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Passing Through
By Kazz Falcon
Oh, man
All the problems I had
None of them seems to go away
I can't escape them
It's getting too much to handle
I tried my best to walk away
But the problems followed me everywhere
I kinda attracts trouble.
I don't know why
I was really a nice person thou
Everyone loves me
No, I wasn't that Raymond
I don't go looking for trouble
Maybe, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
That could be it.
I hoped so
In this life, I was passing through
The Other Woman
By Kazz Falcon
Well, what can I say?
I was seeing a married man
He was gently and sweet
I can't get him out of my mind.
Many times, he told me he loves me
He wanted to leave his wife
Things weren't great for them
She bickered about the tiny things
He was constantly tired of the arguing
I was his loving comfort
I wasn't at fault
They had troubles long before me
He can't live without me any longer
Some day, he will be all mine
He needs to leave his wife
Then, we will be together forever
I can't wait for the day
The Confrontation
By Kazz Falcon
There was a knock on the door
I peaked through the peep hole
I don't recognized her at all
I opened the door
She glazed at me with her fiery eyes
She was extremely mad about something
I tried to calm her down
She continued to explore
I realized she was his wife
She wondered how I could do such a thing
I was brutally honesty with her
"He doesn't love her any more
He want to be with me
They have been fighting a lot"
She was speechless
She couldn't get any words out of her mouth
She got the courage
She described her perfect world
They had a great relationship
They had a wonderful home
AND they had two beautiful kids
I was dumbstruck
How could he?
HE misled me with his deceitful lies
He gave me false hope for love
We were both innocense victims
Double Life
By Kazz Falcon
I married a wonderful woman
She was the best thing ever happened to me
Lately, my desires was still strong for another
I can't help it at all
I struggled with it all my life
I felt so guilty about the desires
I don't want to hurt her
I have to hid it from her
That life was not acceptable
I want to do the right thing
Thou, it was quite hard to tell her
Will she understand my desire?
I shouldn't married her in the first place
I had no choice at all
We lived in a society where.....
Being gay was a sin
I need to be true to myself and to her
If things was different, I wouldn't marry her
The truth hurts
I need to continue living the double life
By Kazz Falcon
I admitted that I burned down a house
I couldn't take it any more
My life fell apart
I thought the house will always be mine
The damn ex wife took the house from me
It was all I had left
I paid for the house every month
My ex wife didn't.
She was an housewife
She can't afford the house
She was the new owner
I just can't phantom that thought
The house was rightfully mine
The divorce wasn't that kind to me
I was distraught for losing everything
The judge ordered me sign over the deed
Man, I was such a fool
I had the house long before the marriage
I wanted so much to destroy her
The best way was burn down the house
One With God
By Kazz Falcon
I was fully committed to God
I was in a relationship with him
I loved him with all my heart
I read the bible daily
I go to church every Sunday
I praised him all the time
I prayed every night
I don't have any problem
Then again, I have one small problem
Some Christans have a problem
Hello, I am gay
Yet, they kept on preaching to me
"Being gay is a sin
God hates the sin, loves the sinner"
What right do they have?
I didn't do anything wrong with them or GOD
I don't force myself on their relationship with God
I wished they will leave me alone
The relationship was with God, not them
They shouldn't be concern about God and me
After all, we need to be one with God
Who's The Daddy?
By Kazz Falcon
I got myself in a pickle
I learned I was pregnant
My husband was happy for us
This will be our first child together
Then again, was it?
My best friend had a rough time
He lost his job and place
I felt sorry for him
We ended up having passionate sex
I couldn't believe I cheated on my husband
It doesn't stop there.
The problem was much bigger
My hubby was white; the other guy was black
Damn, I was afraid of that
The skin colour didn't cross my mind
I can't tell my husband about it
I don't want to lose him at all.
He was the one for me
I was nervous as hell
I must have the baby behind my hubby's back
Right now, I don't know who's the daddy?
Baby's Colour
By Kazz Falcon
The worst had happened
The black guy was indeed the baby's father
My hubby's world will be destroy
One tiny mistake costs us our loving marriage
I haven't told him about the baby's birth yet
I went away to had the baby in privacy
I can't had the child at the hospital
I just can't
If I did, my hubby will know the truth
I didn't mean to have the one night stand
My black friend was vulnerable
I was in between of a hard place and a rock
Man, how will I explain to my dear hubby?
He won't understand
I truly let our marriage down
I need to do something fast
I must find another baby
Another white baby to care for
