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Copyright © 1992 Kazz Falcon

By Kazz Falcon

 Kelly Davis and her boyfriend, Tyler Cole, ordered their food at McDonald’s.  Liz Cox and I finished ours on the outside patio.  The four of us always spend the Friday nights together since the beginning of the school year.  It’s the thing to do for the Queen’s Court.
  “I’ll be back.  I’m throwing away our trash away,” Liz said.
  “Come on, Miss Clean.  Give yourself a break for once in your life.  Let’s someone else do it.  You clean every day.  You must be tire by now,” I said
  “Be my guest.  Here’s the trash for you,” Liz continued, she handed it to me, “I can’t stand dirty places including the restroom.  My God!  Living nasty is beyond me.”
  I put both trays on the next table.
  “We can leave it there.  Other people do it.  Besides, they have workers.  It’s their job to work.  Here comes the breeders with their food,” I laughed.

  Liz is a clean freak.  Her aunt, Patty Shaw, is the world’s biggest pig you want to slaughter.  Why eat it?  The meat is not pure and sweet.  It looked good on the outside, but on the inside is a different story to swallow.
  Early this year, I went to her mom’s house.  She lived with her god-awful aunt.  That house will always be known as her mom’s house, nobody else’s.  Is that simple or what?  It will be that way no matter what other people think.  Her sister’s kids, the same thing applied, know Liz as nanny.  
  The moment I entered the house, my stomach turned upside down – very sickening to like at.  I really want to leave after 5 minutes.  Liz showed me pictures of the house before I went there, disgusting.
  I didn’t expect a clean house.  All the places Patty lived in, very pig style since Liz known her.  She let those places go to hell and never returned to normal.  She’s a crazy pig at that, her best.  What living proof that people can be human pig!  When her mom passed away in the late 1970’s, Patty was the same way back than she is now.  Her bedroom was a mess, a small lane to her bed, closet full of junk, book and things piled up, clothes were everywhere, much like today in every room at her mom’s house except Liz’s room, Patty’s old room from the 1970’s.
  The meat is not pure and sweet.  It looked good on the outside…then again; you must see the front yard and the back yard too.  The outside is pretty awful, mostly the back.  They have more trees, weeds, and things that Liz called it “Aunt Patty’s Personal Forest.”  Most trees shouldn’t grow where are growing by the walls of the shed and the house.  It would destroy the foundation of both places.  
  Here’s the best example.  A tree is growing closely by the sidewalk, destroying the sidewalk as it get bigger and bigger; no one has a sidewalk to get where they’re going to unless they use the street where a car killed them instantly, not knowing they’re there in the first place.  Who want to see that?  Not me.  Same thing applied to her mom’s house.  No questions ask.  Now, you know why Liz loves to clean.
  Liz is a gorgeous black lady, the school’s sweetheart for two years running, popular, and has good taste in clothes unlike Aunt Patty, who doesn’t respect her, the way she is, very clean and takes good care of herself.  Liz is the splitting image of her mom, the same qualities.  Patty and Liz live in two separate worlds, which suit Liz just fine.

  Kelly and Tyler sat down by us and gave us our chocolate milk shakes; McDonald’s has the best ones ever like their French fries.  We were still giggling by my breeder’s remark.  They ate their food.
  “Steve, you better stop!  Small towns don’t like queers.  Remember that one homo who was beaten up by a group of thugs couple years back,” Liz couldn’t control her laughter.
  We all started to laugh.
  “What do you expected from a queen?  This world isn’t that entire straight.  I can be straight, straight to the next man, that is!  At least, I’m not flaunting my gayness.  I’ve more class than that, Miss Thing!” I said.
  “You couldn’t keep a straight face either,” Tyler replied, “The moment you say something funny, you just smirk before you talk.  Bang!  We know you’re kidding around.”
  “I can’t help it.  I’m too fun and…”
  “There you go again.  Smirk.  A big smile sowed up and there goes the neighborhood,” Kelly munched down on some fries.
  “This shake is too damn good.  I must shake up the prom next Friday.  They will see a real queen they’ve never seen before.  Not some Queen Elizabeth,” I said.
  “That’s right.  The prom is coming up soon.  I completely forgotten about it,” Tyler ate his last bite of the Big Mac.
  “Queen Elizabeth!  You better stop!  On a serious note, what are we doing for the prom?” Liz burst out laughing.
  “I can go as Princess Dina.  Nah, I won’t settle for the second best.  They queen is more like it, the queen I am.  Tomorrow, Liz, let’s go to the costume shop.  I want a flamboyant queen outfit to show them what a real queen look like.  We can be the royal family of the prom,” I said.
  “We are in.  You always want a fun time.  That’s what I like you the best.  Nothing can get you down.  You toss it away like yesterday’s news.  You’re fun to be with,” Tyler said.
  “My way is more fun.  Why be serious about negative thoughts?  It’s a waste of time, so useless.  Some people don’t see that way.  They’re below that, way below my feet.  I squashed them like bugs.  Who wants bugs?  I want hugs from my family of friends,” I said.
  “Well say, Miss Thing!  We’re running late for the movies,” Tyler said.
  “We do that every Friday, dear.  Instead, let’s rents some movies from Blockbuster Videos.  I’m tired of doing the same old thing.  Aren’t you, guys?  It gets boring after awhile,” Kelly said.
  “Why not?  We need a change.  Really, the prom needs a major facelift! Let’s give it to the straight people.  Faboo!” I said excited.

  Kelly and Tyler have been going out over two years.  Liz brought them together much to her delight.  They make a good couple.  Now only if Liz found a man for me.  Kelly is attractive, sweet as honey, nice, gorgeous blond hair and a heart of gold.  She sees the beauty in people, which are a challenge to her like when she met Tyler in 1993.  
  Back then, Tyler ran with the wrong crowd and gets in all sorts of troubles, mostly with the cops, drinking beer and doing drugs.  Kelly figured she could get rid of the so-called leader by turning into a pussycat.  Tyler’s life changed for the better.  
  “Stop hanging around with trash, you won’t be trash any longer,” as Kelly put it.  Kelly is the best thing happened to Tyler, a blessed guy with a heart of gold.
  Tyler is a muscular, blond hair, wiser, and gets high grades in school, which brought forth by Kelly, who know there’s something else in his thick head.  She had a brain to conquer his low self-esteem and bad image, caused by his thoughtless ways.  Kelly broke down his wall of stupidity.  He believed being stupid was no way to go up in life.  Some students made fun of him; he turned bad and showed them what fear was really about.  He’s the most fear man in school, always dressed in black.  He became the ringleader for the other outcasts.  The same people did the same thing to them.  He decided to be their protector from those cheap creeps.  They think highly of themselves, what snobs they are!

  Saturday morning, I slept late and called Liz on the phone from my bedroom.
  “Good morning, Sunshine!  How are you doing?” I asked.
  “Faboo!  Miss Thing, you’re late.  Kelly and Tyler are waiting for you at my place.  Have you met another man from the sex club?” Liz kidded, “I warned you about those boys from the big city.  They want a young chicken to tame.  They’re roosters looking for hens.  Pretty soon, you’re going to lay eggs.  Keep your chicks safe from the wolves, roaming for a good bashing.  You better stop!”
  “Miss thing, I’m a rooster in the making.  No one is gonna stop this chick from getting laid.  The wolves have nothing against me, nothing at all.  I will use my spikes and claw their eyes out.  All I need is one shot.  You know us, queens.  We can be vicious, get down and dirty,” I looked for something to wear.
  “You better stop!  You shall be the one for the prom, all glamour and wearing knock out jewels that will send all the ladies to buy the jewels.  Their boyfriends pay for them.  Ladies knows good taste when they see it,” Liz said.
  “That’s right, Miss Thing.  All straights looks up to the ladies, waiting to see what fabulous designs we gonna wear next.  You better stop!” I said.
  “I want to talk with Steve,” Tyler whispered.
  “I’m handing the phone to Prince Andrew.  He wants to talk.  His duchess, Fergie and I need to do our hair, Miss Thing.  Bye.”
  “Bye.  Good.  I found my outfit,” I said in the closet.
  “Find what?” Tyler asked.
  “I didn’t know you was on the phone.  The outfit.  I’m going to wear today.  The one you guys gave me on my birthday.  It was in the closet,” I said, changing the clothes in front of the mirror.
  “My God!  You’re still in the closet.  Did that man realized he’s straight and stuffed you there last night?  What did you do to him?  Not women enough for him.  You can’t recruit men.  The military does that.  Besides, homos can’t serve the USA and…” Tyler said
  “But we can serve the soldiers only if they’re horny enough and don’t care as long as we’re in drag.  You better stop.”
  “Look, honey.  I’m in the front yard alone.  I heard some people are having a hissy fit about your plans for the prom.  Word gets around fast in a small town.  Just watch your back, Miss Thing.  I really care for you,” Tyler said, a tear rolled down his cheek.
  “Are you crying?  Don’t answer that.  I already know.  Liz, Kelly and you are my family of friends.  We have a close bond that will never be broken.”
  “I just can’t wait till I finish school.  One more year and I’m outta here with Kelly.  This small town has nothing going for it except the prejudice.  My God!  I’ve seen enough.  I’m sick and tired of that crap.”
  “I’m telling you.  Weho is the place for me.  I visited Pink Lady, my gay cousin, in 1994.  I fell in love with that place.  It’s truly a gay city like San Francisco and Key West.  All the sexy and gorgeous men I saw, yummy!  Tell the girlfriends that I’m leaving now and meet you…my watch say 11:36 AM…meet you in 30 minutes.  Later, Miss Thing,” I said.
  I hung up the phone and went on my merry way.

