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   Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

By Kazz Falcon

It's been a while
Since I saw you smile
Ma always told me
Smiles are what people like to see.
Maybe they'll start smiling too
And have a life without being blue
Turn your frown
Upside down
I was burning to see you smile
Please turn it on for a while
No sharp knife can take it away
Let nothing keep your smile at bay
Smiles make me smile
Spread them around by the mile
Your smile makes my dead soul sing
Fills me with love, happy thoughts, everything
Your laughter and smile moves me to a higher beat
A place of no defeat
It's been a while
Since I saw you smile

By Kazz Falcon

Why was I so down?
Life can't be that bad
There's no reason to be sad
I was living the good life
I gave it my best shot
The rest fell into its place
The wall tore down
Pouting wasn't doing me any good
I must remained happy
God was with me through tough times
It can't be that rough
I hooked onto smiles
They was good for my soul
No more frowns

Going Nowhere
By Kazz Falcon

Going Nowhere
I stuck at the same place
My so-called luck
I was against the wall
The deals was falling beneath me
I can't see far
The wall was still going up
It really steamed me mad
Beam me up, Scotty
You was my only escape from depression
The grapes turned into sour wine
I can't taste the reality of my dreams
They slipped away
I kissed them goodbye
I missed my faith too
It kept me going strong
I wept
The dreams disappeared along with the faith
I feared I wouldnt make it
I saw it clearly
I was going nowhere

Feeling Empty Inside
By Kazz Falcon

Feeling Empty Inside
I couldn't block it from the outside
Wouldn't I know it?
Shouldn't it be so easy?
This man doesnt want a relationship
I won't be depressed
The other fishes was in the sea,
Swimming for the same thing
Love takes time to find
Do I mind?
I jumped into it fast
The new one didn't last
I ended up in the same position
Feeling empty inside

Forsaken My Life
By Kazz Falcon

Forsaken My Life
I can't make it
Take me away, dear Lord
The lake drowned me
This duck flew to nowhere
My luck is down
Nobody would find me
Somebody ought to
I fought till the last straw
I lost the fighting battle
It cost my life
I was forced to stay nowhere
I went astray, the way to nowhere
Somewhere out there
I gave up everything including my life
I want a lot in life
Then again, a knife destroyed me
What's the use to live?
I abused this life once too often
I used to think
Please take me away till
I forsaken my life

By Kazz Falcon

Dear old friend
Hear me
I have ears for God, my survival strength.
I shy away from you
I may not have a fighting body
The days I faced you
I won't ever back down
I really don't have to
I had God in my life
He made me stronger
I forsaken my weakness
God was a force to be reckon with
Trouble looked into my eyes
I was so glad it won't be too long
They backed down, seeing God
They don't have a fighting chance against us
Please!  We were too strong
Sleaze, so long
I looked at them
They were all shook up from my eyes
I cooked my dear old friend, fear

By Kazz Falcon

Anger built up inside of me
I can't stand this person
He really gets on my nerves
I wished he go away
Before we dished it out
The anger I felt for him
It reached a boiling point
A point where I may do him in
Everywhere I turned to
There he was
Bringing my good name down
My reputation was at stake
He ruined my life through rumors
I want to knife him to death
Cut him up on a million pieces
That slut was going to pay
The damage he caused me
He won't have the last laugh
I don't allow him to
His time was coming to an end

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.