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Star Connections
Leonardo DiCaprio, movies - we were born in the same month, but my sister and him was born in the same year, 1974!  On Growing Pains, he was homeless as much I was in real life!  We both thrived to get where we want to be in life!  We were both drawn to the arts - he is an actor and I am the artist!  He played a gay poet, Arthur Rimbaud, in Total Eclispe as much i was in real life!  Also, on Growing Pains, he tried to escape his alcoholic father as much I was in real life; for me, it was an lover!!

James Dean, movies - my dad and him was born in the same city, Marion, Indiana. my mom and him was born in the same month, Febraury!  his mom loves reading poetry which i love doing poetry!  We both lost one parent at a young age - James, 9, lost his mom and I, 4, lost my dad!  He never knew the reason about his mom's death, but i knew about my dad's! In fact it still preys on my mind. He is my mom's favorite actor and her movie was Rebel Without A Cause!  And, top it all, James is my brother's name!  

Jensen Ackles, actor - he was born in Dallas on 3/1/78; he was a model and later an actor. After graduating in 1996, he came to LA to peruse an acting career, about the same year I did. In the 1990's, my friends mentioned I have the face to be a model, but I didn't have the right connections, therefore I didn't become a model and/or actor! I gave up on my dreams, some dreams weren't meant to be. At this moment, I hardly keep any interest in my art!  I am nowhere in my life.  Why bother with the dreams if you can't go far in life?  At least, some people like Jensen can live their dreams!  

Bette Davis, movies - By 1942, she was the highest paid woman in America. Mom was born that year!  I wished mom made that kind of money!  We would be better off!  lol

Rock Hudson, movies - we were born in November - 18 and 24.  Damn, he wasn't a sag fag like yours truly!  He is another favorite of mom's!  Hmm, why couldn't I be her favorite too.  Rock and I had something in common!  Now, where are those men?

Cyndi Lauper, singer - she was married on my birthday, 11/24/91. Damn her, I wasn't invited!!  LOL  Oh, Cyndi!!  I am still waiting for my birthday present!  Declyn Lauper, her son, is born on November 19th 1997, my oldest sister's birthday! Cyndi left the clinic with her baby on November 24th.    

David Boreanaz, Angel - he was another star to forget to send my invitation to his wedding, 11/24/01!  Drats, Angel still lives on!  I can't use a cross or a stake!!   How could I celebrate when I keep on missing good occasions on my birthdays?  Hmmm, which one to go to? She-bop or Angel!  Perhaps, she-bop my angel!!  it is more logic for me!  LOL

Kristoff St. John,  Neil Winters on Y&R - his wedding makes the third Hollywood wedding I missed on my birthday, 11/24/01. I hope I didn't give him the wrong address. I moved around alot! Kristoff, I'm sorry for missing your wonderful day and, top it all, an angel was waiting in the wings for me on his big day too!  

Mary Bono, Sonny's widower, - she was married to Glen Baxley on my birthday, 11/24/01. Hmm, Sonny is my middle name. His daughter, Chastity, with Cher is an lesbian!  I do have COLORFUL history with the stars, far from it!  lol

Tom Cruise, actor - you wonder where I got my name from, his sister!!  Really, I got it from Cass Wintrop on Another World, no, I didn't went to another world. I got it from a soap, no, I didn't wash it on me.  There's no wonder I stink all the time, I used no soap at all.  LOL  Well, Tom, cruize to your new "sisterly" Cass.....me, of course!

Lisa Howard, former Days star - she was born on my birthday, 11/24/63.  She played April Ramirez Corelli on Days, my favortie soap (like you didn't know!  LOL)  

Simon & Simon, tv show - it first came on 11/24/81 and lasted for 8 years. With my birthday luck, even you can have an fabulous career on TV, all thanx to your truly!  lol  Oh, tv networks, this is your chance to find your next big tv star!

Denise Crosby, Bing's granddaughter    - she was born on Nov 24, 1957, in Hollywood, CA, my new hometown since the 1990's.  

Freddie Mercury, Queen's lead singer - he died on my birthday in 1991 from AIDS! All these years I didn't know that. I honored his memory and music by becoming the queen which I already am!  LOL  So, bow down to the real queen when talking to me!