  Tyler and I became close friends after I started to go to his high school.  The other students treated me badly.  They recognized I’m gay; I was the most flamboyant in the whole school.  Tyler, Kelly and Liz took me under his wings.  They didn’t want me to fall in the wrong crowd.  They told me to stay clear of Keith Mancuso, Liz’s ex boyfriend.  Keith thinks highly of the elite group, the most happening group.  We considered them “the fakes.”  They don’t know when they see a real person.  They always put them down, the white trash they are.  Liz got tired of Keith’s fakes and left him for good.  She’s glad she’s part of the regular crowd, which didn’t ruin her popularity among her peers.  
  The difference between Keith and Liz, she’s real unlike him.  Liz sees the attitude of the heart through God’s eyes; all people are the same no matter who we are.  Love comes from the heart.  She loves to see that in people.  Liz really loves all types of people and hates people who hate people.  Keith is an unfriendly white guy, the head fake, sharp dressed man and running next to Liz in popularity.  He maintained his popular by being the good guy, nice to all in front of the teachers and students.  He’s truly the world’s biggest fake according to us.  His popularity means the world o him.  He would do anything to stay there.

  I took a short cut through the alley; not realizing trouble waits in the form of Keith and his half brother, Mick Hart.  They jumped from behind the wooden fence.  Keith pulled me down to the ground.
  “Look, faggot.  Don’t try your faggot number at the prom or else,” Keith threatened.
  “Else what!  I’m not afraid of you.  You’re…” I said.
  “You should be deadly afraid.  I have a knife in my pocket.  Tempt me.  I will kill you.  No one wants to see your disgusting face.  You’re not normal.  You’re one sick dude,” Keith said.
  “What are you doing, Keith?  You promised no threats,” Mick said, trying to pull him from me.
  “Stop that!  You shouldn’t cross me, Mick!  I’m determining to get this faggot out of the prom.  He’s causing trouble.  Who wants a faggot there?” Keith continued slapping me, “You can’t go at all.  It’s only for normal people, Steve.  This is a fair warning.”
  “A fair warning, my ass!  That’s a threat,” I yelled.
  Keith slapped me more on the face.  A disgusting Mick grabbed his hair and pulled him up.  I crawled to the wall, crying.
  “What are you doing?  You’re letting him go,” Keith yelled at Mick.
  He went after me and showed me his knife.
  “Oh my God!  Please don’t cut me,” I pleaded.
  “You’re out of control, Keith.  You scared him enough,” Mick said.
  “I want more than that.  I want him dead.  That faggot!  He deserved the same pain I gave to the other faggot couple years back.  He’s sick.  He’s a sick puppy.”
  “Give me that knife!  I don’t trust you.  I mean now!”  Mick held out his hand.
  “Why should I?  I don’t trust that faggot!  He may convert us.  I thought you was with me on this one.”
  “You know I don’t like violence of any kind.  Gay bashing is one of them.  I don’t…”
  “Listen to your brother.  He have a good heart,” I said.
  “Shut up!” Keith slapped me again, “He isn’t our brother in God’s eyes.  God don’t like faggots either.”
  I saw Tyler, Kelly and Liz turned around to the alley, running and screaming.  Mick lifted me up.  Keith ducked me.  I fell down.
  “Come on!  Let’s leave!” Keith ran away.
  “Get the hell away from him, Mick!” Tyler protected me.
  “But,” Mick said.
  “Leave now or we’re calling the police,” Kelly warned him.
  “You better do what we say.  We aren’t playing,” Liz continued, Mick walked away, “Steve, are you okay?  You’re bleeding from your head.”
  “Yes, my head is hurting.  I got a headache.  Kelly, I need a smoke.  I really need one.”
  Kelly handed me a Marlboro Lights 100’s.  I lit it and smoke.
  “Liz, I know!  I shouldn’t smoke when I’m in pain.  You know me better than anybody else.  I do things I shouldn’t do,” I laughed.
  “And…” Liz said.
  “What happened?” Kelly asked.
  “Well.  They were waiting in the alley.  Keith jumped me and threatened to kill me.  He doesn’t want to see me at the prom.  Mick did his best to protect me,” I answered.
  “No, she didn’t!” Liz said.
  “Oh yes!  I had a feeling he’s gay.  He kept on looking at me different.”
  “Are you sure?  Are you absolutely sure?  We can’t trust anyone in this small town.  Maybe, it was something in the air,” Tyler said.
  “Gaydar,” Liz replied, “I saw him one coming out of the same sex club Steve goes to.  I wouldn’t be surprise they had sex and didn’t know about it.  They have dark rooms.”
  “No, she didn’t.  You better stop!” I said.
  “Come to think of it.  When I dated Keith, God forbid, Mick has never gone out with girls.  He told me it isn’t his thing, waiting for the right one to come along.  He could be the one.  Hint, hint, Liz said.
  “I see.  He’s a closet case.  They don’t want to be gay bash and stay in the closet.  Simple as that,” Kelly said.
  “Come on, you guys.  We’re talking about Keith’s brother.  They’re too alike.  Mick’s gay.  I don’t see that.  They came from the same mold,” Tyler said.
  “Mick wasn’t hateful toward me.  Keith was.  He’s a homophobia.  I found out Keith is the one who beat the gay guy couple years back.  He let it slip.  Some hatred speak louder than words,” I said.
  “Keith doesn’t realize Mick is gay, Tyler.  Homophobia is a pretty strong word to use on Keith.  How did he get that way?” Kelly asked.
  “Who knows?  I’m glad it’s over,” Tyler answered.
  “It isn’t over not by a long shot.  I’m still going to the prom as the queen.  The queen I am,” I said.
  “You aren’t that stupid,” Kelly said.
  “I’ve a dream and nobody is going to stop me.  That damn fool really got me motivated which today’s beating is the best thing happened to me.  I’m damn serious about the prom,” I said angrily.
  “Calm down, Steve.  You must really think about it.  Is it worth the trouble?  Same thing could happen at the prom.  It could happen,” Kelly said.
  “It won’t happen.  I promised you that.  If things go my way, I gain a lot in a small town.  Gays are worthy to live anywhere they please.  No more hiding.  We can’t live in fear,” I said.
  “And…” Liz said.
  “If not, I will walk away like a queen.  A queen I am.  You must realize I don’t have a problem with my gayness.  They do, those motherfuckers.  I really don’t care.  They’re so negative.  I won’t be a part of it.  I don’t care about what other people think.  That’s their problem,” I said.
  “Strong words from a queen.  Let’s give her a hand,” Liz said.
  Everyone clapped and joined for a group hug.
  “What a day I’m having.  Wait till this Friday.  It will be my night, man.  I can’t wait and see what happen.  I’m going to have lots of fun,” I said excited.
  “You better stop!” Tyler said.
  “I live for fun.  Don’t forget that, Miss Thing,” I said.
  “We know, a fun loving guy.  You strive on fun,” Kelly said.
  “Where to?” Liz asked.
  “The custom shop, darling!  My queen outfit awaits me.  I always say ‘Be a queen, dress like a queen for special occasions.’  This queen can’t be stop,” I said.
  “You better stop!” Liz said.

