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 Copyright 2003 Kazz Falcon

Child Molester
By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Michael Jackson
The needed less fortunate children was an easy prey
They came from a broken homes and/or sick
I brought them happiness at Netherland
They trusted me
I gained their trust
They wanted to sleep over
The parents wouldn't mind at all
I let them to sleep with me
I don't find it that strange
Afterall, I was still a kid
I had lots of toys and fun things to do
What kid wouldn't want to spend time with me?
I was a real ife Peter Pan
No one will suspect a thing from me
We became so close in the friendship
Now, I was treated like a smooth criminal
Some kids accused me of molesting them
Really, their parents just want money from me
Why can't the press and the police see the extortion?
Everyone was in a uproar about me
I just can't be judge for being a child molester


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2. Michael Alig - World famous club kid, who killed his drug dealer over money in NYC! Macaulay Culkin played Michael Alig in The Party Monster, a movie based on James St James' true life book!

Special Note - Michael's address was UPDATED on March 21, 2005, Monday.

3. Michael Alig Pictures - I just add another page for Michael Alig pictures. I run out of space on this page.

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7. Favourites - Do I have to say more?

8. Star Connections - Yes, I have some connections to the stars in Hollyweird, the land of the freaks!

10. Nadia Bjorlin - former soap star on Days Of Our Lives.

11. 6th Degrees - Growing Pains/Days Of Our Lives connection.

12. Ryan Scott - He played Harold, a gay guy, on Days Of Our Lives.

14. The Beginning - the end of my relationship with Miguel.

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16. Games - my favourites

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18. Stalker - Ooooohhhhh, I became a damned stalker in ten minutes!

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21. Life Story - about yours truly.

22. Taylor's Art - my talented best friend's art.

23. Soaps - Nighttime and Classics  

BRAND NEW!  24. Journal Dates - my Old Journal from 2001.

Don't worry. I won't probe you - not yet anyway! LOL

I came in this world in 1969, where I, somehow, born to human beings! I don't have the slightest ideal how that happen.

Then again, I should know. I am an alien. hehe

I travelled through many miles to get where I am comfortable in life. Some humans just don't treat me right.

I left home to find my own kind of aliens. I am a gentle soul with love to offer.

I got to go now. Till the next time, I seek out love, peace and understanding among the humans.

Here is something little about me.

I lived in Hollyweird, the land of the freaks

I recently broke up with my ex lover in September 2002; it was a good thing to do!

At this very moment, I must figure out what I want to do with my life; I don't have the slightest ideal yet!

My soaps are Days Of Our Lives, Bold & Beautiful, Young & Restless & Passions. I used to watch All My Children; I was so excited about Bianca being a lesbian! I usually tape my soaps and watch them at night.

Queer As Folk is my favourite too!

I loved REALITY TV. Sometimes, they are much better than the soaps! LOL

They are Joe Millionaire, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Survivor, Surreal Life, Fear Factor, Simple Life, Real World and the longest reality TV show ever, COPS!

Of course, I love The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Futurama, South Park and Ren & Stimpy!

My stats are lucky 7, 6', white TOP, 185 lbs, brown hair/eyes, 32, average.

My hobbies & interests are british TV, my fabulous place, 3rd street (SM), city walk, movies, melrose, walk of fame, beaches and fun stuff.

I loved hanging out with friends.

My favourite music are dance, house, techno, trance, and disco.

I am an artist!

What I am looking for?

warmth, love, open minded, friendly, caring, special times, thoughtfulness, happiness, good listener, my own person, nice, outgoing, trustworthy, str8forwarding, sweet, sincere, mature, charming, understanding, wise, motivated, responsiable, huggable, people`s person, observe, strong, faith in God, smiles, optimism and no crap from anyone.

I know we're not PERFECT.  Hey, I could dream for the most perfect guy out there.  The truth is I know it's unrealistic for all the things I listed!!  So, I would settle for 90%.  Nothing more, nothing less!  I'm looking for friends.  Lovers comes and goes, friends are hard to come by!

My Favorite Links

1. ScareyKATT's Yahoo Group - anyone can join my group.

2. Gaysville - a defunct gay soap.

3. Reactions - I started a "Reactions group."  I must find a place to hold the group!

4. Planet OUT - Are u out on this planet?  LOL

5. Gay - Be gay from the USA

6. C1TV - Queer as Folks is the British version from C1TV.  Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on Channel 39 in Los Angeles.

7. Groove Radio - Groove was on 103.1 in LA.  The web has the Groove now.

8. Gaydar UK - an gay site from the UK, somewhat like Gay.com.

9. Launch - Yahoo's radio & music videos!!  You can have your personal radio station on the web!!

10. BBC Radio - Sometimes, I listened to BBC radio while I'm on the web. The Archers & Mel & Sue Thing are my favorites on BBC 4!!

11. American Idol - the latest news of the idols and upcoming season!

12. Will Young - UK's first POP IDOL!!

13. Encarta - Dictionary on the web.

15. Digital Spy - entertainment news from UK.

16. Poetry - A very good site for Poets. You can find me under KAZZ FALCON.

17. WavSounds - We all played them at one time or another. Nobody use them in the AOL chats anymore. They was quite POPULAR in the late 1990's.

18. Seeing Stars - popular Hollywood site.

19. The Simpsons Achive - the latest happenings about The Simpsons

20. Reality TV World - your latest news from Reality TV

21. Zone UK - your favourite games you can play on MSN for FREE! I loved Spades, Backgammon, Collapse and Chess.

22. Black People Love Us - very humorous site about the whites!    

23. IFILM - they showed all types of short movies!! Be sure to sign up to watch them!

24. Black Planet - a hugely popular site for Blacks.

25. Media UK -

26. Days - my favourite soap

27. Zap - entertainment news.

28. NBC Media -

29. Loreena McKennitt - popular singer, much like Enya.

30. IMDB - movies database

33. TV Tome -  

34. Pazsaz - run down of all tv shows

35. About - What you need to know about......

36. RuPaul - Supermodel Of The World

37. TV Guide Live - Canada's version

38. Internet Archive - find old dead web sites like this one or this one.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.