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Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

Monday, August 27, 2001

The week of Monday, August 27, 2001 has tremendous effect on my life.  I didn't PLAN for being in this situation! It was part of God's plans.  God wouldn't give us something we can't HANDLE.  We don't know what would happen tomorrow. We must live for today only.  That is life for us. Expect the UNEXPECTED.  There are some things we can't control.  For the latest, please read on.

I'm 31 years old and on the verge of being homeless again.

My lover, Miguel Garcia, haven't been home since Monday afternoon, last night was the third night. I know he didn't leave the country; his passport is still here.

I'm thinking of doing something illegal to stay afloat (keeping HIS apartment.)  I don't want to be homeless again. I need to do something fast by the 3rd. the rent is due.

Believe me, I can't afford HIS APARTMENT or my own. I have limited income.


If I don't do something fast, I would lose everything and be homeless once again.

I'm not on THE LEAST, bad credit I didn't know how I got. The bills are in my name.  The landlord DOESN'T know I live with my roomie over 15 months. I always hide from him when the landlord comes a knocking. LOL

My thoughts of the missing roomie.

1) The police could have arrest him for driving without a license AND/OR driving drunk.

2) He may end up in the hospital from his drinking problem. For some STUPID REASON, he started to drink again this month.

3) He may end up DEAD DEAD DEAD!!! It could happen thou. Couple months ago, his problem cause him to spend a week in the hospital. THE DOCTOR told him that the next time he drinks, he would be DEAD!!

This moment, my world is falling apart big time. I have no control of my life.

I might as well do the ILLEGAL thing to buy me MORE TIME! Doing something illegal is one of MY OPTION. I have no time left; the time is running out fast.

How can I save money when time is running out this week? I need to do something by this weekend.


Also, I haven't called the police to fill out a missing person report.  If the landlord got wind of it, he may lock the apartment till further notice.  I can't afford to call them police or tell the landlord.  

I would do ANYTHING at any cost to remain off the street.

And, yes, I DID NOT KILL MY ROOMIE!! ROFL   People would already assumed the worse in me.

9/4/01 Update - The NAKED Truth!!

8/31/01, Friday night - I was online playing game.  I heard the car parked underneath the apartment.  9:30 PM, A hungry Miguel walked in and said "Hi!"   I mentioned, "don't talk to me."  He got a snack from the kitchen and went straight to bed.  I didn't look at him that night.  He looked so bad too!

9/1/01, Saturday morning - I was online once again.  He woke up.  I couldn't hold it any longer and lashed out at him.  We had a huge fight.  He admitted he made a mistake, "I'm sorry."  "Sorry is not good enough," he was gone for four days.  He could have EMAIL me or stop by in the car.  He claimed I was online and I should have called his sister's.  I don't know her phone number.  Hmm, it could be both our faults; then again, he had the car! It was UP TO HIM to get in contact with me somehow, some way, no matter what!

I tried to explain that I almost fill out a missing person report.  He didn't listen to me.  He got dress to leave.  I want to go with him, but he doesnt want me to go.  It was my day for the post office.  He still refused, went straight to the kitchen.  I still demanded to go.  I did a complete turnaround, "go by yourself," which he did.  I was thisclose of packing my things.  

Hours later, we tried to be civil!  Yeah, right!  I demanded to know what happened!  He claimed it isn't that important!  Hmm, the drugs must have affected his brain somehow!  Hehe.  If someone has been gone over 4 days or more, you would want to know WHAT HAPPENED!! I kept at it till he told me!  I mentioned I don't hate him for doing the deed, but he can't leave me hanging for a couple of days.  I felt my world crashed around me.  The next time, if 24 hours pass, I would fill out a missing person report.  I won't hesitate at all.  Anything could HAPPEN in four days or 24 hours!

9/3/01, Monday - He laid naked with his eyes closed.  I noticed something off.    It could be one thing; another man shaved his ass.  I know he didn't do it by himself!  There were no cuts, so smoothly!   He claimed he did it.  I can't be easier fool!  It wasn't like that before he went "missing" for four days last week.  I know better.  I can't go on living...and I don't mean SUICIDE!

To all concerned sweet people, thanx for your help/concern/prayers! I really appreciated it a lot!  It means a lot to me!!  Some of you gave me some valuable advice.  Thanx again.

The advice - if you have bills in your name and not on the least, the landlord couldn't kick you out of the apartment.  Your landlord cant do that; he would first need to get a court order. As far as the law is concerned, it is also your place. He would have to go to court and that can take him 6 months to evict you.  He would have to go after your roommate for the rent since you do not have a contract with him

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.