  Wednesday evening, I’m putting make up on for tonight’s drag show at Club Q, a popular dance club.  My outfit was on my bed, waiting in it’s beauty.  A long pink silk dress covered with ruby from top to bottom.  Flashy in it own right.  My cousin, Pink Lady, gave it to me on his last visit two years ago.  Everyone knows him by that name.  He loves pink, his favorite color.  He has pink hair, pink nails, and pink everything.  He looks absolutely fabulous in pink.
  The radio blasted away with house music.  I was singing along, as I get ready in the bathroom.  A noise came from the living room.
  “Kelly, I’m in the restroom.  Come in,” I yelled.
  “It isn’t Kelly. It’s Mick.”
  I saw him through the mirror and invited him in.  Mick turned down the radio.
  “I knock on the door a couple of times.  The radio was too high.  I can’t stay long.”
  “So, what brought you by?”
  “I ole you a apology for Keith’s actions and mine too.  Things got out of hand.  It wasn’t my own doing.
  “Look, Miss Thing.  Keith must say he’s sorry which I doubt it.  You were there for me.  He really hates me for who I am.”
  I put the finish touches on my face.
  “I don’t hate you.  I never did.  The moment you entered my life.  I wanted to come out to my family.”
  “How come you haven’t?  Lipstick time.”
  “It’s not that easy.  I’m more concerned about my safety.  I can’t risk my life in this small town.  There’s too much prejudice,” Mick said.
  “Perfect.  The makeup look Faboo!  Oh, my song, DJ Girl by Katilina.  Please turn it up.  This song is about a girl who wants to go in a club.  The bouncer won’t let her cut in line.  Listen to it, damn funny!”
  Mick turned it up.  I performed DJ Girl.
  “Stupid steroid face.  Jesus, she’s desperate,” Mick laughed.
  “Why don’t you go home, you little groupie.  You are wasting my time.  The bouncer is too tough for her.  She can’t get pass him, no chance at all.”
  “You did that song perfect.  The moves and the way you sang, fabulous, absolutely fabulous.  I can’t get over you.”
  “Why, thank you, darling!” I smiled.
  Mick didn’t distance himself from me.  I moved closer and passionately kissed him on the lips.  Kelly was in the doorway, clapping.
  “Kelly!  I’m so glad you’re here.  Where are Liz and Tyler?” I asked.
  Kelly and I kissed and hugged.
  “Tyler is working late.  Liz will pick him up and meet us there.  You two are something else, Miss Thing.”
  We went to my room.
  “This dress looks furious!  Help me, Kelly.”
  “Sure, anything for my queen.  Get the panty hose from my purse, Mick.  It’s on the living room couch.”
  Mick handed it to me.
  “Thanks, darling,” I said.
  I became undressed and put on the hose.
  “You saw a naked man before, have you?” Kelly asked.
  “Of course.  It isn’t anything new.  How long you were standing there?” Mick sat down on the bed.
  “Long enough.  Why ruin your special moment?  It gave me chills.  The most magnificent thing ever happens to him.  Don’t you agree, Steve?”
  “I was in heaven.  He’s a great kisser.  I need to do my lipstick again,” I blushed.
  “Really?” Mick asked.
  “Really.  I would do it again,” I continued, “I’ll be back.  Bra time.”
  I went to the bathroom with the dress, blasting the radio.  Kelly shut the door behind me.
  “Does Keith know you’re here?”
  “Are you kidding?  He will kill me.  I would rather have Steve all to myself.  Keith would ruined it for us.”
  “Go with us tonight.  You will have a ball.  Steve will appreciate it.  This could be your first date!” Kelly said ecstatic.
  “I need to call Keith.  Is that fine by you?”
  “Damn it!  I busted my CB,” I yelled through the door.
  “What’s CB?” Mick sounded curious.
  “Condom boob.  Steve put water in a condom for a boob.  One time, Steve put one in her bra.  It hit a rough spot.  The water splashed all over his chess and legs,” Kelly laughed.
  I opened the door.
  “Kelly, I need another condom.  Get some from your purse.”
  “All rightie!  Mick is going to use the phone to call Keith.  It’s right there, Mick, on the night table,” Kelly said.
  “Hurry up, Kelly.  I don’t want to be late.  I’m on first,” I said.
  Mick dialed the phone number.  The answer machine came on.
  “Hi.  This is Mick.  I will be home late.  I’m going to the midnight movie with friends.  Later,” Mick hung up the phone.  He stretched out on my bed.
  “You do want him badly,” Kelly kidded.  She went in the bathroom.
  “Let’s me do it.  I have lots of practice,” Kelly said.
  “Excuse me!” I touched her boobs.  “Yours are real, Miss Thing.  Yours don’t fall down at all.  Mine can slip anywhere anytime.  I need to be careful.  You better stop!”
  “There you go.  Nice and firm like mine.  You better stop.  Learn from a real woman,” Kelly laughed.
  “You guys are too much,” Mick said.
  “What did you expect, Mick?  Woman are too damn much,” I said.
  “You better stop,” Mick said.
  Kelly and I came to the bedroom.
  “How do I look?  Madonna in drag!” I posed.
  “Abfab!  The more you turned into a woman, the more you looked like one.  That blond wig is too hot.”
  “That’s what I want.  I’m too hot to handle.  You may get burn,” I said.
  “We’ll see.  I love fires that I can touch,” Mick said.
  “You do?  Mmm.  Sounds tasteful.  Let’s leave, girlfriends,” I said.

