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By Kazz Falcon

  December 22, 2005, Wednesday – I went down to renew my handicap bus ID at MTA. But first, I need to get some pictures for the ID. I put $3 in the machine. I waited for the pics. I heard they came out. Man, the last one didn’t come in that good. Half of the pic was black. I went downstairs to the line. I already filled out the paperwork on the subway.
  I tried to renew the bus ID in Long Beach last month, but MTA cut ties with them. Damn MTA! Damn them to hell! Everyone loves Long Beach; we get the ID on the same day within few minutes. I have not ideal they stopped giving out IDs. I went to Expo Design Center to pick up the table in South Bay. The day before, I went with Brian; it was my first time to go. I like this side table so much that I ordered it. This time, I went alone to Expo. It was a good thing I went to Long Beach first. I didn’t want to wait all day at Expo. Besides, I need to renew my bus ID.
  My turn had finally arrived. I gave her the application, $2 and a pic. She gave me a receipt. She mentioned I would get it in a few weeks. I was off. Then again, some strange happened as I walked away. Something told me to go back that moment. Where was the bus ID going? Oh well, she saw my Driver’s license ID with the CORRECT home address. I didn’t even bother of talking to her again. I went home.
  Few weeks later, I was getting worried about the ID. It still hasn’t show up. Enough time has passed. I sent an email to MTA on February 20, Monday.
  I have NOT received my handicap bus ID over SIX WEEKS.I renewed my ID on December 22, 2004, Wednesday. Why is it taking so long? She mentioned I would get it in a month. The Agent's stamp is L.A.C.M.T.A Unit 45. My ID number is RX109XXXX.
  The next day, MTA sent me an email. “Dear Kazz Falcon, We checked with the Metro Reduced Fare Office and were advised that your card was issued January 5, 2005.  It was mailed to the AID's Program Office on Commonwealth Avenue, because that is the return address printed on your application form.  You will need to have your social worker contact the AID's Office to get your ID Card. Thank you."
  I was lost and confused. I have no ideal of what they were talking about. I have never heard that place before nor I was there before. I don’t even have a damn social worker at that place. I sent them another email. I demanded them to send my new ID to my HOME ADDRESS! MTA made an honest mistake. I gave them the driver’s license to type down my home address on the computer. Did they? Hell, no! They sent it to the wrong address.
  MTA sent me another email. Please contact the Metro Reduced Fare Office at 213-680-0054 and speak with a Reduced Fare Staff Member regarding this matter. Thank you.
  Hello, why should I call them? I already told them EVERYTHING in a previous email. MTA is very stupid. They were wasting my time. Worst yet, they gave me the run around! How could they? I was so fed up with their crap.
  February 28, 2005, Monday – This time, I did some investigating of my own. It was time to get next month’s bus pass. First, I talked to the AIDS office on Commonwealth. Would you believe the office was in a court building? I remembered walking by that place during the bus strike. Boy, howdy! It took me about two hours to go to the post office in West Hollywood. I explained my situation to her. She wondered who sent me. I lied, “APLA.” She said they sent the bus ID to APLA. They get the bus passes and ID and sent them to the AIDS organizations. I went to APLA. Even APLA didn’t have my freaking bus ID! Damn MTA! They have no right to sent it to the wrong address. MTA LOST MY BUS ID!
  Then, I went to MTA. I got in line and filled out the application again. I gave them a note stating; send the ID to my home address! I hoped to God they got it right this time. I am so tired of waiting for the bus ID. I am sick of MTA fooling around. Come to think of it, Long Beach never ever give me that much trouble, no troubles at all. I get the ID in the same day! But, no! MTA want to play stupid games with me.
  I sent stupid MTA another email, “Today (February 28, 2005, Monday) was my SECOND TIME to sign up for a NEW BUS ID! The Agent is LACMTA Unit 66. My bus ID number is RX109XXXX. Please send my new BUS ID to my home address.”  Hopefully, MTA can’t fail this time. After all, they have the right address – my home address.  
  Wouldn’t you know it? I received a reject/refusal letter from MTA on March 15, 2005, Tuesday. I really thought it was my bus ID. Once again, MTA played their stupid game with me! Their records indicate I have been issued a Reduced Fare ID card which is still valid. Please return all data with an additional $3 money order/check so a replacement card can be issued.
  Damn, how low can MTA get? First of all, I never get the bus ID in the first place. Therefore, the ID was never valid. MTA sent to the wrong address. It became lost! Who fault was that? No mine, that’s for sure! It is MTA’s fault! Now, they want MORE money from me. MTA is a bunch of thieves robbing the poor and the handicap!
  I came up with a good ideal, Mike! Mike works for MTA for a long time. I sent Mike an email. “Hello, Mike. I need your help with my new handicap bus ID. Today, I got a letter from MTA. They rejected my application. MTA claimed I was issue an ID which is still valid. The problem is MTA sent the ID to the WRONG ADDRESS in January 2005. I didn't know that MTA sent it to somewhere else. That ID was lost in the mail. So, I reapplied again on February 28, 2005 for the new BUS ID. This time, they rejected my application. It is not fault that they send it to the WRONG ADDRESS. Therefore, MTA ole me a brand new ID! I never got the NEW BUS ID in January 2005.”
   Mike sent me an email. “Kazz, call the MTA and inquire the address and phone number for this AID's office. Call the office and see if they have your pass. If you are unable to locate it there go to Gateway Plaza and go to the Customer Service Center on the first floor. It’s just to the left of the doors that enter the building. Line 304 will take you directly there. If they fuck with you go into the main lobby, ask for a building pass and go to Rodger Snobles office. He's the CEO. He won't see you but someone from his office will shake things up for you.”
  The next day, I was so fed up with MTA that I didn’t want to put up with their crap any more. I swallowed my pride and paid $5 for a replacement card.  Really, the replacement card was $3. I forgot to bring the rejected letter with me! Right now, I am still waiting for the new bus ID!

To be contunie......

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.