I will give up this mixed baby to save my marriage
I must do what I must do
The End?
By Kazz Falcon
I had a good run at the movies
I was a popular actor
My fame wandered away
Some other dude took my place
I was no longer in the spotlight
I wanted the fame to last
Then again, nothing lasts forever
I was depressed
I won't have the attention of the fans
I never thought that day will come
I loved being an actor
It was time for something else
I need to start over
Man, why does it need to end?
I was comfortable in the spotlight
The fame was really over for me
I became a Regular Joe
I won't cry because the fame's over
I smiled because it happened!
It wasn't the end
The Abortion
By Kazz Falcon
I was looking forward to the new baby
The doctor told me something awful
The baby won't make it
He won't be fully developed
Damn, I wanted so much to have another baby
My oldest wants a sibling to play with
The bad news was a big disappointment
The doctor sent me to an abortion clinic
Man, it was going against my beliefs
I can't take a life away
The baby deserves a shot at life
He was innocence
For some, abortion wasn't the right thing
Sorry, I got to end the pregnancy
It was too dangerous to have him
I was at risk too
It wasn't fair to the oldest
My other child needs me too
He needs his mommy
I have to take care of my oldest child
Bail Jumper
By Kazz Falcon
I decided to make a run for it
I won't go back to jail
It wasn't the thing for me
I like my freedom much better
I really hate jail
The others were too dangerous forceful
They picked on me
I can't stand up to them
They outnumbered me
The walls were closing in
I couldn't stand being locked up
Jail wasn't the place for me
I didn't do anything wrong
I was innocence
My ex lover believed that I raped her
I wouldn't do such a thing
No one believed me
I loved her so much
I got to convince her to tell the truth
I won't go back to jail
By Kazz Falcon
My life was in danger
I was truly afraid
I saw a major crime
A gangster killed someone
It was a drug deal went bad
I heard a shot in the alley
I ran out of the house
I came upon the deadly scene
He pulled the trigger on that guy again
He shot him few times
I screamed out loud
He came at me fast and furious
I managed to escape him
I forgot how I did it
That's right
It's all coming back to me
I hid under a useless mattress
I heard footsteps coming forward
I heard noises close by
He threatened to kill me
I was so scared in my life
Then a car pulled up in the alley
I closed my eyes and prayed
A while passed
Silence was all around
I slowly got up
Nobody was around
I raced back home
I was still in shocked
I picked up the phone to call the police
I just couldn't speak
It dawned on me
He will recognized me if I tell
He knew what I looked like
I dropped down to my knees
I bawled like a baby
I was in danger for being a witness
On The Run
by Kazz Falcon
I took off on the bail bond
I will never ever go back to jail
I had it up with the system
It mistreated me wrong
I killed someone in self defense
The damn police didn't see that
They believed it was about money
The drug dealer/friend wanted his money
I mentioned I was flat broke
He went ballistic
I couldn't calm him down
His mind was on the money
He wanted the money right then and there
I gave him my empty wallet
He was so angry that he used fists
His arms was so strong for me
Things were out of control
I kneed him in the mid section
I did the next best thing
I grabbed the gun from under the bed
As I shot him many times,
The police witnessed the murder
I tried to explain what happened
They placed me under arrest
Car Chase
By Kazz Falcon
The police was on my trail
I wouldn't stop at all
I stole a car in Hollywood
It could go on for hours
That's fine with me
I had a full tank of gas
I will enjoy my last hours of freedom
I had some drugs too
I was pretty damn high
I went through some red lights
I drove faster than the speed limit
I rode all over the place
I put people's lives' in danger
Some people cheered for me
Another car tried to stop me
I turned the corner to get away from him
There was no way the police could stop me now
Even the spike strip failed
But then, suddenly, it flattened my right front tire
That wouldn't even stop me
I kept on speeding
I was careless from the drugs
I headed down the wrong direction
I threw out some drugs
I ran into a moving car
My car flipped over a few times
I flew out of the window onto the concrete
I was badly injured
Yet, the police arrested me for the car chase
Dead Lover's Family
By Kazz Falcon
My lover recently died from an heart attack
He was quite young - Age 37
It shook me up very much
I can't go on without his love
We were in a committed relationship
We lived in his house over ten years
We shared everything together
Life was fagulous
We hardly see his family
They never like me in the first place
I was involved with their son
Now, his family was making it worst for me
They want to take everything from me
I believed I owned everthing, including the house
The house rightfully belongs to me
Yet, the family doesn't see that
I wasn't on the lease of the property
I truly felt like I was married to him
The family can't throw me to the curb
I was a big part of their son's life

