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2001, September 22, Saturday

9AM, we woke up. Miguel wanted to get to the paint place early. I had a feeling that he would try something on me. Therefore, I pulled a fast one on him first. I know how people operate to a certain degree. I only put my ID in the old wallet that Ricky gave me couple years ago. I got some change and the bus pass; he has no money. Miguel asked, "Do you have my wallet?" He checked my pockets. I didn't say which one! Hehe

I forgot the bill. I hoped I would mail it today. We were on our way. Miguel tries to prove me wrong; there was no ATM at the Cashier's! I made a big fuss and walked outside. An upset Miguel yelled at me for making a scene inside. He asked for a dollar. I gave him one. He brought a wine cooler, that made me pist! The dollar was for the bus. He needs to get his priorities straight. We continued have the spat at the bus stop. I tried to explained, "It was the for bus, not the wine cooler. I only have a couple of dollars in my name. You can't pull a FAST ONE on me"

I only got some dollars and change for the bus. We don't need over $3 to catch the bus. At home, he wanted to take the taxi! Why? The paint shop is by the bus line we need to take and it is close by where we lived! There was no sense of taking a cab. He walked away to the shade. I stayed by the seat. He yelled at me from afar, traffic was too loud! I couldn't hear him. I walked over to him. He begged me for another dollar. The bus picked us up. Miguel wanted me to pick more money in the slot. I didn't have to. I have a bus pass! He told me to lower my voice down. No can do. I don't care who listen to us!

People got off the bus. Some seats became free. We sat across from each other. He asked, "If I have my wallet?" I said, "Yes." He asked, "Did you bring your ATM card? I don't have enough money!" I said, "No, I only bring my Driver's license! That's all I need." He got worried, "You should have bring it!" I said, "You didn't tell me!" I was so happy to make him sweat. It was his problem for not having the money for the paint job on the car. I ask the day before and the day we went to the paint shop, do you have the money? He claimed he did! I believed otherwise! He has been partying too much at the clubs and came home late about every night. And, top it all, he paid lots of money to have the car fixed! I knew he didn't have the money at all. He only has about $142; the paint job is $368!

Last night, he said, "Be right back. I want to check on my money at 7/11." Honey, he came home at 4AM! He took out $40 to party! They leave him about $102 in his account. Hello, his priorities are not straight! His main concern is PARTY and let me BAIL him out and be RESPONSIBLE for his actions! Hell, no! He tried to wake me up for sex by kissing me. I looked at the nudie! My eyes were too heavy. I fell back to sleep. I bet he watch the STRAIGHT x-rated movie to get off! Hello, a gay guy is watching an str8 movie! We did have sex the day before during the movie. It didn't do me any good! He is so WARPED!! I won't have sex with him any more.

We got off the bus. I laughed inside. What would he do now? I said, "You didn't tell me. How do I suppose to know to bring it?" He said, "I should have told you." My, my! It was too late! We are one block away from the paint shop. We can't go home. I have too much fun at his expense........Hmm, I should say "my expense!" He didn't know what to do. I went along with him. This is too funny, He dug HIMSELF in a hole once again! I shouldn't help him at all. I warned him that he might not have the money!! He truly believed his money is in his account! Yeah, right!!

We arrived. I let him go in first. I didn't want to deal with his money problems! It was his problem, not mine. He CREATED the problem! I checked my pockets to see if I had everything. I looked up, the black owner came out of the garage. I went in with him and sat in a seat. Miguel talked to him, but he didn't tell him about the money problem. He gave him his ATM card. He found out that there was not enough money! He asked "Do you have an credit card?" I said, "Nope." Miguel whispered, "You should have brought it." Who cares!! I didn't want to paint the car in the first place. Sure, the car needs a new paint job after the auto shop fixed it! Miguel told him that the money is there. He offered him to take him to the Bank Of America close by. I stayed behind, only one person could go with him. I sat in the chair quietly, thinking that Miguel would beg me to get my ATM from home. I know how Miguel thinks most of the time.

I checked the new paint job in the parking lot. It looks so nice for a former BLUE car. At first, I didn't want a black car. I'm glad we have one now. The skies look beautiful till they turn BLACK! That is fully explained of where our lives are. Black means trouble, White is peaceful and the gray is shady! Our relationship turned in the worse since he is DRINKING AGAIN!! Someday, he would go TOO FAR and nobody would be there for him!

