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   I was dead for some time in my family; I didn't feel like I was part of that family. No, make that always. There were some secrets I kept deep down in my soul, which I can no longer hold. The secrets I wasn't proud of nor the actions I did. Man, the actions conflict some pain on anyone close to me. Yet, I got away with worse things I could have imagined. I went on doing on something drastic that the hurt is comforted by the actions. In a way, the drastic actions were my comfort food. It disappeared the hurt for a little while.
  I was homeless for the second time in Hollyweird, the land of the freaks. I thought about the past with my family. If I had the love of a family, I will never end up being homeless for the umpteenth time. Family supposed to be there for you. I was homeless numerous times in the past. The second time of homelessness, the family hurt boiled back to the surface. I wanted some kind of revenge to pay my family back in spades. If things were different back then with the family, we will be a close-knit family. Something changed the family few years ago.
  I figured out what revenge I wanted. Since I was dead to my family, why don't I send them a little something? Death was around the corner. I want them to feel the pain of losing someone for real. That revenge was satisfying for me. I carefully planned the execution of a loved one. The police nor the family could trace it back to me. I didn't tell my friends at Foundation House my death plan. I wanted it to be perfect revenge I ever thought of. I can't tell some friends all my plans; some will spoil the plan. I can't risk of telling any friends.  I mostly keep all my friends in the dark when I do drastic plans.
  I wrote everything down what I wanted to say. It has been so long that I forgot what I wrote. I know I died of AIDS. Why not? After all, I was HIV positive. AIDS could kill me one of these days, but I won't let it. It needs to hurt the family in a worse way possible. I can't leave anything out of the plan. Back then, I think they knew my HIV status. I remembered that we discussed medications at a fast food restaurant by the local high school. I lied that I was still taking them. I stopped after a year. I hate taking medications. I really don't need them. I was a healthy horse. Mom believed me; she thought I wouldn't do such a thing. She hardly knows me at all. She doesn't want to face up the truth.
  The revenge took place where death lurked in the letter. They didn't know I was homeless at that time. It will be hard to find me. Yet, I was dead to them. Why bother searching? I was already dead. I was finally free, thanks to the revenge. I could live my own life with no family interference. I really don't care about the family, mostly mommy dearest. She was no Joan Crawford. She never abused us like Joan did. Hmm, actions speak louder than words. I had to keep that in mind. Actions speak louder than words. What mom did was much worst than Joan Crawford ever did to her kids. I bet that's why I ended up in the streets many times. I wanted no part of her. She hurt me in the worst way possible. I didn't feel the love from her. To this day, even my own siblings have no clue how our mother hurt us till this book comes out.
  February 1999, Carol called me up to the front desk. She mentioned some woman wanted to talk with me. I had an awful feeling about this lady. I wondered how she found me. Carol explained that she didn't tell her I lived at Foundation House. The staff wasn't allowed to tell anyone. I was dumb enough to answer the damn phone. No ma'am! It was my little sister, Robin. She was happily crying to hear that I was alive in Los Angeles. I wished I hadn't talk to her. I will let them continued to believe I died of AIDS. She brought up the letter that Nick sent. Mom feared I was dead. Hello, I was dead! She doesn't want anything to do with me. Suddenly, she mentioned that they want me to come home. My "supposed AIDS" death was a wake up call for them.
  What have I got myself into? Things shouldn't go this far. Hollywood was my REAL home, not Texas. All my life, I was drawn to Hollywood. I gave up my cowboy hat for a Hollywood star. I was never a damned Texan in my life. Yes, I was born in Fort Worth on November 24, 1969. The cowboy was never me to begin with. I was more of a pussy, an alien and/or a star. Those three were my essences of my being. I lived for those three things. I don't want it any other way either. Why, Texas again? I hated that state with a passion. There was nothing there for me. Yeah, I had my friends and the so-called family. That was just about it.
  For some reason, Robin convinced me to go home, which was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. My friends at the shelter believed it was a dumb move on my part. They knew I will be back in Hollywood. I was happier than I ever was in my life. Hollywood was so me. It was really in my blood. I should stay in the streets than going back to boring Texas. I really didn't have a life up there. My life was Hollywood, then and now! I couldn't see living nowhere else. I was quite comfortable and happy in my hometown of Hollyweird, the land of the freaks. It was sad to leave my friends behind at the shelter. I will never see some of them again. They will move on to much better things. I gave away some CDs to them. I couldn't take everything back to Fort Worth. I had too much crap.