Billy Connolly, comedian - he was born in Glasgow on my birthday, the same year, 1942, my mum was born! He became the "Head Of The Class" in 1990 - 91.  

Lee Michaels, singer - he was born on 11/24/45 in Los Angeles, CA

William Dwight Schultz, A Team - he was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 24th November 1947.  Although Dwight's been in the business for that long he has never been to a Hollywood party, neither have I.  Dwight and I need to start crashing parties!

Katherine Heigl, actress - she was born on 11/24/78 in Washington D.C.  She is a regular on Roswell in the role of Isabel, the "alien on earth" character. Her former co star, Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks' son, was also born a year earlier on 11/24/77.  Whoever thought our lives would be intertwine with the aliens?

Chad David Taylor, guitarist in the band Live - he was born on 11/24/70 in Owings Mills, Maryland.  

Stanley Livingston, one of my three sons - he was born on 11/24/50 in LA. His brother, Barry, was also one of my three sons.

Rudy Giuliani became engaged to Judith Nathan on November 24. I wished someone would do that on my birthday. Then, a year later, we get married!  Hey, Rudy, wed on my birthday and I could be invited!

Jane Kaczmarek, Malcolm In The Middle, had a baby girl on November 25, 2002. Well, Jane, better luck next time. You was a day late!  

Carlo Collodi - was born on 11/24/1826 in Florence, Italy - profile of the author famous for his story about Pinocchio. There is no wonder why I lie so much!  I want to be Pinocchio!  
Frances Hodgson Burnett was born on 11/24/1849 in Manchester, England - the author of The Secret Garden!  Hmm, where is my secret garden?  Mum must have kept it to herself!  Shame on her!  I need an quite place too!

Will Young, UK's Pop Idol - he was born on 1/20/79, the same month as my sister's! Eastenders is his favourite TV show;mine too! He is a smoker; I used to smoke. Will's worst habit is biting his nails; I have the same bad habit!  The next time I bite them, I would take a pic and put it on my site.  Then, you would know how bad my nail biting is!  Perhaps, Will could send his pic to me!  He is gay like me and he has a twin! Hmm, I am halfway there to live my twin fantasy!  LOL

Hunter Tylo, was born in Fort Worth on 7/3/62. She recently ended run on Bold & Beautiful as Dr. Taylor Forrester in the fall of 2002. She could counslor me anytime!  Taylor, please help me on The Days Of Our Lives!  She is part Cherokee Indian on her mother's side. All right, this cherokee would use his chops on anybody who cross my path!  lol  She was born on the same day as Tom Cruise!

Betty Buckley, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 7/3/47. She was on my favorite childhood tv show, Eight Is Enough, which wasn't enough for me.  Why couldn't I play her cousin or something?  Better yet, she could be my mum on that show.  Then I could hang with all eight of them!  They were my idealistic family!

Randall Carver, actor,  was born in Fort Worth on 5/25/46. He played John Burns on Taxi, another favourite show.

Lisa Whelchel, actress, was born in Fort Worht on 5/29/63. She was Blair Warner on The Facts Of Life.
The girls really taught me so well!  I am officially one of the girls! It was such a shame I missed the reunion! Blair took all my good clothes!  That bitch!

Charlie Sprading, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 10/15/68. She is married to a twin. Damn, I want to be that lucky. I could have twice as much fun with the twins, my all time fantasy!

Donna DeCianni, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 5/15/78. She attended attended Brewer High School, where she was homecoming queen; Hmm, i was already the queen before her.  I don't need an homecoming at all, the real deal is all me! You go, girl!  It was shades of my life!

Joy Garrett, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 3/2/45.  She was Jo Johnson on Day Of Our Lives in the late 80's.  

Jane Gentry was born in Fort Worth on 10/31/48.  She was a "survivor" of Thailand, where my favourite, Brian Heidik, an former Days star, won the $1 million bucks!  I had a feeling that Brian would outplay them all.  

Harriet Sansom Harris, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 1/8/55. She created the memorable role of Bebe Glazer, Frasier's cutthroat, neurotic, chain-smoking agent on Frasier. I need Bebe as my agent, she would get my all dreams in the world! Oh, Bebe, email me ASAP!  Let's take over Hollywood!

