships - (8) True Meaning Of Friendship, This Nice Guy, Dave, Just Like Family, Friendship, The Real You, The Back Seat, & Ex.

5. Haiku - BRAND NEW! As of 12/14/03, Sunday

6. Heaven - (20) Devil's On The Run, I Cried Unto The Lord, Oh God Please Help Me, The Seed, Jesus Loves Me, Stay Clear Away, I Walked In The Light, Christian, Holy Bible, Angels, The Wrong Exit, I Can't Live Here Anymore, The Dark Knight, In The Beginning, I'm In Love, Jesus Christ, Planting The Seed, In Heaven The Pain Ends, This World & Another Day.

7. HIV - (9) Tears Fallen, HIV Positive, The Last Place, The Same Path, I Slept, Shame On Me, The Trap,  HIV Homeless & Changes.

8. Love - (9) One More Chance, Heartbroken, The Way You Are, Anything For You, Option Boyfriends, The Bait, Hear Me, Real Lover, & Kiss Me.

9. Lust - (4) Blame Me Shame Me, This Fire, I Mess Up & My Sweet Thing.

10. Negative Energy - (9) Don't Down Me, Everyone Is Shooting, Someone From The Past, Revenge, Fight, So Rude Of You, Talking Bad, Bank Robbery, & Crime.

11. People - (10) Alien, Acceptance, Rats, People, The Cult, The Human Flies, Babies, Kooks, Ku Klux Klan, & I'm Blind.

12. Stepping Stones - (8) Stepping Stones, Leaving The Next, I'm Flying High, A Chance Of A Lifetime, Connections, Being Invited, Broken Wings & Moving On Up.

13. That's Life - (19) Life, Speak Highly, Being Wild, Going Home Again, Slow Days, Active Days, Rough Side, Good Deed Of The Day, Ghost Talk, Divorce, I Learned From Life, Wars, Good Life, Time, Broken Dreams, & Oh Well, Writing Poems, The Past & Suicide.

As of 4/24/04, Saturday

1. Poems #1 - (30) Fast Love Burns, Expand My Horizons, Dream World, Losing Ground, Being Real, Fakes, School, Living A Lie, Doing Right, Coming To Life, Drug Choice, Time Of Death, Chemistry, The Attraction, Yesterday’s Friends, Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Friends, Dear Friend, Friends To The End, Girlie Thing, Big Fight, Friends Again, Real Tears, Heavy Troubles, Satan, Another Day, Rumors, Live By Faith, The New Guy, & Saying Goodbye

2. Poems #2 - (30) Stalker, The Guilty One, Ragu Religion, The Religion Drug, Looking At Myself, Feeling Stupid, Nothing, Freedom Again, Damn! Not Again, Rock Bottom, Rehab Center, Relapsed, Lost So Many, Hate Crime, The Power Of Attorney, The Power, Maurice, A Lover’s Betrayal, Why Did He?, Target: Matthew Shepard, Strangers, Reunited With Family, Flesh & Blood, Drug Baby, Once Upon A Time, My Good Fortune, The Red Dragon, The Nigger, The Nigger’s Death, & Burning Cross

3. Poems #3 - (30) The Latest Fad, The Deadbeat, Paul & Saul, Rapist, Suicide Clown, The Lord, Those Images, Rex, A Deadly Decision, Aliens Among Us, Alien God, UFO Abduction, Alien Visit, HIV Bareback, Unprotected Sex, HIV Revenge, The Mob, Best Player, Final Game, High Price, The Freeway, Someone’s Death, Being Brave, Losing Touch, Hello Again, My Great Belief, My Dead Son, My Problems, The Dead Letter, & Home Again

4. Poems #4 - (30) Fag, Renewal Passion, The Missing Star, Work, The Ex, Weak, Why My Ex?, The Boss, Fear Becomes A Reality, Let It Happen, A Young Father, A Pregnant Teen, The Abortion, Daddy’s Reaction, No Good Boyfriend, A Fatherless Baby, Baptist Church, Where Is God?, Convert, Fully Converted, Shelter, Where Would I Go?, During Class, This Place, Beautiful Voice, Doomed Success, Little Less Time, A Rainy Day, Waves Of Life, & In Their Shoes

5. Poems #5 - (30) Stupid Drugs, Different Schools, Too Graphic, Speech Problem, Black Angel, Suicide Doctor, Suffering, Frightening Morning, Sex Addiction, Lusty Sex, Reactions, Close Minded Judges, Childless Mother, Hollywood Bowl, All My Money, Flat Broke, Male Prostitute,  Kite, Lost Kite, Open Mike, Drunk Driving, This Angry Mother, Thoughts In A Coma, The Meeting In The Jail, Adoption, An Adoption Baby, A Special Man, Sick & Tired, Known, & The Shadow  