Contest The Will
By Kazz Falcon
My dead lover's mother was fighting me
She doesn't want me to have anything
She threatened to take me to court
I just can't lose the house
The loving house was so precious for me
We built the house together five years ago
The house rightfully belongs to me
My lover left me everything in his will
I was more than gracious
I need something to remember our love
The house was a fabulous way
I want to keep the memories alive
I was comfortable in the house
It was something special
The mother can't destroy my home
She wanted to ruin her son's love
How can a mother do a such thing?
The house was built on true love
She can't contest the will
HIV Scared
By Kazz Falcon

I met this wonderful guy
We were hot and heavy
The passion took over that first night
The condoms were further from our minds
A week later, I found out that he was HIV +
It was a huge shock
I thought he cared about me
He promised he won't do anything hurtful
I can't trust him at all
I felt so betrayed
He should have told me in the beginning
I was scared
I might get the disease
I was angry at him
Then again, why should I be mad?
I hate using condoms
I don't like the feel of them
It was my choice to have unprotected sex
He didn't hold a gun against my head
It was one of the life choices I made
Alone & Rejected
By Kazz Falcon
My long time lover dumped me
To this day, it still hurts
I can't get over the pain
How could he do this to me?
I thought everything was pretty good
Our lifes were solid as a rock
It dawned on me
The doctor placed me on HIV meds
The lover was HIV -
I noticed he was uncomfortable
He was kinda freak out about it
The meds could prolongs my life
I guessed he believed I was on my last legs
So, he took off to parts unknown
That does sucks
I thought love conquers all
Boy, I was alone and rejected
Fall From Fame
By Kazz Falcon
Wouldn't you know it?
The media had been on me like a buzzard
The helicopters won't stop circling around my place
I might be a famous actor
Then again, I won't be famous that much longer
I did something awful last night
It was beyond my control
My anger got the best of me
The wife had an affair with my best friend
I caught them in the act on the bed
I had a feeling that she wasn't being faithful
The detective showed me some pictures the other day
I confronted them last month
I didn't show them the pictures
They both denied the affair
I grew weary of the lies they told
I just wanted to know the truth
Boy, I got an eyeful that evening
One thing lead to another, I killed them both
The Mask
By Kazz Falcon
I found a mask in an alley
For some reason, I got strong vibes
It looked like it could fit my face
I picked up the mask
I held the mask in the air
My left arm got weaker and weaker
The mask was going to my face
I couldn't stop it with my other hand
It made a connection on my face
I felt like a new person
A sensation feeling came over me like never before
I was hungry for something
I had a awesome urge
It was strong to strike
I woke up from a black out
I was in a strang place
How did I got in a hotel room?
I couldn't remember a thing
I felt something in my left hand
I held the mask
The Killer's Mask
By Kazz Falcon
I put the mask in the backpack
I ran home as fast as I can
I still can't remember at all
I wasn't on drugs
I didn't drink that much
It dawned on me
It must do something with the mask
I wondered if I became another person
Man, what if I did?
I wanted to try the mask on
Suddenly, the news came on
A gruesome murder was near the hotel
I feared for the worst
I heard the police found a watch
Damned, my watch was missing
I couldn't do such a thing
I was a sweet person
It wasn't part of my personality
I don't want to turn myself in
I must get rid of the killer's mask