  For a change, I decided to take Amtrak for the first time. I took Greyhound so many times all over the states. The scenery from the trains will do me so good unlike the buses. I will get there faster on the trains. I packed four big bags. Brian Alt and others gave me a goodbye hug. My two friends, Grek and Charles, helped me with my bags to downtown in a taxicab. Charles took the trains before; he knew what to do when we arrived at Amtrak. I gave them some money for helping me. They were happy I was going home. I haven't had any clue I went back to Texas. Maybe, I like the ideal of having a family that I can depend on and to love. In a way, it felt so good to have that. I could put the hurtful past behind me and start anew with the family. Was I dreaming?
  After a day, I arrived in Fort Worth. Mom wasn't there yet. I called her to pick me up. She was glad I was in town. I waited to pick up my bags till she came to Amtrak. I saw that she got herself a Used Car; she needed one for work and such. The car was nice. We caught up with life. I didn't say much; there was nothing much to tell. I was homeless. Ohhh, wasn't my life exciting? There was nothing exciting being homeless.
  She mentioned a lot changed a lot. Aunt Karlena finally stole her rightful house. Grandmother left the Perry house to her and the other one on Sussex belonged to Karlena. I learned the city destroyed the Sussex house. There was no wonder that Karlena took over the Perry house. I didn't ask how that happen. It wasn't right that mom wasn't living on Perry Drive. Instead, mom took care of Mrs. Birdwell, my grandmother's long time neighbor in White Settlement. Mrs. Birdwell wasn't in good shape since her husband died few months earlier. She didn't want to go on without him; she missed him very much. She wanted to be with him in Heaven. Mom stayed with her.
  We first checked on Mrs. Birdwell. She was fragile and moved slowly with her cane. She remembered me. Mom gave her medication. It broke my heart to see her that way. So badly, she wanted to go home to her husband. I don't blame her. She was lost without him. They truly love each other for many decades. I was anxious to stop by next door.  You know my grandmother's house. I bet Karlena destroyed that house too, from inside and out, much like the Sussex house. She has a natch for ruining houses; she was pig style. I didn't get a chance to see the house. We were at Birdwell's for a short time. Then off to Robin's apartment, wherever it may be.
  We arrived at Robin's. Damn, she lived far away from grandmother's. It was a nice neighborhood near the air base, but it was really far from the bus stops. God, why can't she live closer to the bus stops?  Well, I can't go out that often. I won't walk from Foxfire Lane all the way to the bus stop over an hour each way in the hot sun. Fudge that!  As I recalled, the nearest bus stop was at Ridgemar Mall. The other nearest bus stop was at Calmont/Las Vegas, near my other sister, Judy. Both bus stops probably have the same walking distance from Foxfire Ln. There I was.  I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get around was a ride from the family; that was hard to do. Robin was hardly home to get a ride. She supported her two kids; she doesn't have time to drag me everywhere. Knowing that, sadness slowly crept back into my miserable life. Things didn't get any better in the long run.
  The family was ecstatic to see me after all these years away. The kids grew a lot. I was quite fond of the kids; they were the sweetest kids that Robin raised. She was doing a fabulous job being a single parent. Brian, Robin's boyfriend, helped her a big deal. The kids looked him up as a father; he has other kids too.
  Robin didn't have a phone nor a computer. I decided to put in a phone line for us. She really needs a phone. She may have an emergency with her kids somehow. Really, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted America Online again. Hey, I need to do something with my time in Fort Worth. After all, I was basically stuck every day, nothing to do. The web was my world. I could do places on the web. I persuaded Brian to take me to the phone place to pay a deposit for the phone. Everyone was happy about the phone. I was happier than all of them.
  A day later, Mom, Brian, Robin, the kids and I went to Circuit City to get a computer. I knew what I wanted right then and there. I could afford to buy a computer. I saved lots of money at the homeless shelter. I mentioned I need the computer for art, stories and the web. We didn't waste any time there. Thank God for computers! If we didn't have computers nor the web, I will automatically turn a male prostitute. The computer was my peace from the boredom. We hook up the computer in the livingroom. I showed them how the web works.
  This computer gave me all sorts of problems. Mom, the kids and I took it back. They wouldn't allow to exchange the computer. I was pist off. In the beginning, the guy promised us for an exchange. He caved in and gave us a new one. We were back on track. The kids love the games with that young fish. They had so much fun. They also like the young car game too. I was a happy camper for the time being. Sometimes, my sister goes online in the evening time; she was getting to be a real pro for the web.
  There was one person who wasn't happy to see me back in town. My brother, James, didn't like it one darn bit! I was cruising the web. No one else was home. I heard a knock on the door. I saw it was my brother through the peep hole. I knew something bad was up. I opened the door. James suddenly became angry; he looked like he was ready to deck me, but he controlled himself. He was still angry thou. He asked if Robin was here. No, she wasn't. I invited him in like a good brother will. He refused to come in and left. I wondered what's that about. It occurred to me that I already know. No one knew about Nick's letter. I let things be with him. He can be angry, but I didn't do anything wrong at all. It was just my life! We hardly talk whenever he come over to visit Robin and the kids. I was merely a ghost to him. I didn't let my brother gets to me; he can waste time on his anger. I won't waste my time worrying about it. I had important things to think about.