I sat in the seat again. Here comes Miguel, "I need your ATM. I don't have enough money. I know the MONEY is there." I could have made a BIG SCENE. I could let him have it big time. They would have called the police on our asses. I wouldn't mind at all! The police's job is solved people's problems! I would have tell the police that he has a drinking problem and he wants me to BAIL him out every single time like THURSDAY NIGHT AND TODAY! Like always, I remained calm. Miguel with his sad eyes said, "You are mad at me." I said, "You know you didn't have the money." I got in the truck! Miguel fed him the same line, my money is there. The black guy really believes his lie! Couple of times, Miguel wants to know why I am so mean, nasty and yell at him sometimes! Hello, Miguel, look at the problems you created for us! I have every right to be mad at him! He is such a fool, but I'm the biggest fool than him - I am still with that damn alcoholic! I should have left his ass long time ago.

The black guy believed that we are only roomies. It didn't even cross his mind. I respected the black man a lot. He is one of the smartest black man I ever met and one of the friendliest too! He observed things closely and knows what's up in the world! the tragedies set us back 40 years back. with the fear of flying, our economy is going down for the count. The hotels would lay off people and so forth! He agreed with me that it could happen again, the four highjacked planes say a lot! It was an wake up call for the USA! the high jacks works perfectly. Since the four high jacks were at the SAME TIME, there would be more later on! The next time, it could be one, two or as many the terrorists want! They have the power!

The black man doesn't trust some banks. Same here. Miguel should have the money, but that is how some banks make money! I should have told him that he REALLY didn't have the money and lied to him about the money being there. If I did, I won't pay for it. Miguel would have to wait till Monday to pay him in full with his own MONEY! Then again, Miguel would SPEND the whole weekend with me and missed work on the weekend! God, I didn't want that at all. In a way, my money was worth it for the paint job. We arrived. I ran in/out quickly! Hmm, I should have told Miguel that I lost my ATM card before I went home! Miguel would be in deep shit! LOL I know I couldn't stop laughing!! Wait till I get all my money back, then I would lose my card for good!

The car's gate didn't close. I tried the remote, failed lots of times. I left it like that. We don't have time to mess with the gate. We need to get back. I told him that the code doesn't work. That's why I need to remote to get in. We went to the bank, $300. The moment I got in, he said, "You didn't get all the money. They...." I finished the sentence for him, "$300 limited! I still can use the ATM for the rest. We got it in the bag." We parked in the garage and went inside. I was shocked, Miguel wasn't ever around. He left my leather coat on the seat. I noticed he was outside looking at the car. He knew it was best to keep clear of me for the moment. When I get mad, I got mad! I am always like that. Heaven couldn't stop me from screaming or whatever! I paid the rest. The guy said, "Don't wash the car for a week." He says that earlier. We went outside. The guy brought us the car and shook our hands.

We got in the car. I said, "You ole me the money back. You ALREADY ole me money!" I drove off to the post office. Miguel showed me the ATM receipts. I wanted so much to tell him off. I would point out that he party till 4AM and he did checked his account at 7/11. He took out $40 and didn't bother to come home. Instead, he went ahead partying, knowing he didn't have the money at all! Miguel claimed "I'm not using you. I have the money!" Whatever, Miguel! You know what's so strange, he got MAD at me for the money! I'm not the one who says, "I have the money!" Hello, Miguel, you have no right to get mad at me! He does drink and have a drinking problem! Most of his money is going to the clubs. I'm not forcing him to drink. He is looking for ways to drink! A few times, he told me "I'm making him drink!" That's bullshit! Yes, we do fight. Face it, all couple fight about something. YOU KNOW WHAT, Miguel is putting THE BLAME on me for his drinking!

Miguel noticed I passed Crenshaw. He asked, "Where are you going?" I said, "The post office. You know I go on Saturdays." Miguel screamed, "Take me home now!" I didn't want to, but I did anyway. He slammed the car door on my face. I picked up my mail. I wasn't in a rush to go home right away! Miguel and I need some time apart.

I love my time away from that no good alcoholic! I am happier! YES!!! I opened the apt door. The chain was on. I knocked and yelled his name. He let me in. I tried to give him his car key. He just walked away. I followed him to the restroom. I showed the keys. He angrily yanked the keys from me. I sat in the chair with my legs up on the bed and read my magazines. He got in bed and fell asleep. I (purposely?!?) woke him up! I asked lots of times, "What time you want to wake up?" He just annoyed me. I said, "Fine. If you wake up late. It isn't my fault!"