  “Drive up to the valet parking.  I will pay for it,” Mick said.
  Kelly drove to the valet.
  “Hey, Kelly and Steve!  Who’s this handsome thing?” Danny asked.
  We got out the corvette.  Kelly handed him the keys.
  “This is Mick, new love for Steve’s life,” Kelly said.
  Mick put out his hand.
  “Excuse me, Miss Thing.  Gays doesn’t shake hands.  We kiss and hug.  Please give me both,” Danny said.
  “All right, baby,” Mick said.
  They kissed and hugged.
  “That more like it,” Danny said.
  “How much?” Mick asked.
  “$5,” Danny answered.
  Mick got out his wallet from his back pocket.  He gave him change back.
  “Your usual place, Kelly,” Danny said.
  Danny got in the driver’s seat.  We walked to the front door.
  “Cut in line?  We can do that?” Mick asked.
  “I performed here.  We can,” I said.
  “Excuse me, sir. The DJ is waiting for me,” a lady said.
  Queenie, the door person, completely annoyed her.
  “She does it every time.  She gets on my last gay nerve,” Queenie said.
  “You better stop!  You aren’t the DJ girl.  I am,” Mick yelled.
  I burst out laughing, the DJ Girl song.  We walked in.
  “I can’t believe I did that.  It came out of the blue,” Mick whispered.
  “It was hilarious, man!  We need more outspoken queens,” Kelly said.
  “Club Q has a big dance floor.  House music, of course.  Four beer counters, three on the first floor, one on the second, one outside on the patio and one in the flower room.  That makes six.  The patio has a water fountain, angel squirt water out her mouth.  Did I leave anything out, Kelly?” I asked.
  “Club Q staged the best drag queens from around the world.  In Steve’s case, performers,” Kelly answered.
  “They’re all the same.  Some drag queens I wouldn’t go out with.  They’re too bitchy and has lots of makeup,” Mick said.
  “That’s because some doesn’t have the Faboo artist.  I bring he inner beauty out on the face.  They look too damn fabulous,” I continued, “Your first remark, they’re all the same, is way out there in deep space.  You really don’t believe that, do you?”
  “The ones I want out is something I won’t even consider of doing again.  They’re such a drag, always bitching and drinking.  They can’t even stay afloat while performing on stage, too damn drunk.  I’m surprise they can remember the songs and the steps,” Mick said.
  We walked up to the flower room.
  “Things get pretty loud in here.  We need to talk out loud,” Kelly said.  She knows it’s going as planned.  
  Kelly opened the door.  We walked to our reserved table.
  “I’m going to get our drinks, darlings,” Kelly said.
  “Give me a Bud Light,” Mick said.
  “One Bud Light coming up and two cocktails,” Kelly said.
  “Please continue.  What queens you like?” I asked.
  “Dish queens.  We love to gossip,” Mick laughed.
  “Gossip.  I have one for you.  See that drag queen performing.  She’s a drag if you know what I mean.  No one will ever tip her.  At first, we would.  Now nobody cares.  She does a lousy job.  Her sugar daddy went up through her nose to her head.”
  “What head?  The sugar daddy cut it off and had it for lunch,” Mick laughed.
  “You better stop!  All she cares is about his money,” I said.
  “I heard he’s seeing someone on the side for crystal,” Mick said.
  “Rumor has it.  That tall black man in the bar back there, the bartender is seeing them both at the same time.  What a sorry ass threesome.  She wants money from him.  She wants crystal from him.  He wants sex from her.  Get what I mean?  The bartender pleases her sexual desires for her money to buy the crystal for the sugar daddy who couldn’t please her in her.  My God!” I said.
  “Sorry it took so long.  I couldn’t move back there.  It’s crowded like hell,” Kelly continued as someone got her attention to come back, “Damn it!  I forgot my cigs.  I’ll be back shortly.”
  “I have some, Kelly.  Do you want one?” Mick asked.
  “You smoke?” I asked.
  “Once in a while.  It’s something to do in the clubs. Smoking takes up time,” Mick asked.
  “Nah, I left some money in the box,” Kelly lied.  She took her cocktail with her.
  “Cheers!” I drank and smiled.
  “Cheers to us.  We’re both unique in our own special ways,” Mick drank.
  “I couldn’t put it any better.  I just realize something.  I’m on first, not that drag.  What a drag she is.  Miss Thing, I supposed to be on first.  Take your ass of the stage,” I said.
  “How dare you!  You interrupted my performance, you tramp!  You think you’re too good.  I’ll show you,” Beehive said, mean spirited.
  “You’ve nothing down there, sweetheart.  Some fatso ate it for lunch,” I said with the hand.
  “Cat fight!  Cat fight!” someone yelled.
  The music stopped playing.  Beehive recognized Mick from somewhere.
  “No, you don’t.  He’s mine.  Why don’t you go back to your beehive, Miss Thing?  You stung a lot of people.  You keep on stinging people.  Beehive, that name fits you perfectly,” I said.
  “You never stop, don’t you?  You and your lowlife cousin both make me sick.  Gag me with a spoon.”  Beehive scorned, threw beer in Mick’s face.
  “OK, ladies.  Enough is enough.  Go back to your dressing room, Beehive.  Come here, Flaming Queen.  I want to talk,” The Goddess said in the microphone.
  “I’m so fed up with you, bubble butt.  You’re always on that faggot’s side.  Him and her faggot cousin.  The people are here to see me, not them,” Beehive stormed off to down stairs.
  “My God!  She lost her mind.  She really did.  Believe me.  She did,” I shouted, heading to the Goddess, “What prompt her to dish my cousin?  He isn’t ever here.  It has been over two years.  She’s still carrying that attitude toward him. Since he left, toward me.  My cousin didn’t upstage her for the movie producer’s talent scout.  She fell miserably.  She was bad at that.  She left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.
  “DJ, music please.  Stop talking up a storm, honey.  The black cloud left the building.  You got to admit.  She was one of the best till the money controls her.  She doesn’t care.  She left the money get in the way,” The Goddess said.
  “And she can’t handle losing good.  She starts trouble with me whenever she gets a chance.  She sees my cousin in me for some odd reason,” I said.
  “She believed the talent scout was her big break in show business.  It was taken away by Pink Lady.  I still remember that night.  Her sugar daddy was with her.  The same old fart she has now.  He promised she was a shoo-in for the glory and money.  She has too much pride.  She drank till she was loaded and fucked up big time.  She accused Pink Lady of spiking her drink.”
  “I say!  She couldn’t have the fame.  She turned to the sugar daddy for a high-class life.  She rubbed it in our faces.  Diamonds.  Pearls. Rubies.  Fancy clothes.  She and that lowlife Keith is a perfect match made in hell.”
  “Who’s Keith?”
  “Some troublemaker from school.  I tell you more lately.  Mick, the guy I am with, is his half brother,” I gloated.
  “You go, girl!  Sleeping with the enemy’s brother.  Guts, you have guts, girl!  It’s back to Showtime.  Head back to your man before I steal him.  I can do wonders!” The Goddess said.
  “You better stop!”
  “I forgot.  You can’t go on tonight.  Some pushy queen from out of town arrived and wants to take your place.  I told her flat out that you’re the star attraction.  She insisted you’re far below that and not worthy of being the star.”
  “The nerve of her!  She better think twice.  No, ma’am!”
  “Yes, ma’am.  She can be too pushy.  She wants things her way or else.  She’s one crafty queen.”
  “Wait till she comes out.  I’m going to read her like the trash she is.  I bet she smells too.  What a skunk!”
  The Goddess introduced the next drag queen singing The Crying Game.  I sat back down at my table, smoking.
  “You’re on fire, Miss Thing,” Tyler said.
  “I’m glad you made it.  Then again, it’s a waste of time.  I’m not on tonight.  For what?  A pushy queen took my place.  The nerve of her.  Every Wednesday night is my night to shine bright and have fun doing my thing.  No ma’am.” I said frustrated.
  “Don’t clutch your pearls.  Maybe, she had a good excuse,” Liz said.
  “A good excuse, my ass!  She stole my spotlight, that tamp,” I said.
  “Have another cocktail.  A nice guy gave it to you.  You’re sounding like Beehive.  Do we need another Beehive?  I think not.  You’re better than that,” Tyler said.
  “Do I?” I asked.
  “Look, Miss Thing.  You’re reliving the past.  This time, you’re acting the same way Beehive did.  Don’t put up with it and live in the present.  Who knows what the future holds?” Kelly said.
  “I will put the past behind me.  My past life,” I said.
  “We know what’s best for him, Mick.  Some things clouded his mind.  We need to bring him down before lightning strike,” Liz said.
  “We wouldn’t want that.  He will go on for hours about a certain thing.  The next thing we know, he’s blasting off to the moon,” Tyler said.
  “You better sop!  I wouldn’t go that far.  It’s way beyond me.  I would rather buy the Mars candy bar.  It’s the closest way I ever get to space.  OK!” I said.
  “OK, Miss Thing.  You better stop!” Liz said.
  “Gossip time.  Beehive thinks she got the best of me.  You know what.  I don’t give a damn.  Sting me once, forgiveness.  Sting me twice, going to drag them out and pulp them into a bloody queen.  Why let her revenge with that outsider trash my night?  It isn’t over till the queen recaptures her castle from the hoodlums.  My people will back me up.  We can’t be stop!” I said
  “Spoken like a true queen.  Long live the queen,” Mick toasted.
  “That was Lust Fantasy singing 'Who’s The Hell Are You Anyway?'  Lust, get your money on the stage before I snatch it up.  I’m one hungry bitch,” The Goddess said.
  “What a pig!  She would eat anything alive,” someone yelled.
  “Honey, if someone tastes you, they turned up dead from the looks of things.  Your gun shoots pebbles.  I shoot cannons, cannons that taste better than yours.  One squirt, their mouths are left dry.  They truly get a load of fun from the Goddess,” she said.
  People clapped and cheered.
  “She can be so vicious.  I love her to death,” I said.
  “For sure, she can throw her weight around,” Kelly said.
  “The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Look at Miss Thing.  She’s bent out of shape.  Did my weight crush you?  Oh well.  Life goes on,” The Goddess continued, the crowd roared, “you have been craving for her return to the flower room at Club Q.  One fine dame can dig it up and dish it out lie the one we love and cherish, Flaming Queen.  She proudly presents the Pink Lady.”
  The curtains flew open.  Pink Lady stood there in all her glory.  Facing the audience, one hand on her hip, the other one above the corner of her head in the beautiful pink dress she designed herself.  Her trademark song, Am I For Real, came loud and clear as she sing graceful, as she never did that way before.  She really sang.  Her voice improved over the two years she was gone in Weho.  My face glowed bright as the sun.
  “I can’t believe my eyes.  Pink Lady, the guy I most admired, is back in town after a long absence.  Why didn’t you tell me she was back, Liz?  Kelly and you stay in contact with her too.  I still can’t believe it.  I really can’t,” I said surprised.
  “You love surprises, Miss Thing.  She’s the one who gave your last cocktail.  Hint, hint,” Liz said.
  “She’s for real.  No doubt about it.” Tyler said.
  “Now, I remembered her.  I saw her picture on the restroom’s mirror.  Her makeup is gay beautiful,” Mick said.
  “Gay beautiful?” I looked confused.
  “Yes, gay beautiful.  A new term that hasn’t caught on by the gay world.  Only gays can make it so beautiful,” Mick answered.
  “I like the sound of that.  Gay beautiful,” Liz said.
  “Pink Lady ended her powerful performance.  The crowd gave her a standing ovation, cheering quite loudly before.  Tips sprung up from everywhere and anywhere I imagined.  Of course, Tyler from his usual place, he put money from his zipper.  Kelly goes wild over his gay image.  He’s one of few straight people at the Club Q.
  “That concludes our first show.  The next one is in 30 minutes,” the Goddess walked up to us, “She can’t be stop.  Look at the crowd, raving.  A surefire gay thing we have in our hands.  The next RuPaul.”
  “She learned from the best.  You took her under your wings and showed her what to do.  I’m proud of you too.  Together, hand in hand since the very beginning,” I said.
  “Don’t go anywhere, folks.  The party isn’t over,” The Pink Lady grabbed the mike, “Bring out the cake and flowers, girls!”
  A pink flower cake rolled on the table by the drag queens.
  “You mean this is dedicated to me,” The Goddess said.
  “Darling, what does it says?” Pink Lady said.
  “One of the true Goddess I’m grateful of having in my life.  I’m speechless.”
  “You touched me as no one ever did before.  I’m the person you made me.  You did a lot in my life.  You basically raised me into a bright young girl toward the same dream we shared together.  I have the same dream you had twenty-five years ago.  A talent starlet beaten all odds and overcame the prejudice in spike of being gay,” Pink Lady said.
  “Back then, the car crash wrecked my dreams.  I ended up walking with a limp.  This cane helps me big time.  You taught me an important thing; ‘Something happened to a dream, live it through someone else with the same dream.’      You became that person, living our dream.  I’ve never cried in a club before.  Thanks for everything,” The Goddess spoken softly.
  “No, thank you.  You meant the world to me,” Pink Lady continued, “God brought us together to live our dream.  He works in strange ways.”
  “Amen!” The Goddess said.
  The Goddess held Pink Lady tight in a hug.
  “That’s gay beautiful.  Hint, hint,” Mick whispered to me.
  “So the honors.  She’s your cousin and I’m The Goddess.  We are too emotional,” The Goddess said.
  “Alrighty then.  I have her later,” I said, cutting the first piece.
  Liz grabbed it and handed it to The Goddess.  She was still in joyful tears.
  “Oops!  Kelly, give her the check,” Pink Lady said.
  Kelly opened her purse up and gave The Goddess the check.  She glazed at it.
  “I think I’m going to pass out.”
  Mick slide a chair to her, The Goddess sat down nice and comfortably.
  “Sweet Jesus Christ!  A $60,000 check.  Darling, this is too much, too damn much.  You can’t afford this.  I’m sorry I can’t take it.”
  She handed it to Pink Lady.  She refused and showed us a movie contract.
  “Honey, this is a three picture deal with Paramount Pictures, worth of $5 million a picture.  I’m in my first starring role.  The film starts next month in Hollywood.  The Flaming Queen would be the make up artist.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  “Me?” I asked in shock.
  “Yes, you!  You have one more year of school.  You can enroll at Hollywood High for 12th grade.  Don’t miss an opportunity; always take chances.  You have nothing here.”
  “My friends.  What about my friends?” I asked.
  “He felt the same way two years ago.  Take chances.  We would always be here for you.  This is your home away from home,” The Goddess said.
  I looked at my friends, old and new.
  “I’m sad and scared.  I need to think about it.  It’s so soon, so suddenly.”
  “Take your sweet ass time.  Here, Goddess, I have more on the way.  You can pay off your mortgage.  The house is all yours.”
  “Finally!  I have my own house, my very own house,” The Goddess gasped.
  “You deserved it all.  You have been good to my cousin and me.  We love you dearly,” Pink Lady said.
  “We sure do!  We are blessed for having you in our lives,” I kissed her on the cheek.
  “You better stop!” The Goddess said.