6. Poems #6 - (30) World’s Troubles, Whose Love?, The Only Child, Wake Up, My Present Life, Out There, Finding Out, Decisions, Abusive Relationship, Fallen Love, Alcohol Drugs and Sex, Life Is Hell, The Passion, Stupid,  Which One?, Goodbye Los Angeles, He Becomes Him, Poetry, My Mistakes, God Or Satan, Everyone Is A Sinner, The Choice, The Street Again, The Beatings, It Seems Weird, Two Timing, My Only Kid, The Future, Please Pretty Please, & Why Oh Why?

7. Poems #7 - (30) 1983 AIDS Fear, Today’s HIV, Stupid Person, Misguided Advice, Why Am I Homeless?, My Secret Life, Getting Away, Homeless, On The Bus, Bible Study, Betrayal by The Pastor, The Ex Lover, Attempted Murder, A Blank Mind, The Real Queen, There He Is, A Father’s Love, A Mother’s Hatred, Angry Norm, Affair, A Spirited Lady, Addicted To The Web, My Ex Boyfriend, A Changed Man, The Dragon,  Earth Always Endures, Life Is, Feeling Good, Pitch Black, & The Prom

8. Poems #8 - (30) A Paycheck, True Love, Safety Net,Broken Friendship, Invisible Love, Welcome Back Steve, Why Dear?, Lonely Wife, The Other Man, Unhappy Home, Short Visit, Frying Pan, Counting The Days, The Zone, Fate, Life Sucks, Choice, Another Choice, Isn’t Love Daring?, Do You Dare?, The Mouse, The Fire Will, Deadly Pact, Hollywood, The Frog, Claire,  Nat, Love From A Friend, Arching For Yesterday, & Fulfilled Dance

9. Poems #9 - (30) Love From A Friend, Arching For Yesterday, Fulfilled Dance, The Cock, My Father, My Mother, Hypocrite Mother, New Life In A City, Couldn’t It?, What Could It Be?, Dream Realization, Addiction, Losing Control, Feeling Left Out, Lust, Lusty Eyes, Ending Love, Love Costs, My Birthday, Living Alone, Disappeared Into The Night, Disappointments, Winds, New Attitude, Shooting For Stardom, In Debt, Broadway Show?, Beer, In The Habit, Smooth Versus Smarts, Smart Plan, Nancy’s Jealousy, & Kissing Cousins

10. Poems #10 - (30)  Me A Racist, Was I Guilty Of The Murders?, Euthanasia Case, Hollyweird Freak, Father’s Last Days, Daddy’s Death, Terrible Secret, HIV Plead, HIV Window, Frightening Scared, Hurt By Love, So Long, Love, Relationship, Snakes, Rainbow Freedom, My First Time, Old Friends, My First Crush, A Fatherless Void, New Man Of The House, Knock Knock, Non Believer, Jesus Christ Entered, The Kidnapper, The Kidnapped Girl, The Family Plead, Here I Sat, Smart Plan, Nancy’s Jealousy, & Kissing Cousins

11. Poems #11 - (30) Things Never Change, Denied Alcoholic, Another Lifetime, Threatening Poem, Real Karma, Hypocrite, Human Skin, Lazy Money, Different Set Of Rules, Public Affection, Paranoid Harry, Illegal Alien, Big Head, Lost Document, Hateful Bitch, Running Away, Overboard, The Same But Different, Honey, Old Wounds, Special, Big Break, The Letter, Dear Miguel's Family, Please Pray, Poison, Invalid Gay Marriages, Hypocrite Love, Weakness & Computer Class

BRAND NEW! 12. Poems #12 - (30) The Other Woman, The Confrontation, Double Life, Confession, One With God, Who's The Daddy, Baby's Colour, The End, The Abortion, Bail Jumper, Witness, On The Run, Car Chase, The Guilty Party, Passing Through, Dead Lover's Family, Contest The WIll, HIV Scared, Alone & Rejected, Fall From Fame, The Mask, The Killer's Mask, Lost Love, Virgin, Stripper, Nobody, Gay Marriage, Homeless Roots, Suicide Guilt & Was I Innocense?

13. Poems #13 - (30) The Locket, Successful Alcoholic, Not Ready, Losing Focus,

14. New Poems - Buried The Past, Street Person, Time For An Awakening, Surreal Dream, Mother's Milk, Child Molester, Gift Givers, Bug Chasers, I Got To Wonder, Scandelous Past, Empty Words, Attempter Murder, & Judge By One Poem

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.