Stacy Hogue, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 9/28/77. Hmm, "how to kill your neighbor's dog?" Oh, Stacy, would you please do me that favor soon? I would love you forever!  I would do anything for you. I could be a part of the "Vampire Clan." I love to suck more than blood!  Just call me Suckular!

Gayle Hunnicutt, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 2/6/43 in the same month as Mum's. I heard "voices in the garden." I'm so disappointed in mum, she let some kids to play in "the secret garden!"  At least, I am dead to her!  

Kimberly McArthur, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 9/16/62. She was Playboy Playmate of the Month in January 1982. Thank God that she wasn't my playmate of any month!  LOL

Dru Mouser, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 1/18/74 in the same month and year as my baby sister's.  She lives in LA with her husband, actor/musician Cliff Dorfman.  She was Brandy's best friend on Moesha.  Wow! Why couldn't my life by like hers? Best friends with a singer!

Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth on 2/17/72 in the same month as mum's. He was the drummer in Alanis Morissette's band and presently the drummer for the Foo Fighters. He dated Minnie Driver.  I want my life to be like his, dating famous people!  

Lynn Merrick, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 11/19/19 on the same exact day of my oldest sister's!  She was an character actress much as me, an character artist.  You do see that in me, right, folks??

Kate Capshaw, actress, was born in Fort Worth on 11/3/53 in the same month as me. She was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, directed by her future husband, Steven Spielberg.  Hmm, I should follow her lead, be a actor and knock up some top director and my future would be secure like Kate's!
as of May 3, 2005, Tuesday

Gary Coleman, David Spade, and I have the same middle name - Wayne.

David Letterman first appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on my 9th birthday, November 24, 1978.

Clay Aiken's nickname is Gonzo. My favourite muppet character is Gonzo on The Muppet movies and shows!
Drew Barrymore's grandfather, John Barrymoe was married to Dolores Costello on November 24, 1928.

Mary Crosby, Denise Crosby's aunt, and Ed Lottimer was married on November 24, 1978, my 9th birthday. Best known as the person who shot J.R. in her role of Kristen Shepherd, in "Dallas" (1978).

Elvis Presley was a huge fan of the televison shows "The Jeffersons" (1975), Good Times, Happy Days; i loved those shows too. Elvis is my mum's favourite singer.

Jimmy Carter, the former USA president, was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show on November 19, 1997, my sister's birthday.

Jodie Foster was born on Nevember 19, 1962 in Los Angeles. My sis was born the year before, just like Meg Ryan.

Sarah Jessica Parker Prefers British TV comedies, especially "Fawlty Towers" (1975) and "Absolutely Fabulous" (1992). Me too! I am a huge fan of Britcoms. I watched them every Friday night on PBS.

Bette Midler has brown eyes.

Johnny Depp has said in a number of interviews that he is of Cherokee, Irish, and German descent. I believed i am part Cherokee, but i am not sure.

Colin Farrell is the youngest of the four children, he has one brother and two sisters: Catherine Farrell and Claudine Farrell. I have one brother and two sisters! Colin & Kim have decided to call thier new baby James, which is actually Colin's middle name. James is my brother's first name.

Lisa Bonet, Denise on The Cosby Show, legally changed to Lilakoi Moon in 1995. I legally changed my name to QUEEN in the early 90's.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was married on December 31, 1997. my grannie died on dec 31, but i have no ideal of the year.

Ahmad Rashad was born on 11/19/49.

Judith Light is from New Jersey, just like my mum.

Robert Redford, Diane Keaton are left handed

Helen Hunt and my mum shared the same middle name, Elizabeth
Lara Flynn Boyle had a a learning disabilty. I was in special ed in elementary school.  
Wally Cox provided the voice role for the animated superhero "Underdog". Underdog was one of my childhood cartoons,

Celine Dion - February 23, 2001: awarded the rights to the Internet domain name www.celinedion.com by the UN World Intellectual Property Organization from "cybersquatter" Jeff Burgar. Burgar had also registered www.juliebrown.com and www.brucespringsteen.com, which were transferred to Brown and Springsteen, respectively, that day.

Mike Myers - His production company, Eric's Boy, is named after his father, Eric, an encyclopaedia salesman, who died on 22 November 1991 of Alzheimer's.

Wayne Brady - An early job was dressing up as a Tigger costume character at Walt Disney World. I was Tigger in a school play once!

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.