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2001, October 24, Wednesday

4AM, Miguel finally come all drugged up! I have never saw Miguel like this before. He was on high energy, flewing all over the apartment over an hour or more! He wouldn't shut up for the longest time. He kept on repeating, "I need a smoke, do we have some cigerette, play some music, I need a drink, where is the bottle." I did my best to go to sleep. From his talking to driving me up the wall to the loud music, I explained that I drank the rest of the bottle, we have none cigs. I hope I could go back to sleep. Miguel became a broken record!

I turned of the front light and the computer light. I jumped back in bed. I wished I reamined being silent. A few times, he pulled the covers off me. I repeated told him that I am tired and I want to sleep! The kitchen light was on. I got up to turn them off. Miguel followed me; still wanting a drink! Much to my surprised, all cabinets doors were open. Dear Lord, He tore up the kitchen. I closed all the doors. Miguel bend over and put his head on the oven. He didn't do anything stupid, "I want a drink. I want a drink." I close the door behind me. I went back to bed. He sat down and cried a little; claiming nobody cares about him! Hmm, I wondered why! LOL.

After a while, I face the other way to the door on my side. Miguel tried to take off my underwear. I heard it ripped. No, guys, it wasn't rape. I didn't feel threatened in anyway! If I was, I would have call the police on his ass. He sammed me to get a drink out of me! Miguel thought I threw the bottle out. I lied, I drank it. He was slowing falling asleep! About time too!! Thank God that I went to bed early last night about 10:50PM. I might as well go to bed early from now on. I wouldn't be so tire drained every day. It may cut down the exhaustion in half!

I looked at the time, 5:10AM. I couldn't went back to sleep! Thanx to him, I was wide awake. I turned on the TV, there was nothing on. I went online to start today's date for the jounral! God, it was too quite. I litened to The Pet Shops Boys CD. As I do the journal, I was getting tired. Miguel was still sleeping. I was getting to sleep mode as it was nearing 7AM, 15 till 7. I may turn in right about now! I don't think Miguel would wake up for a while. I could get some sleep. I was hungry too. The only thing I had yester was the bowl of cereal for dinner. I would wait till I woke up. I may cook some scramle eggs for breakfest. Just a minute ago, I had a big yawn! Talk to u laters, guys!


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.