  We turned down my street, followed by Kelly and Tyler, supposedly.
  “Stop the car,” Tyler commanded, “Something is fishy.  I think I saw Keith drove down this alley.”
  The car backed up, Kelly parked in the alley.  They both looked out the back window.
  “See.  I told you.  Keith is speeding too fast that way.  Steve lived behind this alley.”
  “Oh no!  A horrible thought crossed my mind,” Kelly said.
  “I’m waiting.  Please tell me,” Tyler wondered.
  “What if Keith was waiting to stab Steve.  He was tired of waiting and life.  Nah.  I don’t think he is capable of doing that kind of harm.”
  “Excuse me.  He is capable.  Last Saturday morning says a lot for Steve and all gays out there.  He almost kills him.  Steve would never lie about things like that.”
  “And the gay guy from couple years ago.  This is making me nervous, sweetheart.  You better drive.  I don’t like the things I’m hearing,” Kelly said.
  They flip flopped.  Tyler zoomed off to the alley’s parking lot.  They jumped out of the car.
  “Honey, where does Steve live?  I’ve never went this way before,” Tyler said.
  “The opposite way from the street.  Three doors upstairs on the third floor on the right side.  Take the stairs.  The elevator is sometimes slow,” Kelly said.
  “They haven’t fit it yet.  It have been over two weeks,” Tyler responded.
  They rushed up the three flights.  They heard some fighting in my place.  A lamp flew out of the door and splashed into the pool.
  “Oh, no.  We might be too late,” Kelly sighed, out of breath.
  “It isn’t possible.  We saw Keith left,” Tyler said.
  He grabbed Kelly’s hand.
  “Here we go again,” Kelly said.
  They ran into my place.  Kelly scampered through the door right behind Tyler.  They’re out of breath.
  “Hold it!  Hold it” Tyler panted.
  “…me responsible for this.  I didn’t plain of destroying your place,” Mick yelled.
  “My ass!  You went along with it.  I thought you care for me.  Bullshit!  I should have press charges against Keith and you, motherfuckers!  God, what was I thinking about?  I’m stupid for listening to my heart.  Either way, I get burn.  It was the cock or the heart.  What a fool I am!”
  “How could you say that?  I do care for you,” Mick said.
  “Don’t give me that crap!  All lies!  Lies, lies, and more lies.  You’re the biggest liar we know.  I want you out of this place and out of our lives.  You’re nothing but white trash.”
  “Come on, luv!  Give me another chance,” Mick pleaded.
  “Your chance is to leave.  That’s all you going to get!”
  Mick stood there, pondering of what to do next.  I cried on my bed, being comfort by Kelly and Pink Lady.  Liz and Tyler whispered among themselves in each other’s ears.
  “What happened to them?  They were falling in love,” Tyler said.
  “As you can’t see, somebody broken in and…” Liz said.
  “As you haven’t notice, Keith drove fast down the alley.  Hint, hint.  Mick is the blame for this.  Steve is hurting badly, crushed my love,” Tyler said.
  “As you haven’t hear, Keith would do anything to stop him.  We learned tonight that Keith’s dad left his mom for another man at the age of seven, leaving his mom raised him alone till she met Tony Hart and his only son Mick two years later.  They had another baby together,” Liz said.
  “As you haven’t learn, we know why Keith is homophobia.  He believed the homos destroyed his parents’ happy marriage.  Yeah, right!  Tony was never fully happy with a woman.  He wanted to be himself and live a happily gay life,” Tyler said.
  “Mick went toward the alley,” Liz said.
  “Come on, Liz.  Whose blue car in the alley?  The tires are off.  Somebody stole them.”
  “We’ll be back, guys.  I think it belong to Mick,” Liz said.
  “Mick’s?  It sounds interesting.”
  We saw Mick crying by the swimming pool.
  “Mick, we’ll be right down,” Liz yelled.
  Liz pushed the elevator button.
  “What are you doing?  It’s too damn slow.”
  “As you haven’t learn, going down is faster than going up.  What must go up, must come down,” Liz laughed.        
  “As you can’t feel, this is no    t a laughing moment.  Two guys are hurting.”
  “As you can’t see, having a sense of humor is a great way to laugh our problems away and have a good time solving the problem.”
  “Our floor, madam.  It has a wonderful Melrose Place feel.  As you walk out, the swimming pool is on the right.  Mike used to live right there with his ex wife, Jane.  I think Billy and Allison are still bedding together in one of the apartments.  Amanda left her spare keys in Billy’s place.  He hasn’t returns the keys.  Strange bedfellows I might say!  Kimberly tried to bomb this place up in smoke.  Other people were living with her at that time.  Control freaks!  Shhh!  We had another loony bin, Sydney, Jane’s tramp sister.  Never bring a man home; Syd would snatch him up unless he’s gay which brings us to Matt’s many sexless lovers, Mick.  How’s Matt?” Tyler said.
  “Like usually, no sex life whatsoever.  Problems always creep up,” Mick said.
  “Why don’t you be straight with him?  Matt is an honest open loving person.  He just want to be gay, the way he is.  He really needs a man at his side during this rough time.  It would bring you two closer,” Tyler said.
  “It isn’t that simple.  Matt is dealing with my homophobia half brother.”
  “Brother or no brother.  Steve, oops, I mean, Matt deserved to be in love and show affections toward the same sex wherever he is including the FOX network.  You’re allowed to do the same thing, as straights are privilege.  No one would harm you.  We’re there for you,” Liz said.
  “Keith is suspicious of me.  He double dared me to get even for what Matt want to do.  I covered up my gayness for my sake.  I just can’t be gay, I just can’t.”
  “You must do it for yourself.  You would be happier in the long run.  Prove it to yourself.  If you really like Matt, do it for the both of you.  Prove your feelings to Matt by showing them out in the open.  The only request we want from you,” Liz said.
  “I don’t want other men.  He’s the one.  I felt it in my heart.  I really do like him.  I can’t stop feeling this way,” Mick said.
  “Are you still interest to move to Melrose Place?  To this day, we don’t have a fag hag in this place,” Tyler laughed.
  “Why not?  Melrose Place needs a lively fag hag to bring the ratings up.  I can be Matt’s roommate.  Nobody can stop Matt from having sex on FOX as long as I’m around,” Liz said.
  “You better stop!” I shouted from the third floor, “Is this Melrose Place or what?  This place gets campier by each week.  The campier it is, the funnier it is.  Wait till Hollywood get a hold of me.  Nobody will stop me from doing my own thing.”
  “He decided he’s moving to Hollywood.  The walk of fame has a flamboyant star in the making, the Flaming Queen and his soon to be costar, Marvelous Micky,” Pink Lady clapped.
  “You’re inviting me, Steve!”  Mick said.
  “This place isn’t yours either.  It never is.  It never would be.  Why follow by their stupid rules?  Hollywood has a place for all types of people.  We are more welcome there than here.  This isn’t ‘To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar’ either.  Our happiness is way out there, not some bigot dump.  I’m living for me.  The whole country would bow down to the queen, the queen I am.” I gay proudly said.
  “Ouch!  You pinched me, Miss Thing,” I yawned.
  “As you haven’t notice, I felt someone is reading us. Not one, millions of people,” Mick said.
  “It went over my head.  Explain yourself,” I commanded.
  “Gay Delicate Sequence,” Mick laughed.
  “The what?!?  Where do you get those bizarre statements?” Liz asked.
  “Wake up, guys!  Mick is dreaming we’re in Dallas.  So, honey.  Who are we this time?  JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Pam, Cliff or others?” I asked.
  “Serious.  This is for real.  Reality check time,” Mick said.
  “I would rather be in Melrose Place.  They aren’t living in a dream.  ‘Hi, honey!’  Pam dreamed the entire season.  Part of it went over to the next season.  Jack Ewing’s scheming ex, April, showed up for the Ewing Oil pie,” Liz said.
  “You better stop!” Mick said.
  “Al Bundy!” I laughed.
  “That’s right.  Married…With Children.  Al played a detective solving a mystery.  As it turned out, Peg and Marcy weren’t pregnant.  His nightmare came to an end.  It can only happen to him.  He has the worse luck on this side,” Kelly said.
  “Get it?  This side?  Someone is reading us.  They’re way out there on the other side.  We can’t see them.  They can feel us, touch us and even read us,” Mick said.
  “Am I For Real?” Pink Lady showed concerned, “All this time I thought I’m not a fake.  A real person people can relate to.  My God!  What have you done?  Why me?  I have feelings you know.  It isn’t the same!”
  Pink Lady sobbed.  Liz hugged him.  Everyone panics!
  “My God!  Where did we come from?” Kelly screamed.
  “This can’t be happening!  Who gave me life?  I can’t be like this.  I’m the biggest fake there is in their lives.  I won’t take it lying down.  We must stand tall and be the person the creator made us,” Tyler cried.
  “No ma’am!  What a God-awful thing he did!  He’s a rotten fagget.  He’s a low down slimy no-good person.  What does he think we made from?  A damn story on some paper.  Read this, motherfucker!” Pink Lady yelled, using the middle finger.
  “Don’t do that!  Please put it down.  The creator can make it a living hell for you and for us.  I really don’t want that.  He gave you a life and can take it away from you.  Bill Cosby say it better.  We must be careful of what we say, think and do.  It’s his unspoken law.  Break it, we would be in deep shit.” Mick warned us.
  “There goes my Hollywood career.  I worked my gay ass off.  It took me a long time to get where I’m at today.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Life isn’t fucking fair,” Pink Lady sobbed.
  “Why doesn’t he kill us?  He wouldn’t have to bother with us any longer,” I said.
  “Reality check time, Steve!  I felt we’re part of his life,” Mick said.
  “Come on!  Don’t play games with us,” I said.
  “The creator gave us life.  His life to share with the world through us,” Mick explained.
  “Excuse me, Miss Thing!  He isn’t God.  Never is, never would be,” Liz said.
  I don’t mean that way.  He wants to share with the world through us.  Same thing happened to us happened to him in the real world.  For instance, Steve’s smirk is part of the creator’s life like the alley episode.  Every single one of us is a part of him,” Mick said.
  “I see it now.  It does make sense.  The creator put his life in other people to know him better.  What a concept,” Tyler said.
  “Good God!  Am I For Real?” Pink Lady said, joyful tears.
  “You better believe it, Miss Thing!” Mick said.
  “All right!  I can continue making movies, living in Hollywood Hills and be the queen I am.  Thank you, Creator.  You’re a wonderful flamboyant homo,” Pink Lady said.
  “What are we doing here?  It’s time for the prom,” I said.
  “It can wait.  Time is on our side,” Mick said.
  “What??” Everyone said together.
  “The creator isn’t done with this part,” Mick said.
  “By now, people are tired of reading us.  This thing has been going on for too damn long.  Give them a break,” Liz said.
  “Flashback to the gay delicate sequence,” Mick said.
  “What’s the deal with that?  It sounds like a bad movie.  We can’t be all that bad,” Tyler said.
  “As you haven’t notice, we haven’t has wild love making.  We kissed and no sex yet.  Are we really making inroads in Hollywood or what?” Mick asked.
  “My God!  You made a good point.  Why are we waiting for?  What gives, creator?  We suffered enough and went through the drama phases you put us in,” I said.
  “Another Matt Fielding.  Do we need another Matt?  Roseanne should take over the prom.  She doesn’t hold anything back for the gay world.  She’s a true gay icon to look up to.  Her TV show is gay popular.  Gays and lesbians lived in Lanford.  She even kissed a woman at a lesbian bar,” Kelly reminded us.
  “Thirtysomething broke new ground in the late 1980’s.  Two gay men lay in bed together.  Roseanne went even further in the gay 1990’s,” Liz said.
  “Her show stand alone, a crowd of it’s own.  I thought living in the gay 90’s would be easy.  It seems like we are traveling back in time.  The gay delicate sequence thing,” Mick said.
  “You’re driving us crazy.  You haven’t told us yet,” Pink Lady said.
  “Gay Delicate Sequence is a term for Hollywood.  It’s Hollywood showing gays can’t be affection and loving toward the same sex on TV and in the movies while maintaining sexless lives such as Matt Fielding on Melrose Place.  In other words, it isn’t happening for the longest time between the same sex,” Mick said.
  “Aaron Spelling has some nerve.  He pulled the same sex kiss from the cliffhanger couple years back.  All Hollywood cares about is money, anyway they can get it.  They would make it happen to bring in the big bucks.  Aaron and the rest of them are homophobia,” I said.
  “Mighty strong words you use, Steve.  That’s your belief.  People must let it be.  No troubles coming up at all,” Liz said.
  “Wait till Hollywood get a hold on me.  They haven’t sees anything yet.  I would have the gay staying power.  Nobody could run me out of town,” I promised.
  “You better stop!  You better stop!” Kelly said.
  “Freedom of speech, Miss Thing.  Okay!” I said.
  “No ma’am!” Kelly said.
  “Also, the gay delicate sequence means some things isn’t happening for us anywhere.  Gays are too fragile to be notice, simple as that.  It always stop before it gets too deep,” Mick said.
  “Matt Fielding is living proof.  He was sexless after all those years on Melrose Place.  Take me now, Mick.  I can’t hold it any longer.  What are we waiting for?” I asked.
  “The prom!   The prom started without us.  See how you are,” Mick said.
  “You better stop!  First kiss me passionate then we’re off to the prom,” I said, holding his arm.
  “Here goes nothing, Miss Thing.  Close your eyes,” Mick said.