Lost Love
By Kazz Falcon

A friendly whisper caught my attention
I turned around
I was awestruck
She was my old sweetheart
We haven't see each other since high school
She moved away to Hollywood
Her father got a new job
We lost in touch
It was blessed to see her again
We caught up with old times and new times
She was a single working mother
I didn't get married nor I had some kids
She was beautiful back then as she is now
Our first kiss was under the moon on the beach
We went back to the same beach
I was glad to have her in my life again
The first kiss in ten years was wonderful
It felt so good that we fell asleep under the stars
I don't want to wake up from this dream
This time, I won't lose the lost love

By Kazz Falcon

Sex doesn't interest me
I want to find the right person
I was waiting till the honeymoon
I want to be innosence as a baby
I don't believe in premarital sex
Love will take its course
We fall deeply in love
We get married
Then, I will experience the real thing on the honeymoon
That's what I desired the most
Forget about lust
It won't happen to me
I won't fall into one night stand
Nor I will get any STDs along the way
I won't be a slut
I was saving myself
I wasn't raise to be a careless whore
My parents showed me what love was about
I wanted the same thing
I was a virgin

By Kazz Falcon

I finally went for it
I became a stripper
My lousy daytime job cut my hours
I can't afford the rent
I fell behind the bills
I don't think anyone will know
My friends hardly go to sleazy places
I have to support my son somehow
Between school and the kid, I had no choice
I don't want my kid to be homeless
We had an hard time as it is
I want my son to have the best
He was the only family I had
I won't disappoint him like his father did
We will stay together no matter what
He comes first in my life
It was best to keep it from him
He may not understand
I made good money
I can give him the life he deserves
I wasn't ashamed of being a stripper

By Kazz Falcon

I was a nobody
I was invisable
Everyone doesn't see me
I was in the flesh
Yet, they kept on walking by me
Not even a word
Not even a simple "Hello"
I wasn't disappointed
By now, I was used to it
It hurted at first
I cried a lot
I thought I was a somebody
Everyone seems too busy for me
I won't even get a phone call
I was an complete stranger
I lived a lonely life
I had no companion
Not even a pet
I faded in the background
I was just a nobody
Withheld Evidence
By Kazz Falcon

My teenager daughter was killed in a car accident
I strongly believed that she wasn’t driving
My little girl would never ever drive drunk
Man, that punk kid killed her!
He had too much alcohol at the party
She was too young to drink alcohol
I can’t believe she is gone
I just can’t believe it
She was a bright young teen
The kid claimed he wasn’t driving that night
She was the driver, not him
He was passed out drunk in the back seat
I won’t accept that
She doesn’t have a driver’s license
She was only 15 year old
He was such a damn liar
She had the biggest crush on him
I bet he used that crush to get her in the car
That boy can’t be trusted at all
Her clothes was in my possession
It was my only link to the car accident
His lawyer wants to check the clothes
I won’t let them
I hid the clothes in a secret place
They won’t touch the clothes
I want the punk kid to pay with his dear life
Just like my daughter paid with her dear life
My little girl was innocence
The lawyer claimed something doesn’t add up
She wore different shoes that night
Man, the lawyer was a low life!
He wants to drag my daughter’s name in the mud
I won’t give up the clothes
Justice was my little girl’s
I withheld evidence

Real Karma Too
By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Michael Crouch

My friend and I had a huge fight
Mike was being very hateful
He wished I would die from AIDS
Man, that was very cold of him
I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy
In turn, I deleted his email account
I was a good friend to him
I let him use my computer
I let him eat my food
Sometimes, I even cooked for that loser
I listened to his troubles
Numerous of times, he claimed to be a alcoholic
Yet, I put up with his crap
Few months later, he received some bad news
He found out that he was HIV +
He pointed out something very important
His drinking led to unsafe sex
What goes around, comes around
Karma bites him in the ass

Copyright 2005 Kazz Falcon

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.