As he sleeps......He didn't wake up to the SNEAKY PUSSY.......I snooped around big time! I looked at his wallet for the receipts. I got every IMPORTANT 411 I need for HIS online banking account. His SS# was missing. I knew where to look. I got that too. I was all set for the web! I looked over his account. He only has $102.55 as of 2001, Sept 22, Saturday. Beginning balance as of 09/06/2001, $1,277.86.

I noticed that he took out $40 EIGHT separated times from ATM machine, plus not counting the times since Sept 22! That told me a lot! He parties really hard somewhere at a club/elsewhere. He spent over $360 between 9/10/01 to 9/21/00. He was missing FOUR DAYS last month! Elsewhere could be the bathhouse too! He claimed he was at a friend's house during those days!

I looked at his account more, something struck me. What is HSI? I have never it before. The rest of the places are okay. I was at those places when he used his ATM card except HSI! The auto shop charged $265 twice, but I didn't care about that. I would tell Miguel. I was thinking of revenge. I decided on to tell his whole FAMILY about his drinking problem; my sweet revenge! I don't care if we break up. As long I get my revenge, I would be happy no matter what! Also, I don't care if he has another boyfriend besides me! He can have another man! Miguel doesnt DESERVE my love anymore!

I made an personal copy of his account. I need some leverage for my revenge against him! I would have proof that he is a alcoholic. Spent over $360 says a lot! He can't continued on making my life a living hell. I'm not happy being his lover. He's wrecking my life too much from his drinking. It's about time I DO SOMETHING to put a stop to my sadness. Whatever I may do to end his TERROR, it would be POSITIVE and uplifting for my well-being.

I went back to reading my soap magazines. He finally woke up SCARED! Hmm, I wondered why! ROFL He thought he overslept and missed work! I went online again to avoid him. I don't want to fight with him. He wanted to show me that he has the money. He looked at his wallet. I didn't return the ATM receipts to the wallet. I only left behind the store's receipts! He asked, "Where they are?" I said, "I have them on my desk." He looked at the receipts. I hesitated whether or not to show him the bank account statement. He was determined to prove me wrong. He doesn't know I got his bank statement from ONLINE. Yeah, it could be illegal! I was helping him out. He wanted to know what happened to his money! I felt like I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't stole any money from his account! I am not THAT TYPE of a person!

Miguel showed me the same receipts. I finally decided to show him. I said, "You spent a lot of money this month. You need to slow down." He didn't listen to me. It went over his head big time. He saw the TWO $265 from the auto shop! He was convinced that HE DID HAVE the money all along! In a way, he did! The auto shop made a mistake; they charge him twice for $265. He became happy. I said, "Call the auto shop and the bank." He called the shop, Rudy wasn't there till 4PM. He called the bank, they would give him CREDIT and they would investigated. He offered to pay me back this Monday.

Some guy beeped him. Miguel called him back. The guy claimed he have his glasses. Miguel said, "No!" He hung up the phone. It did cross my mind that the guy could be his new boyfriend! Yes, I hope so! His new lover would have an rude awakening someday with Miguel! Miguel won't be my problem much longer! I won't take the loser boyfriend back at all. He made his bed; he needs to lay in the messy bed he CREATED! I'm home free! I can't wait for the day when he leaves me for his other lover! Amen!

I was nice enough and dumb enough that he can pay me back next month! October is coming up fast, the rent is due on the first. To me, rents always come first than anything else, then the bills are next. The groceries are third. I tried to stock up on the groceries, I won't have to go shopping every month! The moment I get a bill, I pay it right away! I don't want to bother to wait at the end of the month. One time, I missed the last day. Like the DWP bill, I got it the day before, I got the money order yesterday and I was ready to mail it today. I have to wait till Monday to send the bill in the mail. Miguel went to work at 4PM and got home about 2AM! He woke me up to offer me some food from work. I wasnt hungry and went to sleep again.

I was in a gay LA "Now" room. My FUN friend noticed I was the other LUV from the profile. The profiles were almost the same. He knew it was me all along. We chatted for a while. I got so tired that I cut our conversation short and went to bed at 10:30PM!


I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.