  The creator put us in the front of the school building without explanatory before we get the chance to kiss passionate on each other’s lips.  Déjà vu.  The gay delicate sequence thing ruined our most perfect time.  We wondered how we got there.  No one have the time to find out.  The prom was the only thing on our mind.
  “What are we waiting for?  Let’s do it.  It’s my night to shine bright as the queen, the queen I am.  I have a dream.  Through those doors lays my dream,” I said.
  We walked up the steps.  The doors flew open.
  “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I asked.
  “Nothing.  Your gay beautiful brought me back to the first time I was at your place.  Right before my very eyes, a real woman stand before me in the most flamboyant queen outfit Pink Lady designed.  You’re an amazing queen I ever met,” Mick said.
  “Look at you, the most loyal kind and our sizzling sisters of the Queen’s Court.  Everyone is glamorous in their outfits,” I said.
  “We’re going to let them to have it tonight.  The fairy dust is going to work overtime.  We’re in the life, are they?  I think not,” Liz said.
  “I’m as ready as you are.  Where’s the creator when we need him?” Mick walked up the steps.
  “Guiding us in our hearts to do the thing he haven’t done before,” I responded.
  “Some guidance he turned out to be.  No ma’am,” Liz laughed.
  The prom listened to house music in the gym.  Keith bragged how he ran me out of town to his friends.  Mick walked in alone.
  “Never again I would trust Steve alone at his place.  He made a past at me.  He couldn’t control his sickness.  Man, I decked him one in the mouth.  I drove away fast in the alley.  I gave thanks to God for nothing giving me his illness.  I haven’t seen him since.  Right, bro,” Keith innocence said.
  “Get your fitly arms off of me,” Mick whispered.
  “Where was you during this mess?  We haven’t seen you this past two days.  Welcome back,” Max Brown said.
  “Max, you’re too damn shady.  Why should I talk to you?  You might be his best friend, buy you’re no friend of mine!” Mick continued, “I’m fed up with the both of you.  Lies, lies and more lies!  You tell me.  Where was you during the mess?”
  “The midnight movies with friends in town,” Max lied.
  “You expect me to believe that lie.  Please!  What a sorry ass excuse!  Think a better one.  That one is too damn old.”
  “What spoiled your night?  Let me guess.  Hmm, I see you’re dateless,” Max said.
  “My hand has a date with your mouth soon,” Mick threatened.
  “Temper!  Temper!” Max said.
  “I can’t stand it.  I’m going to walk away like the queen, a queen I am.  Put your eyes on the real queen.  Come out, Miss Things,” Mick yelled.
  I entered the prom with The Queen’s court at my royal side.  All eyes focus on us.  Some mouths dropped, stunned to say any words.  Ears deafen, closed shut from listening.  I kissed Mick on the mouth.
  “You’re turning into a real queen, darling.  I would crown you later,” I said.
  “Dear Lord!” was the only words came out of Keith’s mouth.  He was in the state of shock. Pink Lady and Tyler gracefully pushed the DJ to the side.
  Gays do things a little bit different than the breeders.  I have one thing to say.  Get use to it because we would never stop from reaching the top.  It our nature to change the world which isn’t all-straight to begin with.  We made it possible for men to wear ear rings and numerous other things,” Pink Lady said in the microphone.
  “His clothes are too damn plain, tremendous ugliness at it’s worse.  Fashion Police, please arrest that straight!  All queens are in living color, which suits me, just fine.  I happened to love gays!” Tyler said, kissed by Kelly.
  “Breeders and Queens, it’s time to have a gay ole time starring the Flaming Queen on stage,” Pink Lady said.
  “Be sure to vote on your homecoming King and Queen at the teacher’s table after this RuPaul’s hit song, Supermodel Of The World (You Better Work),” Tyler said.
  I gave everything I got, performing the best I know how.  They had the times of their lives, dancing and singing along including the teachers and the principal.  Others walked out, don’t give a hoot.  Keith finally snapped out of his shock and saw some friends mingled with us.  The Goddess and Beehive showed up, greeted by Keith’s friends.  It drove Keith up the wall.  They cast their votes.
  “We want a real queen, not some cheap imitation!  We want a real queen, a real queen to serve!” The audience chanted.
  I felt so good inside, making a difference in their lives.  Keith’s gang became increasing angrier.  The tea kettle was ready to go odd at any second.  Here comes Keith stomping his feet toward me as I finished the song.  Beehive buzzed over to my safety.
  “I’m ready to sting him in the worse way possible,” Beehive said.
  “What are you going to do about it, sicko?  Put that thing up my ass.  You shouldn’t be here anyway, you damn faggot!” Keith said.
  “A pity fool, you are!  The Goddess and I received a special invitation from her, our queen sister.  We met up once again.  Haven’t we, Keith?”
  “What are you talking about?” Max asked.
  “And your loyal sidekick, Max Brown.  I don’t forget faces and names, guys.  You just met your match,” Beehive stared right into their eyes.
  “She knows those troublemakers.  How?” Liz asked.
  “I’m afraid so.  They gay bashed Beehive couple years back behind Club Q’s parking lot.  I took her in soon afterward.  She didn’t finished school at his wonderful school.  She’s a high school drop out,” The Goddess said.
  They denied of doing so.  The audience listened closely in a circle.  Beehive wiped off her make up.
  “See this.  This scars were cause by you.  I waited a long time for this.  It’s pay back time.”
  “Get away from us.  Buzz off like the bee you are,” Max said.
  “They won’t ever say a word, those white trash,” Beehive said.
  “We don’t have to listen to that nonsense.  You can’t trace it to us, drama queen.  Drama, drama, drama!  It’s so low of you,” Max said.
  “I have nothing against gays,” Keith lied.
  “Who are you fooling?  None of us is laughing.” Beehive said.
  “There is something I have to do.  Come here, Steve,” Mick said.
  “You finally came to your senses.  We can’t let them get to us,” Keith proclaimed.
  “Give it to him.  A good one,” Max scorned.
  “Absolutely!  This is how I fell about him.”
  He took me to his lips, kissing passionately.
  “You do!  My God!  What did he done to you?  You can’t be that way.  Our parents raised you better than that,” Keith said, disgusted.
  “All I can say, he is my man and no one, not ever Max and you, would hurt him like you did a while back.”
  “He should have finish the job too.  He’s turning you into a faggot,” Max said.
  “I became one long time ago.  You can ever ask our parents.”
  “Our parents!  They don’t care for people like those faggots around you.  Those kind caused my mother’s first marriage to break up.  And, now this, you’re a faggot,” Keith said, getting angrier.
  “Stop knocking him down,” I said.
  “You done this to him, you faggot!” Keith said.
  “That does it.  I’m sick and tired of treating us like some kind of disease.  You are…” Mick said.
  “”Some kind of disease.  What about AIDS?  The faggots started the HIV virus.  It shows in the early 80’s.  AIDS was named of the gays,” Max said.
  “Get your facts straight, Miss Thing!  The government misled us and changed the name to AIDS.  It suits everyone else, namely the homosexuals.  We do more raising millions of dollars each year than the straights.  This year, California AIDS Ride 3 made $18 million and each year after that, it would be more successful,” Pink Lady said.
  “The fact is God gave you AIDS to punish you for being sicko!” Keith said.
  “You’re dead wrong.  HIV is for anybody who comes in contact with the virus, unsafe sex, needles, and infected blood.  Remember Ryan Right?  He’s not even gay.  People mistreated him wrong and called him a faggot,” Kelly said.
  “And…what about that faggot, Pedro from MTV’s Real World?  He died from AIDS.  That’s proof enough,” Keith claimed.
  “Those two did a lot to the public.  They brought facts, love and understanding.  In your case, bigotry rules,” Mick said.
  “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for…” Mr. Warlock said in the microphone.
  “Excuse me!  It’s breeders and queens!  When would they get it right?  My God!” The Goddess said.
  “You better stop, Miss Thing!” Tyler said.
  “I’m not done with you, Stephanie,” Keith walked away with his friends.
  “Yes, you are.  Cross him, cross me,” Mick warned.
  “Everyone, please gather around.  Breeders and queens, it's time for the king and the queen of 1996.  At your school, it’s such an honor to have Roseanne announcing our royal subjects at Palace High School,” Mr. Warlock said.
  Roseanne did some comedy pieces about fifteen minutes.  People had such a gay old time, laughed at her funny jokes.
  “Go, Roseanne!”  Beehive said.
  “She’s truly a genius.  She put her life in the Roseanne show.  Her show is based around her life,” Tyler said.
  “I wouldn’t mind being on her show.  For sure, I would put my own life in that show.  This queen is here to stay whether it’s Hollywood or somewhere gay.  You know me.  Okay!” I said.
  “You better stop!” Kelly said.
  Kelly handed Liz a letter.
  “What’s this?” Liz asked.
  “A letter from your sister.  I forgot to give it to you couple days ago,” Kelly said.
  “Oh, no!”  Liz said, a tear fallen.
  “What?” Kelly asked.
  “You wouldn’t believe it.  I feel like its OJ Simpson all over again.  Sally’s boyfriend may have killed my seven-month-old niece, Nancy.  The police believed he did it.”
  “Let’s go outside.  You’re too emotional.  Come with me, Goddess,” Kelly said.
  “Where are you guys going?  Roseanne is ready to announce the new royals,” I said.
  “Something hit her hard.  We never saw Liz like this before.  She needs time with them alone,” Tyler said.
  “Are you ready?” Roseanne pumped up the crowd.
  “You better believe it, Miss Thing,” Mick said.
  “The king is well mannered, my ass!  What a sorry excuse for a king.  He king is Keith Mancuso.”
  The crowd boos and hissed.  They threw things at Keith walking up on the stage.
  “Is that how your treat a true queen?  My own people look up to me.  Look at them, not a royal pain in my ass.  I can’t wait for my Princess Diana became Queen.  Whosoever that is. She would be my queen.”
  “Princess Diana would eat you alive and spit you out like dirt.  She’s more popular than Prince Charles and you’re no Prince Charles, just the Jokester,” I yelled.
  “You’re in bad taste.  The king, your king would have your head,” Max said.
  “Your king would suck me dry.  That faggot!  I would rather have this king at this side,” I said.
  “Why, you...” Max said.
  “You opened the door, Miss Thing,” Mick said.
  “Cut it out, Max!  I’m warning you.  I can hold you back a grade.  I’m the principal.”
  “That faggot is ruining our prom.  This isn’t the Queen’s prom,” Max said.
  “Starting tonight, it is.  Steve opened a lot of doors for us queens.  I have been happily married to the choir director, Luke Spencer, this past ten years.  It takes guts to come out gay and proud.  I love being gay.  Tonight is a new beginning for Palace High.  No scum would destroy it for us.  I can’t see it any other way.”
  “I’m stunned.  I had no ideal he is gay,” I said.
  “Liz did.  She’s the only person till now.  She caught Luke and me kissing in my office two years ago.  I trusted her to keep it a secret.  She promised when an openly gay student comes to this Palace, she watches out for him.  She knew this town is prejudice against gays.  You got to give her a hand.  She’s doing a hell of a job protecting you.  She loves you as her own sister.”
  “Liz.  Where’s Liz?” I asked.
  “I’m right behind you.  Let’s talk later.  Roseanne, who’s the new queen?”
  “What’s a better way to run this high school?  My God!  It runs by the Queen, Mr. Warlock,” Roseanne continued, “Sorry, Mr. Warlock. This palace needs a new queen.  Hand over the crown to The Flaming Queen, Steve!”
  “You got to be kidding, Roseanne.  No!  It can’t be right!  This doesn’t say Steve.  What are you trying to pull?” Keith said, upset.
  “The will of God, sweetie.  If you don’t like it, you can always leave.  Nobody is going to stop you.  Not by us, queens anyway,” I said.
  “Look at me.  I’m fed up with you.  This high.  I don’t want to be in the same room with your faggot friends and you.”
  “Steve, your crown awaits you.  Come on the stage,” Mr. Warlock said.
  “Face it.  I’m the new queen and forevermore,” I said, walked on the stage.
  “I found them.  Steve.  Steve.  Flaming Queen.  Steve.  Liz.  What’s this?  Signed by Kevin Nicks for Steve.  I can’t believe you, Kevin.  Vote for a faggot.  You’re one of my closest friends.”
  “Was.  I can’t associate with homophobia people.  You’re one of them.  The hatred you have is way below me.  I’m much better than that.  My collage brother is gay and, better yet, I’m bisexual.  It runs in the family.  You’re out of control.  Some friends of yours can’t believe you can bee so hateful toward people.”
  “In front of everyone, your popularity slide down big down.  Who want a king who is homophobia?  We want a real king at this Palace,” Mick said.
  “The moment is for me, specialty the gay people.  Mick, do the honors of crowning me.  That king is not worth it,” I said.
  Keith threw his crown at me.  I ducked.
  “Fuck you.  You can go to hell where you belong.  Burn in hell,” Keith said.
  “Let’s leave, Keith,” Max said.
  “Not yet!”
  “Can’t you see it?  We are defeated.  This fighting is useless.  They are gaining more friends and we’re losing ours.”
  “You can leave.  I’m still not pleased.  It supposed to be my night.  I ended up with that queen.  The palace is against us,” Keith said, pulling out a gun at me.
  “Dear lord!” Someone said.
  “What do you got to say now?  I’m in control with this gun.  I would use it on you,” Keith continued, shot out a ceiling light, “Do you see that?  It could have been you.  Try me.  I would personality kill you.  No one move or talk.  You’re next after him.  How does it feel?  The gun is aiming right at you.”
  “Give me that gun,” Max said.
  “Shut up.  You knew all along I’m not playing around with faggots.”
  “You didn’t mention you have a gun.  I had butterflies in my stomach.”
  “Cause I can’t trust anyone, not even my own brother.  I must do what I must do.  I reached a boiling point.  This is the end.”
  “Everyone, listen up.  Do you know why Keith is being a completely asshole?  His own father left his mom and him for another man.  Can you believe that?  Since then, Keith turned cold toward gays and vowed to destroy gays if they cross his path.  Is that homophobia or what?  Long time ago, I came out to our mom.  She saw signs before I did when I was a small kid.  Mom didn’t want him to know about me.  She knew he wouldn’t like it one bit.  It shows us that some gays must stay in that closet against homophobia people like Keith, my own fresh and blood.”
  “You’re lying.  My dad is confused, mentally ill.”
  “Excuses, excuses.  You won’t even talk about your dad.  I see it in your eyes.  Pure hatred.  You’re venting your anger on Steve for something your sad did.  Our parents raised you better than that.  Get over it, girl!” Mick said.
  “Please give me that gun.  I don’t want to end up in prison for life,” Max said.
  “You’re way in too deep.  We broke into his apartment.  We destroyed everything in sight.  You’re part of this,” Keith said.
  “Other than that, you went overboard and buy a gun without my knowledge.  I should have quit before you pull me in any further.  My God!  What was I thinking?  I wish I can go back in time and stop hanging around with you the same time Kevin stop.  Kevin is a smart guy,” Max said.
  “What’s your fucking point?” Keith said.
  He aimed the gun at Max.
  “I don’t hate gays as much as you do.  I thought it was their problem, not mine.  You fed me crazy stupid things.  I started to believe you.  We gay bashed Beehive and others in the gay area.  We took one to a graveyard and…oh, God…and buried him alive.  I think I’m going to throw up.  Now, I see you have the problem.  To me, they’re nice Christian people.  They are who they are.  What’s wrong with that?  They’re humans.  Bleed the same blood, red.  Are they aliens?  I can’t stand this nonsense.  Thanks to you.  I may end up in prison.”
  “You can end up in hell like the rest.” Keith fired the gun.
  “Noooo!” Mick screamed.
  Max died in Mick’s arms.  The lights went out.  People scattered for cover in the darkness.  Another shot was heard.  An innocence bystander yelled in pain.  Pink Lady and Keith wrestled, The Goddess joined in.
  “I got the gun,” Pink Lady said.
  “Keith isn’t going anywhere.  I’m on him,” The Goddess said.
  “Get off, fat slob.”
  “Fat chance.  Wait till the police arrive.  I hear them now.”
  Mr. Warlock turned on the lights and explained what happened with Beehive’s help.  The ambulance people works on Max and the bystander; they were rushed to the hospital.  Mick was distraught by Max’s death, blamed him.  Kevin mentioned nothing could be done.  Max’ mind was an easy target, Keith played on that weakness for his revenge.  In Mick’s eyes, Max was going back to his old self, a lovable person.  He stands by his friends no matter what they are and don’t question their Christian beliefs.  The police arrested Keith for numerous of things, gay bashing, murder, and breaking into an entrance.