  The boredom got to me big time. I was unhappy with my boring life. I regretted leaving my hometown. I missed my home, Hollywood and, mostly, my friends. I didn't have a life in Texas. I hated staying home all time. I didn't have any friends to hang out with. I haven't see any of my friends since I left Fort Worth the first time in November 1989. I lost contact with all of them, including my family many times over. To this day, I had no contract with them. I really don't want any contract at all. That life was over with. I care less about them. I moved on with my life since I left home the first time. It will be good that I have friends during that time. I haven't talk to any friends in a long time. I haven't had any clue of where to look.
  The only friends I knew of were my family of friends in Los Angeles. What have I done to deserve it? I gave up my real Hollywood family for a fraud family. What was I thinking? That family was meaningless. I want my Hollywood friends in my life! I must have been on drugs or something. I traded something good for something awful, a family that I was never a part of. I need to stop doing drugs. I need to stop drinking. I was being honesty with my feelings; that's what count the most. I can't stand living in Fort Worth any longer. I wanted to go home where I always belong in Hollyweird, the land of the freaks.
  Some nights, I cried asleep. I was alone. Nobody was there for me. I can't go on living like this. I missed my friends back home. At least, I had drugs to comfort me. Drugs were my only friends I ever had, next to alcohol. I didn't do drugs when the kids were around. I did it when the sister was at work and the kids were at school. I hide the drugs from them. I kept my drug use from them.
  One time, the little niece almost caught me smoking weed in the downstairs restroom one late night. I was depressed. I took a chance for a hit. I thought they will be sleeping. The weed went up the wrong socket. I coughed badly. I couldn't stop from coughing. I didn't hear someone walked down the stairs. I did my best not to make loud noises. I drank some water to clear my throat. I gasped for some air. I can't believe it! I misplaced the air refresher. I searched for it in the restroom. Where it could be? I remembered the air refresher was in the computer desk.
  I snuck out of the restroom to the desk. It was in the secret hiding place. No one knew where to find my stash of drugs and the air refresher. Silly, me! The last hit wasn't that good. The cough ruined it for me. I lit up a new joint. I noticed a shadow sitting on the stairs. The shadow just stared right at me. I thought I was seeing things, then the shadow walked to me. Boy, I was in trouble. The shadow was my niece all this time. She just came down to check on me. The coughing woke her up from the sleep. She was worried about me. She mentioned there was a funny smell. Oh, God! The new one was still lit! I put it out in my cocktail. I told her that it was the new air refresher. Then she asked me why am I hiding that air fresher behind my back. I could think of nothing fast.
  I explained that this one made me cough. I tried to get rid of it before anyone see it. She pondered that God awful smell. I mentioned don't worry about it. I will take care of it after I take her straight to bed. She shouldn't be up so late. She has school in the morning. I stuck her in bed. I gently closed their door. Man, that was a close call. I walked fast down the stairs and sprayed the air fresher in the livingroom and the bathroom. She promised she won't tell anyone a thing. I fixed myself another cocktail and cruised for sex online. I usually hit the jackpot with the men. Some men have drugs for sexual favors. I get the drugs for free. I did anything for my drugs, mostly unsafe sex. They didn't know I was HIV positive. Since I didn't have friends, sex, drugs and alcohol were the next best things for me.
  I met few homosexuals on AOL. Some gave me advice, drugs for sex, a passionate ear, among other things. A certain guy wanted to help to go home, my real home. I flat out refused. I got myself in the mess. I want nobody to help me. It was my mess I started. I need to clean up my mess. An ear was helpful. I vented out my frustrations about my situation. It felt to good to talk to someone. I hadn't it that in a long time. I thought things will be looking up by now. I had someone to talk. I can enjoy life. No one could take the good feeling away. I was in control once again. I won't let anyone to take over my life. I was my own boss. I will make my own happiness.
  The happiness and the control didn't last long. I found out that Mrs. Birdwell passed away. Her death changed my life to the worst. Damned her! Damned her! That old bat ruined my life! She should be proud of herself. Damned her to hell! She won't get a visit from me. I won't go to her funeral. She cursed my life! She wasn't that innocense. No sweet lady will ruin someone's life like she did. Now, my life was in turmoil. Her death made me to be stuck in Fort Worth. There was no way out at all. I was dumbstruck. Why couldn't she wait few more years? Her husband wasn't going anywhere. He was in heaven. Hell, no! She was greedy to end her life AND MINE to be with her dead husband. Damned her!
To be continued.......one of these days.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.