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I got bored with life in winter 1988. I need some kind of excitement in my life. I turned to shoplifting for a rush. At first, things went smoothly. Man, I had a fagulous shoplifting spree. I mostly did the deed at Kmart, Wal Mart and Target. I think I stole at the mall too.
My good friend, George Molinar, was the getaway driver. We hardly get caught. I wore two coats. The winters was pretty cold. So, I have a good excuse to wore two coats. George can't afford to be arrest. He mentioned I have to take the fall for him.
George had a family to support; he had an daughter, Christina, and a wife. They lived in the country. His mother and his siblings lived in town on the same street; few houses down from me. I spent the night with them in the country or his mom's. We was quite close. The country was peaceful; there was no noise from miles and miles. They were happy in the country. Me, on the other hand, I was a city queen. I won't live in the country. It wasn't for me. There was nothing to do. The country was so damn boring.
One sunny cold day at K Mart, i was being myself. I had a good feelling about shoplifting. Of course, George or someone else, I don't remembered who, waited for me in the truck. I normally looked at the tapes and picked out the ones we wanted. My friends always gave me a list of the tapes.
After I got the tapes, I went to the shoe section. I carefully looked around, minding my business. I felt so awesome; it was a good feeling. No one saw me that I put four tapes under the first coat and the other four in the second coat. i went on looking at more stuff. So far, so good. I walked out slowly and made it out ALIVE! Once again, they didn't catch me red handed. We went back to his mom's place. His brothers was happy to get the tapes from me.  I was quite good being a thief. No one noticed it, not even my family, only some friends know. They won't say a damn thing. If they did, their brother, George, will go down with me.
Time passes, it was time for another hit at Target. We dropped his daughter off at schoo first, then we went straight to Target. Yeah, I wore the two coats again, but it was kinda hot for the two coats. I think I was being cocky; I was that fagulous.
George drove around the parking lot and dropped me off. He finally park the car and waited for me. I decided I need some cigs; I don't have any on me. I put two packs of Marlboros in my coat pocket. I looked at the music tapes. This time, I got four tapes. I ventured out of the door. The worker caught me red handed outside. I noticed George drove away from the scene of the crime. He took me up to the office. I gave him all the things I stole. He called the police and they came fast. I was placed in handcuffed. I was off to jail for the first time in my life.
I spent the night in jail. They sent me to another location; the other jail was crowded. It was cold that I couldn't sleep that much. I was in the orange clothes. Everyone got in line for an shower. Damn, I didn't want to at all. I knew I will get an hard on, but i forced the naked men out of my mind. I survived the cold shower and the hot steamy men! We went to our cell for the night. This one guy I liked; he was so dicklicous. I won't mind sleeping with him on his top bunk. So badly, I wanted to, but didn't. There was two others with us. They all spoke spanish!
We transferred back to the main jail in the morning. I have no ideal how long I will be locked up. I didn't want my mom to know, but I have no other choice. Mom will be upset with me. Oh well! I waited for a while till I call her. I need to come up with a plan and fast! No plans was good enough. The jail was still too crowded. They decided to let me out; I lasted in jail over a night. I got out in the evening time. I have no money for the bus. I dailed the phone number and told my mom the truth. Yes, she was mad.
I waited for my mom outside. This one guy came up; he mentioned he can't find the restroom. I took him in the police station to the restroom. He said he was turned on by me. We ended having sex in the restroom. I feared that the police will walk in. I was nervous as hell. He drained me. I got out of there as fast I could. My mom arrived soonafter. We didn't talk much. She dropped me off at Granny's and went home.

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.