  “It finally came to an end.  The nightmare is over,” I said, hugging Mick.
  “Speaking of nightmares, the OJ Simpson things cross into my sister’s family.  The police think Eli did my niece in somehow.  Child Protection Service took the other two away.  My sister is in a nervous wreck.  This is the break I have been looking for.  An bittersweet break,” Liz said.
  “We were afraid the day would some soon.  Things won’t be the same,” Kelly said.
  “Your sister needs you more.  Living with your aunt is too damn gross.  The aunt’s house isn’t worth the troubles.  Leave it behind you and go on with your life,” I said.
  “The good thing is the house she is living in, our mom left the house to Sally in her will.  Patty can’t touch the house.  The house was supposed to be mine.  I don’t want that house.  Simple as that,” Liz said.
  “When are you leaving?” Tyler asked.
  “I want to leave tomorrow.  I’m staying till Max’s funeral is over.  I’m outta here.”
  “Same here.  Giving Max the respect he deserved.  He didn’t turn out to be that bad.  That bastard misled him.  He turned up dead,” I said.
  “I just realized something.  The queen’s Court is breaking up.  Mick and Steve are Hollywood bound with Pink Lady and Liz is going to Sally’s.  Only Kelly and I would be here,” Tyler said.
  “Excuse me, Miss Thing.   I’m enrolling to finish high school, a twelve grade.  Somebody need to take Steve’s place and I happened to be that person,” Beehive said.
  “You better stop!” The Goddess said.
  “This night was the bomb.  I can’t wait till next year.”  Beehive said.
  “She’s planning for next year’s prom.  I know that look from anywhere,” I said.
  “Don’t give my ideals away.  I might be the princess.  I can still sting you in the worst possible way,” Beehive laughed.
  “By the way, Steve, life imitates art.  The prom I sent you in the mail last year.  The prom came to life and we lived it,” Pink Lady said.
  “The one by Steve Carey.  What have you learn about Steve?  I’m so intrigue by him.  Fro some strange reason, I absolutely don’t know why.  Maybe we’re the same person.  No, he’s my twin brother.  I like that better,” I said.
  “Miss Thing, came back to Earth.  You’re millions of miles away,” Liz said.
  “Sorry.  I think we’re connected in some way.  It sounds stupid.”
  “Well!  I came across his white notebook with his poems at The Daily Grinde.  Some children’s stories were in it too.  I look around from him.  He was gone.  Some poems I can relate to.  Come to think of it.  I put Stepping Stones in your wallet.  You brought it,” Pink Lady said.
  “I found it.  Here’s Steve,” Tyler said.
  I read the poem out loud.
  “What can I say?  It’s beautiful.  He most beautiful poems I read.  Life itself.  This poem represents how far we go in life on the stepping-stones.  We may fall down.  We must start all over again where we fell or in the beginning on the first stone,” I said.
  “That poem was in West Hollywood Homeless Organization’s newsletter.  He used to be homeless.  Stepping Stones inspired him to go far in life.  Nobody knows where Steve is.  I left the notebook at WHHO.  Somebody picked it up for him,” Pink Lady said.
  “Very strange indeed,” Kelly said.
  “I say,” Tyler said.
  “You’re buying that.  Get real,” The Goddess said
  “What’s your problem?” Liz asked.
  “This doesn’t seem right.  Life intimates art.  Art intimates life.  Where are we?  Are we stuck in the middle?  Is this our life and times?  That mystery I am interest in.  The prom comes to life.  Is this really the end?” The Goddess continued, “Another thing, we’re playing right in Steve Carey’s hands.  I see the connection from his poems to the prom.  How?  I have no ideal.  This is getting to me.  I’m leaving with Beehive.”
  “Queen’s Court, she is never wrong about those kind of things.  Take care, everybody.  Have fun,” Beehive said.
  “The only thing I want to do is finish the prom.  Who knows?  This may be building up to another chapter of our lives.  The lives we have now became our past lives.  The new lives are our focus point for the present.  The Loin King showed up tonight,” I laughed.
  “This is Walt Disney or the cartoons, just real life,” Tyler said.
  “What I mean.  Simba’s uncle, Scar, killed his father, Mufusa, to become King and run Simba off to the woods from becoming king.  Scar was next in line to be the kind.  In our case, King Keith wouldn’t want a real queen at his side and went crazy with his jokester after he found out I want to be the queen at the prom.  His kingdom crumbled.  The jokester played out his last hand.  Keith did themselves both in.  The last person standing is the next in line to be king which is Prince Mick,” I said.
  “I have never thought of that way before.  Keith is Scar, Mick is Mufusa and Simba is you, the so called straight one,” Tyler said.
  “Breeders and Queens, I have an important announcement.  Keith the Great is no longer king of this palace.  The new king, who makes perfect sense, is Prince Mick.  Bow down to the new royal couple, Steve and Mick!”  Mr. Warlock said.
  Everyone praised us.  The new Queendom came upon us.  The only true royals, people can look up to and trust we show everyone as equals unlike Keith and his cronies.
  “Long live the queens!  Long live the queens!” People chanted.
  “Speak, Steve, speak!” Pink Lady said.
  “In one gay spirit night, I rebuild this palace.  Nobody would take it away from us.  We put the trash out.  There wouldn’t be trashy people forever.  A new beginning to conquer anything that comes our way.  I have a dream.  I went up against homophobia.  I took my pace in this palace, which is rightfully mine to begin with.  I’m the real queen.  You’re my friends, every single one of you.  I came a long way to get where I’m tonight.  Right here, your queen and your king.  Remember, live your dreams and the person you are!” I said.
  “Long live the queens.  Long live the queens!” the crowd proudly said.
  “And now The Flaming Queen is performing live the song from ABBA, I Have A Dream,” Liz said in the microphone.


1.    Kelly Davis – Tyler’s white girlfriend.  Liz brought them together.

2.    Tyler Cole – Kelly’s white boyfriend.  They are few straights at Club Q.

3.    Liz Cox – Patty’s B/W niece.  The school’s sweetheart for two years running.

4.    I, Flaming Queen – flamboyant, gay.  Other students treated me badly.  Kelly, Liz and Tyler took me under their wings.  Motivated by Keith to be the queen at the prom.  I am a make up artist.

5.    Patty Shaw – Liz’s black pig aunt, they don’t get along.  Patty’s raise Liz after Annie’s death.

6.    Sally Cox – Liz’s older black half sister.  Sally has three kids, Brian, Tammy & Denise.  Brian doesn’t have the same father as his sisters.

7.    Annie Cox – Liz’s black mom, Patty’s sister.  She passed away in the late 70’s.  Liz is the splitting image of Annie; has the same qualities.

8.    Pink Lady – my gay cousin in Weho.  Drag queen/movie star.  He has a black mom and a white dad; he is mostly black.

9.    Keith Mancuso – Liz’s white ex.  Despise gays.  We considered him to be the head fake, loved by all – NOT!  Liz left him to be part of the regular crowd.  Running next to Liz in popularity.  He does anything to remain popular.

10.    Frank Mancuso – Keith’s gay white dad. Left them for another man.

11.    Susan Mancuso – Keith’s white mom.  She knew Mick is gay since he was a small kid & didn’t want to tell Keith about it.

12.    Tony Hart – Mick’s white dad, Keith’s step dad.

13.    Mick Hart – Keith’s gay white half brother.  He hid his gayness from Keith.  Hollywood bound with Steve and Pink Lady.

14.    Danny – Black.  Club Q’s valet.

15.    Queenie – Mexican.  Club Q’s door person.

16.    Beehive – white, gay.  Club Q’s performer.  Recognized Mick from somewhere.  Doesn’t like Pink Lady & I, felt like PL stole her chance at stardom.  Keith & Max gay bashed her couple years back.  Goddess took her in.

17.    The Goddess – gay, white.  Taught PL everything she knows about performing.  Made PL the person she is today.  A car crash wrecked her dreams and lived her dreams through PL.

18.    Lust Fantasy – Latino, gay.  Club Q’ performer.

19.    Max Brown – white, straight.  Keith’s best friend.  Second in command of Keith’s group.  Keith made him to hate gays; completely turnaround – likes gays, Keith killed him.

20.    Mr. Warlock – gay, Latino.  The principal.  Luke’s boyfriend.  Liz caught Luke and him kissing, kept their secret.

21.    Roseanne – Famous TV star. Introduced the new king & queen of school year 96/97.

22.    Eli – Sally’s white boyfriend.  The police think he did Denise in.

23.    Luke Spenser – Mr. Warlock’s white boyfriend.  The choir director.

24.    Kevin Nicks – white, bisexual.  Keith’s closest friend.  He stop hanging around Keith, Kevin’s collage bro is gay.


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.